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oa PIANO * VOCAL * GUITAR OF THE FIGHTIES DECADE SERIES ISBN 0-7935-3097-0 HAL*®LEONARD CORPORATIO ‘Copyignt © 199 by HAL LEONARD CORPORATION Intematone! Copytgh Secured Alls Reserved For al works contains herein LUnaunoned conying, arranging. adaping recording of public pearmance isan intingement of copyright THE OF THE PIGHTIES DECADE CONTENTS 4 Addicted To Love 18 All Out Of Love 10 Almost Paradise 14 Axel F 30 Bad Medicine 23° CallMe 36 Cold-Hearted 42 Don’t Know Much 48 Don’t Talk To Strangers 53 Eternal Flame 58 Even The Nights Are Better 68 Everytime You Go Away 63 Eye In The Sky 72 Footloose 86 Girls Just Want To Have Fun 90 Hard To Say I’m Sorry 79 The Heat Is On 96 | Pledge My Love 99 I'm So Excited 106 If You Love Somebody Set Them Free 116 Just Once 122 Karma Chameleon 128 111 134 139 142 146 151 158 168 163 172 178 175 182 186 204 190 198 209 214 219 SERIES Livin’ On A Prayer Longer Maniac Morning Train (Nine To Five) Nightshift Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now One Night In Bangkok The One That You Love Rhythm Of The Night Right Here Waiting Sea Of Love She Drives Me Crazy Shout Some Like It Hot Straight Up Take My Breath Away (Love Theme) Tell Her About It Time And Tide Toy Soldiers We're In This Love Together You're The Inspiration ADDICTED TO LOVE Words and Music by Our AMIR Medium Rock A(no3rd) = i | mf 3 G(ng3rd) fF The lights are ots Se Criteet! ee age CEES re on but you're not home: your mind_ is not your but you can’t read: you're run-ning at __ a dif-frent D(n03rd) a Your heart yourbod-y shakes; Your heart in double time, a ile - A(no3rd) fa fff os is what it takes. You can’t sleep, you can’t kiss and you'll be mine. A one - track — mind; you can’t be end instrumental The lights are on but you're not CET Foe? OF “oUF there's no doubt. you're in deep. — Your throat is ob -liv-i - on is all you crave. - If there's. your will isnot your _ own. — Your heart — ‘epi = D(no3rd) A(no3rd) you can’t breathe, — an-oth -er left for you, you don’t your teeth grind, an-oth -er iss is all you ind if, you _ kiss and you'll be Fim Oh, you ___ like to think that you're im - mune_ to the stuff, oh yeah? It’s clos-er___ to the truth to say you get enough; you know you're gon- na have to face it; you're ad - eT 2 itt to love. Yousee the gon-nahave to face it;you’read - dict-ed to love. Might Atpoard) G(no3rd) a Ht —— as well face it you’read - dict-ed to love. Might as well face it you're ad - aH Might as_— well face it you're ad - Might____as_— well face it you're ad - face it you're ad - G(ng3rd) rita tH Might aswell face it you're ad "pCF Leese J Or Leer fa well face it you're ad - To Coda @ a) ‘no chord DS. al Coda dict -ed to love. Might as well face it you’read - dict-ed to love. well face it you're ad - dict -ed to love. A(no3rd) ttt oe i - = sie = is = oo Creep ’p Or tere if / yeh wo Coe OF LES A(no3rd) Repeat and Fade face it you're ad - dict - ed to love. Might - . ALMOST PARADISE (Love Theme From The Paramount Motion Picture “FOOTLOOSE” Words by DEAN PITCHFORD ‘Music by ERIC CARMEN. Moderately Slow Gsus4(sus2) G DE Em Gsus4(sus2) G fi cc = DE Em DIC aD Gadd9) DFt (Male:) I thought that dreams_ be - longed__to (Male:)It