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Espaol 1A & IB

Sra. Petmecky
Gorzycki Middle School


Students will develop communicative ability in three modes: interpersonal, interpretive and
presentational, integrating the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students will
also experience and learn about other cultures while making connections in other subject
areas and comparing and contrasting other languages and cultures to their own. Students
should use the Spanish language to participate in communities both at home and around the
Students will engage in the following activities to attain the objectives.
Participate in conversations, skits and role-plays
Obtain and give information in Spanish
Listen to dialogues, commercials, short presentations
Class presentations
Read about current events in newspapers and magazine articles
Take notes from stories, lectures and presentations
Read and comprehend short stories, poems and essays
The development of the four areas in the Spanish classroom is essential; therefore it is
crucial that students keep up with the material in order to be successful in the class.
Students will be unable to participate fully in the class unless they study on a daily basis. If a
student does not know the vocabulary he/she cannot develop listening comprehension skills
during class and will not be an active learner. Students will be tested in all four areas with
exams in each area being given equal weight. Clearly, one cannot develop listening skills
without practice and, as most practice occurs in the classroom students are expected to be
attentive and to participate at all times.


All people - fellow students, visitors, teacher and all staff members.
The school - classroom, grounds, materials, computers, desks etc.
The assignments - Do your best on everything you do. Participate positively.
Maintain a positive attitude towards everything you are asked to do.
Respect other's personal belongings (my desk is a private work area).

Verbal or visual warning for first offense.
Fifteen minute lunch detention for second offense, action plan.
After school detention for third offense, phone call home and behavior contract.
Parent/Student/Teacher and Principal conference
Note: severe disruption of class will result in immediate removal from the classroom


Students grades will be determined in the following manner:

Exams (oral, listening comprehension and written)
Independent work


30 %

College-ruled notebook paper

Legible pen and/or pencil
3-ring binder (at least one inch) with five dividers
Preferred but not required: new or used English-Spanish dictionary
Markers- 1 box fine or chiseled.

Homework Assigned independent practice must be turned in by the beginning of the
period, this includes online homework. Independent practice is designed to reinforce the skills
learned in class and completing it on time is integral to succeeding in class. All late work will
incur penalties according to the 7th. and 8th. grade teams.

Daily Work Daily practice is crucial for success in a foreign language class. Each day
you will have many opportunities to practice what you are learning and learn while you are
practicing. You are expected to work from bell to bell.

PRUEBAS Y PROYECTOS (Quizzes & Projects)

There will be at least one quiz per week. If you is absent on the day of a quiz, you will have
one week to make it up during tutoring. If you do not make up the missed quiz by the
deadline the grade will be a 0.
At least one project will be assigned per grading period. If a project is turned in late it will incur
a 20 point deduction per SCHOOL day. By 3rd SCHOOL day the maximum grade is 50. No
projects accepted after the three days.


Extra credit is accepted the first five weeks of the grading period. You can turn in one extra
credit assignment per week by visiting websites that have practice/games of what we are
learning (not links that I have provided). You must spend at least 30 minutes working in the
site and then provide a "review" of the effectiveness of the site. Other extra credit will be
offered during class in a spontaneous manner. Usually if something interesting comes up in
class I may ask you to research it, write a paragraph answering the question and present your
results to the class

Formal evaluations will be given at the end of each instructional unit. A mid-term evaluation
will be given in December and a Final evaluation will be given at the end of the school year.
Exams will include listening, reading, speaking and writing items.
The mid-term exam will cover all material from the first semester. The final exam is a
cumulative exam which includes all material learned in Spanish class. The Final Exam
accounts for 25% of the students average for the course.


If a student earns a grade lower than a 70 on a quiz they may retake it within one week for a
maximum grade of 85. A student must schedule a tutorial time for the retake. The higher of
the two grades will be entered into the grade book. It is imperative that you check the graded
bin if you have absent in order to keep up with your quizzes.


A student will be given 3 school days for every one day of school that is missed in order to
make up the assignment. Work assigned prior to the first day of absence is due the day the
student returns to class. Any quizzes or tests missed during your absence must be made up
during tutorials within one week after return. It is your responsibility to take care of all makeup work. Arrangements to collect make-up work and come in to make up quizzes and exams
must be made before or after school, NOT during class time. When students are out on a
school-sponsored activity, they need to make arrangements for the work they will miss before
the field trip and turn it in upon their return.


As previously mentioned, due to the nature of language acquisition, it is imperative that

students are prepared daily. Success is directly related to the knowledge and skills brought in
to class on a daily basis as that is the only way a student can develop in all areas. Penalties
for late work will follow the 7th and 8th grade Teams policies.


Although there may not be a homework assignment, there always is something to do order to
improve your Spanish skills and do well in the class.
Review your vocabulary flashcards
Watch movies in Spanish
Listen to Spanish language radio
Listen to people speaking Spanish, figure out what they are saying
Apply what you are learning in class daily, speak to a sibling or parent in
Teach your family... ask for "sal" to put on your "bistec"

STUDENTS: I have read and understand these classroom policies. I will honor them while in
Spanish class.


PARENTS/GUARDIANS: My adolescent has discussed the classroom policies with me. I

understand them and will support them.

E-mail address


preferred phone number

STUDENTS: I have read and understand these classroom policies. I will honor them while in
Spanish class.


PARENTS/GUARDIANS: My adolescent has discussed the classroom policies with me. I

understand them and will support them.


E-mail address



preferred phone number

Students must complete the same level and discipline to satisfy 1.0 unit of
LOTE credit. Students must complete part A (part 1 of a 2 part course) and part B (part
2 of a 2 part course) to earn one high school credit which will satisfy one year of
Languages Other Than English requirement in AISD graduation plans. Students who
complete only part A (in 7th grade) or part B (in 8th grade) will receive 0.5 credit
toward Languages Other Than English. High school level courses completed at the
middle school level, regardless of outcome, shall post to the high school academic

record. The final grade is included in calculating high school grade-point averages
(GPA) and will appear on the high school transcript.
AISD Secondary School Information Guide 2015-2016-