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To whom it may concern,

This is to certify that Mr. Ron Lyle D. Moralde had worked

with me as staff nurse in E.R department in Dr. Sofriano
Belmonte Garcia memorial hospital
with 50 bed
capacities from December 2, 2010 to February 2, 2012.
As a staff he is reliable, dependable and very hard
working. He has the pleasant personality. he fulfills his
duties and responsibilities with admirable skills and
I highly recommend mr. ron lyle moralde to any institution
that he will work with,surely he will be an asset on any
future employer.

This certification is issued this 2nd of February 2012 on

whatever purpose it may serve his best.

Baby Hanna Rellama

Dr. Sofriano Belmonte Garcia memorial hospital
Ligao city