seems <= fect love's s0 Em7 ‘D(add9) ‘Cladd9) Geadd9yB G/B Pf oth-er men, *cause each time I got close _ hard to find. Td al-most giv - en up. GA AT. cD G(add9) (Female:) T feared my heart would beat i= (Female:) And all thesedreams_ I saved for a vernal Copy Secured A Rie Reserved " Em7 D Gadd9yB = GB — a se - ere - ey. I faced the nights__ a - lone, __ (Both:) Oh, rain-y day, they're fin - ‘llycom - ing true. __ Gadd9yB GB ic GB a ee how could I____ have known. that all my Ton - lymeed - ed you? share them all___ with you, ‘cause now we hold_ the fu - ture in our _hands.. Em GD ic CID _D Gsusd(sus2) G DG G ag 8 8 6 & 6 We're knock-ing on — 2 DE Em7 DE Em? Gsus4(sus2) G DG G AL- most par - a - dise._ EmD Cc Am rat aS iz ‘Gsus4(sus2) G & 3 Eb aR (Male:) And in your arms, — sal - va-tion’s DS. al Coda Eb cD D cp D It’s get - tingelos - er. (Both:) Clos - er ev ry day. — AL - most Em? Em pe oD cG G copa mm cay fay me ?————— eee DE Em AmC D CG G G(add9) B BE & 8va lower . AXEL F (Theme From The Paramount Motion Picture “BEVERLY HILLS COP”) By HAROLD FALTERMEYER ‘Moderately fast, with a strong beat NC. nf Copyright © 1984, 1985 by Famous Muse Coporation Fenton Cope Scr A Rigs Reseed Eb F Fisus (RH. 2nd time only) NC. 15 . ALL OUT OF LOVE Words and Music by GRAHAM RUSSELL and CLIVE DAVIS cB FIA E i it FC ie a Vm ly-ing a- lone with my head on the phone — want you to come_ back and car-ry me home — { E FIC c FIC if ca if] think-ing of you “til it hurts, __ I know you hurt, too, but what way from theselong_lone-ly nights. I'm reach-ing for you. Are you Copyright © 190 by Nonsongs and Career BMG Music Publishing, ne: oP nail Copy eee” Al igh Resend 19 GB BA z GTsus else can we do, tor - ment-ed and torn feel-ing it too? Does the feeling seem oh FIC if R wish I could car-ry your smile_ in my heart _ for times when my life__ seems so what would you say if’ 1 called on you now and said that I can’t hold on? FIC cB & a It would make me be- lieve what to - mor-row could bring_ when to - There’s no ens- y way. _—‘It_ gets hard-er each day._—Please FA Fmaj7 Gisus Ee if i é day does-n’t real = — ly know, __ does-n’t real = =~ ly_know.__ love me_or T'll___—be_ gone. __ Pir be gone 20 cB BA i a eg so lost with- out you. 1 know you were right____be- liev - Bt i gi = ing for so__ long. I'm all out of love. — What am I with-out__ you? FIA F c it can’t be too late to. say___ that I Fa aay What are you think - ing What are you think - ing What are you think - ing of? 2 Tm all out of love __ rm What are you think - GA GB 90 lost with - out you. 2 HA c i iff be-liev - ing for so - long. I'm all out of love. _ What know you were right am I with-out__ you? I can't be too late.___ ‘1 know I was so____ wrong. can’t be too late to say___ that 1 was so { Wome ee BA so lost with-out__ you. _‘T_know you were right. — 23 CALL ME (From The Paramount Motion Picture “AMERICAN GIGOLO”) Words by DEBORAH HARRY rip Music by GIORGIO MORODER Moderate Dance Tempo (dd = Je) tale Dm G F Dm Ey oe & = = ooo f Bb7 Copyright© 1980 by Ensign Music Corperation and Rare Blue Musi, nc ara Copy Sacred” Al Rigs Reserved Pr Come up where. you're com - PoP oF OF G Bb Dm Es] & ES call me an-y, - time Call_ me, night.. Call Bb7 a Bb7 — sheets, I'll 26 Eko a - tions