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CX-DP801EUC DIMENTIONS LASER PRODUCTS ve LABEL INDICATIONS AND THEIR LOCATIONS ...... LOCATION OF CONTROLS. PREPARATIONS, HOW TO USE THE CD CHANGER UNIT AND DISC MAGAZINE. TROUBLESHOOTING... PREPARATIONS... SYSTEM DIAGRAM. INSTALLATION GUIDE SPECIAL NOTES IN CASE OF MALFUNCTION. ‘ACCESSORIES ... ‘TERMINALS DISGRIPTION BLOCK DIAGRAM sn ‘SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM (MAIN BLOCK) .. WIRING DIAGRAM (MAIN BLOCK)... SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM (SERVO BL WIRING DIAGRAM (SERVO BLOCK). IC BLOCK DIAGRAMS. REPLACEMENT PARTS LIST EXPRODED VIEW (CD PLAYER PARTS) 1, 22 FEATURES + Miniature 8-disc CD Auto Changer. + With ACC OFF, Eject Function. + The CD changer can be mounted at any ofthe follow- ing 5 angles: 0" 22.5" 45° 67.5 90° FUSE Be sure to use a fuse of the specified rating (3A) when replacing a blown fuse. Fuses with higher capacity rat- ings, use of any substitute, or connection without a fuse may result in a hazard or damage to the unit. DIMENSIONS