come, I don’t know why, _ Call me, when you're Bm7 28 ap-pelle moi, 29 Repeat and Fade 30 BAD MEDICINE Words and Music by JON BON JOVI, RICHIE SAMBORA and DESMOND CHILD Driving Rock E(no 3rd) E7(n0 31d) E6{n0 3rd) E7(n0 3rd) Ht ay Hey a ruts a “NLU 2 Eno 3rd) EX(no | 30) (no 3rd) E7(no 3rd) ta tH tH up— just like bad popes tapes aie ste Me n > 1 (no 3rd) There ain't no doc-tor that can cure my di- sease._ ae A(no 3rd) G(ng 3rd)E(n0 3rd) ary teat Hf OE (00 3rd) Alo 3rd) G(ng 3rd Eipo 3rd) ) Gino 3rd) EX(n0 31d A(no 3rd) G(ng 3) (po 38) e ) Gino 3rd) Ht take more than a doc- tor to pres - cribe a rem- e -d) need no an-es -the- sia or a nurse to bring a 2 Ging 3rd) i > — got lots of mon - ey but it is - n't what dir_- ty down ad - dic - tion. It does n't leave E7(n0 3rd) ‘Atgo 3rd) Glog 3rd) Hy fi take more than a shot to get _ this Jones for your af - fec - tion like a ff Ei I got all thesymp-toms, count ’em one two three. — You need.) that’ ain't “po par -a-med- le. gon- na. save this heart at -tack.Whet you need.—} "at's what You get for BIE E Me BE ey ia | 5 i Then you bleed. ‘And when you're on your ? You get a lit-tle bit it’s mev-er e- nough._ 33 tl BI E/E ig P iy it it “ phat’s what you get for fall -ing in love. Now___ this boy’s ad -dict - ed ’causeyour B E(no 3rd) tit a Hal > aA is the drug. Your love is like A ft fi ‘There ain't no doc-tor that can cure my di -sease.— So let’s play doc-tor, ba- by, cure my di - sease.— bf 34 > ino 31 GO no Ging 3rd) TEtno 3rd) 2E tno 3a) i it if med-i- cine, med-i - cine. med-i-cine. Oh. It’s IT need a res- pi - ra - tor ‘cause I'm run- ning out of breath. Oh,you’rean all night gen- € - ra-tor wrapped in stock-ingsand a dress. When you find your med-i - cine you 35 take what you can get. ’Cause if there’s some- thing bet-ter E(no 3rd) Pa EE a cat have-n’t found it yet. Ob- Shake it up just like Repeat and Fade There ain't no doc- tor that can Your love's the po - tion that can Dts : COLD-HEARTED Words and Music by ELLIOT WOLFF Dance Rock 2, GmD Gm7 a cold -heart-ed snake. _ eae Ebmaj7 Dm? ‘€ in He's been tell- ing lies. He's a Gm7 Ebmaj7 lov-er boy at play._ He don’t play by rules ‘al Rghe Coralie and Admnered by Ba VIRCIN MUSIC: NC AU Riis Resewed nists! Copyright Secured Ue by Permision a7 Dm? Gm 1. you're the one giv- in’ up the love 2" It was on- ly late last night an-y-time he needs it But you turn your back and then he’s he was out there sneak - in’. Then he called you up to check that Dm7 Gm it it off and run - ning with the crowd. You're the one to sac - ri - fice, you were wait - ing by the phone. All the world’s a can - dy store 46/9 an - y-thing to please him. Do you real - ly think he thinks a - hhe’s been trick or treat - in’. When it comes to true love girl with Dm7 Gm7 es bout you when he’s out? him there’s no one home. He's a Look in - to his eyes. Ebmaj7 Dm7 Gm7 i i He's been tell -ing lies. He’s. a lov-er boy at play. Ebmaj7 Dm7 E i He don’t play by rules ——— oh, oh. — Girl __ don’t play the foo! 39 He could on - ly make you ery. — He's c- cold as ice. B seo Gm if i Co- co-co-cold heart - ed Co - co-co-cold heart - ed sss snake. He’s a cold-heart-ed snake. - Look in - to his eyes. — Ebmaj7 Dm7 Gm7 He's been tell -ing lies. He’s a lov-er Ebmaj7 Dm7 ARR Ei if iepeatand Fae He don’t play by rules. Girl _ don’t play the fool. He's a 2 DON’T KNOW MUCH Words and Music by BARRY MANN, Tenderly ‘CYNTHIA WEIL and TOM SNOW Fo FA GD F FIG sus c ne fe i Fe CE FA GB E || EET this face, I know the years are show - ing. I still don’t know where_ it’s go - ing. 7 Idon’t know __ much, but IknowI love you, z “© Copyright 1980 ATV MUSIC MANN. & WEL SONGS, INC. SNOW MUSIC and EMI BLACKWOOD MUSIC INC ‘AT RGRE ON ATV MUSIC and MANN 2 WEIL SONGS, INC. Coiled and Adminstred by McA MUSIC PUBLISHING, "A Divison of MAING. 1935 rendway, New Yorks NY 10019 ander heen fom ATW MUSIC TricratioalCopyrgt Secured All Rigs Renee DACA cs ptonig they've nev - er G Em? a Csus c CE | Ee Ee Look at these eyes, 2 seen what mat- ters. BA op Am Fmaj7 bo Se I don’t know ____ much, 2 Fmaj7 F F/A Am7 D7 Gmaj9 So man- y ques - tions still eft un - an - swered, bro-ken through. — m7 EWE Bbmaj Ebmaj9 ate And when I feel you near me 2 45 B/G Fm7 B/G Abmaj7/Bb Ab6/Bb Fe << the on- ly truth I’ve ev-er known —_ is me andyou. Z —_ Eb(add9) —Eb/G AbIC ‘B/D i, “i i i gs => Look at this man, so blessed with in-spi - ra- tion. iz still search-ing for sal- va - tion. Cm Abmaj7 Be Gm? Ab Hh fs HH “it e oo. —— 7 I don’t know but I know I love you, — AbIC ByD B Abmaj7 Bb @ if itt a at and that may be Bb Eb/G Ab Ab/C B/D = Cm Abmaj7 or Idon’t know much, 3 a” ByD Bb Abmaj7 B E Th 4 t 86 a it =a that may be ______alll to know. Cm Abmaj7 By Gm Ab et + at aE a but I knowl love you, AbIC BB/D Eb ‘Abmaj7 Bb a J Ht iii a] Faw 2 that may be. Ebsus Eb(add9) 48 DON’T TALK TO STRANGERS Words and Music by RICK SPRINGFIELD c#mi1 C#m = Gim7 AB ctmil Cim = G#m7 Moderately RB gre Fa a EE of AB cml C#m Gtm7 AB fe EY — When you were just a young girl and still in school, — C#mi1 Cim G#m7 AB cemi1 C#m Gim7 mR aa” a” frat Ep a aR How come you nev - er learned the gold-en Don’t talk to strange men, don’t AB Gadm7 ae ss I'm hear-in’ sto-ries, I don’t think that’s cool! Copyright © 1982 Song OF PolyGram nemational, ne inronal Copyright Secored Al Rights Reserved 9 C#m Ctm Gtm7 AB no chord Ee gE FE = a Why don’t tell me some - one is- n't lov Now who’s this, Don Juan I’ve been hear- you, — “eause you're my of? C#mi1 C#m Gem? A 3 Ctmi! C#m Gim7 fe f = eS girl, some say it’s no long-er true. You're see some slick con-tin Love hurts when on - ly one’s in Did you fall at first sight or did you AB GimB BR ent - al dude. 7 need a shove? Tm beg- gh BIE E BICt Chm7 BIE = = S = Don’t tsk to stran - gers, (Ba-by don't you talk) Don't talk stran 50 ctm7 BIA BA BA BA Ctm = & # & # & (You know he'll on - ly use you up) gers Don’t talk, don’t talk, don’t talk, BICH = Cim7 BICE Ctm7 BIA xf & & & & & Don’t talk to them Don't Cimi1 Cim — G#m7 AB C#mi1 Cim = Gtm7 rR = ig a a | aR how’s life in the big ci- ty? I hear the com-pe - ti-tion’s tough, ba - by, 31 AB Chmi1 Cim G#m7 E i" iz" ca man’s an ac - tor, ev - "ry AB Gtm7 ae ss girl is pret-ty. I don’t like what's get-tin’ back to me. DS. al Coda copa B Pd = & & # (What _she say?_) Vien dor-mir mon a - mour__ 52 EG} A B BE E BICt # # @ & # B I'm beg-gin’ you: C#m7 BIE E BICt Cim7 oe Bi g (You know he'll on - ly = gers, (Ba-by don't you talk_)Don’t talk to stran - gers BIA BA BA BA Cém BICH = C#m7 ant B eat aR & use you up) Don’t — talk, don’t talk, don’t talk, _____ don’t BIC# C#m? BIA EA BA BA rm rR iB ons im tail Repeat and Fade Don't talk, Don’t talk. 53 ETERNAL FLAME ‘Words and Music by BILLY STEINBERG, Moderately Steady Beat TOM KELLY and SUSANNA HOFFS & g Gyus fi & D Pp if ih SE it aE Close your eyes, give me your — hand, — Tbe - lieve it’s meant to be, rs s " tf tt tit . — = ¢ Do you feel___ my heart beat Do you un - der-stand? T watch you when you are sleep You “be - long to me. Copyright© 1988 Sony Tunes nc, EM Blacksond Manic ne. and Bapgophle Music [Rights on bell Sy nes tne Ade nsecd by Sony Pulhing & Muse squire Wes: Nasuile, TY 37203 "Rights on bea angophie Musc Convlled and Adminsteed by tn Blscxwood Me ne Ircnational Copyeigm Secured A Rigs Renewed 34 Em? By Em 2 if To Coda @ | i) Bm Am7 burn - ing D Dm GD in i i e ff sun shines through the rain, ic GB Am? a i 3 Be zo and then come and ease_ the pain, ———* 56 Bm? Am7 if Coda 4 o Bm7 Am7 burn - ing Close your eyes. — 37 Em7 o if if Give me your — hand, — dar - ling. D Em BT Em? AT, the Bm7 Am7 gS foe ere burn - ing ter- nal flame?_ 5B EVEN THE NIGHTS ARE BETTER ‘Words and Music by J. L. WALLACE, TERRY SKINNER and KEN BELL Moderately C Fm/C Gm/C Fm/C C Fm Gm/C Fm/C Fe ce RRR ER a oR ih e + if ay loys Dm c Fic a it 1 Twas the lone - ly one, You, youknow just what todo, c Fm/C = Se c ti — Won-der-ing what went wrong, — Why love — *Cause you have beenlone - ly, too, ‘And you showed ¢ gs OF PolyGram erations, In Secured Al ig Reseed 59 cic FIC BS Dm Gm : : A @ © @& had gone — me lone - ly. me how — the pain. And_ you FayC c nyc 1 Feel -in’ like I just been used, morethanend a brok - en heart, ‘ause now you've madea fire start,_ Eb ‘tt cic and my — lone-li- ness left___ me. ‘Then you came that you feel___the same_ way. And I, + E5maj7 Abmaj7 Eb/G I used to think I was tied to a heart - ache, ‘That was the heart - break, but I. nev- erdreamed there’d be some - one to hold — me, un- til you told me, and 60 cr, BD CE Fm7 Bb7 eee Even the nights are — bet now that be — Ebmaj7 m7 Fm7 now that we're hereto E-ven the nights_ are bet - — b, . the days are when some-one you love's be - side = 6 cm? Fm7 BST E-ven the nights are bet : sinee 1 found 3 Fm7 BST Ebmaj7 Cm7 Bomaj7 ca EVA if I nev-er dreamed there'd be some - one to hold un. til you told me, and now that I found_ you: =ven the nights. are bet = -_—ter, sven the days are bright - er, when Dm7 Gm7 now that we're hereto. -_geth E-ven the nights are some-one you love’s be - side E-ven the nights are cI > D7 CE I/F fe i if "HE repeat ro as ~~. _—__——,. and Fade ter since 1 found ter since found —_ 63 EYE IN THE SKY Word and Music by ALAN PARSONS Moderately ‘and ERIC WOOLFSON Dtadd9) a a D(add9) D a tt tf 1. Don't think 2,3. (See additional lyrics) bes Copyright ©1982 by Woolongs id and raatlred Copyigha Secu Bm9 Diadd9) Diadd9) D Bsus Bm9 a a turn = ing ta = bles instead. — G Gm Bm at aha ff it fe va 2nd & 3rd time -- lots of chanc-es be - fore. — but I ain’tgon-na give an - y more, E9 oS Hf that’s how it Fem7 Diada9) ne I can read_ your mind. Tam the mak-er of rules_ Diadd9) tf Ftm7 aero deal-ing with fools; —__ 1 can cheat _ you blind, G Gm Bm7 I don'tneed to see an-y more to know_ that can read_ your mind, can read_ your mind. (Look-ing at you. 8 —__ ood can read_ your mind. — can read_ your mind, Bm9 ft (Begin instrumental solo, ad lib.) Repeat ad lib. and Fade Additional Lyrics 2. Don’t say words you're gonna regret. 3._‘Don’t leave false illusions behind. Don't let the fire rush to your hea Don’t cry “cause I ain't changing my mind. 've heard the accusation before, So find another fool like before, ‘And [ ain't gonna take any more, *Cause I ain’t gonna live anymore believing Believe me. ‘Some of the lies, while all of the signs are deceiving, ‘The sun in your eyes (To Chorus:) Made some of the lies worth believing. (To Chorus:) EVERYTIME YOU GO AWAY Medium Slow Fmaj7 Bbiadea) Words and Music by i EF ' . __ DARYL HALL we can’tsolve an-y ‘and_90 en why do we lose — man + y ry-be you're foo clare to your bod ways the singing the when the lead ing man ap = pears.— ‘does-n't mean that can’t you ‘cause can't you and on and on — a Yen thoughsyou know,—————| ® — ‘much tO me — we've got we've got sty time you 70 you take a piece of me with. you. Ev! -ry-time you you take @ piece of c # Tr biadd8) Be & with you. n Bomaj7 Csus | can't go on. sing-ing the same theme — “cause ba -by, can’Lyou see we got ev'=ty-thing— goring on_and on— and on, Ev'ry = time you . Repeat and Fade you take a piece of n FOOTLOOSE (Theme From The Paramount Motion Picture “FOOTLOOSE”) Words by DEAN PITCHFORD and KENNY LOGGINS. Fast Music by KENNY LOGGINS © 1984 by Famous Muse Corparation and Esign Music Corporation Internat! Copyright Secured Al Rigs Reseed n A DA A T been work - in’ __ P'm_ punch - You're play - o - bey - DA A DIA my _ card. for wha ev. "ry rule. i your heart Oh, tell me what I got. you're burn - in’, yearn - in’ 4 that time’s just hold. - that life ain't pass. - hit the try-in’ to Didim BT fey —! or ele Tl tear up this town, it will if you don’t’ =e - ven fy. | ® Fm7 Gdim7 EGE & Ea BEE no chord a To-night I got-ta cut You can fly_____—_—if you’don- ly cut DA A & Eg foot - loose; kick off your Sun - day foot - loose; Kick off your Sun - day A DA A A DA me off of my knees. it, shake _ it for me. 76 A D A & ae ie come on _—be-fore we crack. come on, comeon iet’s.— go. DA A To Coda @ Fh ev-ry-bod-y cut foot ® no chord. ” & ch no chord - aa = — no chord First, you've got to. turn___ me_— a - round, _ sec-ond, and put, your feet. AS & no chord ‘Third, now, take a hold___of_ your _— soul. _ ETHO 78 no chord DS. al Coda Pm turn-in’ it G DFE CODA eo FB ac cnors ev-‘ry-bod-y cut, ev ev-"ry-bod-y_ cut, G DFt EBB sochor Eg no chord ev- ‘ry - bod-¥ cut, ev. ‘ry-bod - y, ev-‘ry-bod-y cut foot - loose. 7 THE HEAT IS ON (From The Paramount Motion Picture “BEVERLY HILLS COP”) Words by KEITH FORSEY Music by HAROLD FALTERMEYER Moderately Fast C7 @ f [Cd Theheat is on, Copyright © 1984, 1985 by Famous Musc Corporation inematonl Copyig Secured All Rights Reserved And the beat’s deep in - side. The pres - sure’s Bbmajvic C FT ge just to stay : *Cause the heat is on. — Bb —— up in the ac-tion, oh, Bb/D Eb F Ee Be T'll____ be looking out for you. tell____ me you can feel it; Gm7 aa tell___ me you can feel it; cr. To Coda @ | —— me do you feel it?____ a2 no chord ‘The heat cy EE on! Vocal Ist time only oh oh oh, Bb BbiD Eb OF & a m £ eH __ up in the ac-tion, 'l_____ be look-ing out for you. Gm7 ae tell ____ me you can feel it; tell ____ me you can feel cr no chord at D.S. al Coda _— me do you feel it? ‘The heat a copa @,_nochord ee on___ the street. The heat is on. in-side your head. the pres-sure’s high. — ‘The heat The heat on ev - ’ry beat._ the pres.sure’s high. - 85 cr. no chord x on! Vocal tacet Ist time only ‘The heat Repeat ad lib. and Fade GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN Words and Music by ROBERT HAZARD Bright Rock Em7 aa de sh I come home light. My —moth- ‘The phone rings i the night.My fa - Some boys take girl and hide. er says, “When. you gon - na live your ther yells, “What_ you gon - na do_with her a - way from the_—srrest_— of Copyright© 1979 Sony Tone ne AI Rights Advinsee by Sony Ruse Pobihing 8 Me Squire Wes, Nashville, TN 37203, Tnertaona Copy Secured All Rights Reserved 87 Oh, Moth-er dear,. we're not the for - tu - mate ones. And Oh, Dad-dy dear, you. know you're still, num ber one. But 1 want to be the one to walk = in___— the sun. Oh, = ss # = 8 girls, girls, theywant to have fu - girls just want to have girls, G Em? Em D G oe __ girls just want to have... ‘That’sall they real - ly want: 88 the work ES & they want to have fu Em D G i eR a want to have Em? To Coda 89 DS. (no repeats) al Coda D ae a Ete CODA ge They just They just wan-na, Em C D G E ee girls just want to have fu wan-na, they just they just wan- na, Repeat and Fade oD H HARD TO SAY I’M SORRY Words and Music by PETER CETERA ‘and DAVID FOSTER Moderately E = B/D# BICH G#/BE Ctm C#m/B FH/At Xn RR ae BE poco rall. E Gtm7 iat aR Ev-’ry-bod-y needs a little time a - way, Theard her sayz. B Cfm B E 2 i & g > — = fromeach oth - i E-ven lov-ers need a hol - i- day, = Copyright © 1982 by BMG Songs Ine, and Foster Fees Mus, Ine TRternational Copyright Secured Al Rights Resend ” G#m7 A B C#m B = & ae 8 far a- way. fromeach oth Cm Fém7 EB B AE OE Ez 8 Eg Ge Ee It’s hard for me to say I'm Cm Fém7 Bsus B Eg I just want you to stay. Af ter all__ that we've been ca BIDE BIC# G#/BE Cim CHB FR/AR EB B Cm? B/D# ee ee a &§ a 8 ee through, I will make it up_— to you — Pl prom 2 ACE B/D BCH = GH/BH & E 2 — af - ter all that’s been said and done, you're just Cim CimB FRIAR Bsus B Bsus B E. Could-n’t stand to be — kept Gim7 A Bo C#m B ze ae 8 just for the dayr— fromyour bod Gém7 = Would-n't wan-na be swept a - way, — It’s. hard for me Ccim Fem7 Bsus B 94 C#m Fem7 EB B AE E EDS i & cl ey real-ly want to tell you I’m sor - ry. Cim Fam7 Bsus B i" B i Ey D,S. al Coda Chm CEB FRIAR B ‘o,f EE 8 efs the part_ of me I cant__let go. G CE DFE DE BIDE = a & = Af - ter all that we've_ been through, will make it up_ 95 Em Em/D s GD D G CE ie Pll prom = i Guitar solo DF¢ DE BIDE Em EwD ACH Gp D at Solo ends G CE DFE DIE BIDE Em Em/D A/C} Am/C 8 ae You're gon-na be_ theluck - y one. PP! 96 | PLEDGE MY LOVE Very slowly Words by DINO FEKARIS Gm7/c Music by DINO FEKARIS and FREDDIE PERREN. it al- ways to-geth- er, to-geth- er for-ev- er, ‘always to-geth-er for-ev | williove you ‘tithe day | die. | know this now andmylove won't run dry. — life has be- gun; Two hearts are now beat- ing as though they were one, Copyright © 1980 PolyGram ierationl Publishing. and Pere Vibes Mus nc ‘ternational Copyright Secured Ril Rights Reserved 97 Om & i Like the stars that make the night so_bright— you shine on me with alove that's so right, A ike a iv - er finds the deep blue se ibve took your hand “and led you to me. im 0 proud to have you by my side— you ‘be ‘my strength and- Ill ‘be your guide. — Gm 2 i love that is 9, ‘a love that's so pure, it makes me more sure This isthe "us" thatlll_ nev - er for- get,” both spark- both "hap = py we met. You are the one you'eadream that is real, its love that I feel | st Gm7 Am. Dm with all my heart,—wellnev-er part. For this is the day {wherour jove comes a Wve, and | mean what | say as | stand here say- ing mean what | say 98 I’M SO EXCITED Words and Music by TREVOR LAWRENCE, JUNE POINTER, RUTH POINTER and ANITA POINTER Strong, steady beat Gm7 BoC Cm? Bo/C Cm7 i me i BC Cm7 Bb/E> Eb Bb/E> E> [B/E Eb F5/Bb Bb é i EE EE i a oe Bi/E> E> Cm/Bb Bb To-night,_ Gm7 BB/C ESIC % H tfttat —— to - night _ (instrumental) we're gon - ma make it’ ‘hap - __pen, - © 9 ew BLACKIWOOD MUSIC INC, DAL UC, ANT POINTER PUBLISHING. RUTH POYNTER PUBLISHING and LEGS FOLK PUBISHIC ‘ial sewed, ImenstonalCopight secured Used by emson 100 Eb E>/B> ‘8 g Bo/E> 7 He to-night we'll put___— all oth= er things a = side, Bb Gm7 Bo/C BWC BSI 5 /Bb By RE it He tH the night. (Instrumental ends) tor Am7 nochord i Gm? Din Am7 af til ff I want to squeeze Gm7 af just can't get e+ nough. And if you 2 m7 By/D cm7F a ES no chord move real slow, — 102 can't hide i bout to lose con - trol and think 1 tike— 1 just can't. hide 103 I know, I know 1 want you. should -n’t think a= bout _ sweet mem -o - Eb/B> Bs ae 108 Gm7 BoC Eb/C we're still play - in’ Es/B> B Gm we just can’t a - bout to lose con -trol___ and 1 think 1 like __ just cant hide — and I know, I know, D.S. and Fade you! IF YOU LOVE SOMEBODY SET THEM FREE Words and Music by Medium Fast STING Omg 69 Omg Play 3 times free. If you need some-bod - y, (1,3) alt my— (2) just look into my —, Om7 G FA G Om7 G FA 107 & Om7 G F/A you can the same.— It you want to keep some-one des - pise.— Or ‘a pris.'ner some: thing pre got to lock it up and throw away the key. — ir the Sark tea? “ip in” chains you just can’t see You want to hold on to your posses - sion, — jon’t e = ven or a beast inva gilded cage;— that’s all some peo. y ¥ think @ - bout me. ple ev-er want to be.— if you love Bm7 & if you love G Am7 G Set them free. (Free, free, 109 G Dm9 G Am7/" G i It it's a mir-ror them free) free) you want, pen dent heart, (can’t love’ what you Gm7 CE, love what you be For - ev-er con-di-tioned tobe - lieve_that we can't live, we can't bi fe and be hap-py with less. With so man-y —, Pa man-y souls, with ev’ = ry-thing we see that we want. to S 7 R . a § Any swith vocal ad ib. Set them them free) LONGER Moderate Ballad G Am7 Gmaj7/B & ai) m Words and Music by DAN FOGELBERG Amz, Gmaj7/B there've been fish - es in the ‘an y moun tain cath - © to - er than asthe «= fi - re starts Long strong ~ er than— Through the years. {1979 2 APRIL MUSICINC and HICKORY GROVE MUSIC INC AT Rights Contlied and Admire by EM APRIE MUSIC ‘Al Righs Resowed Ineratona! Copyright Secured Used by Person Fo HB © - cean, - ral mel - low, 2 8 Am? Gmaj7/8 c high - er than bird ev - er flew, tu - er than tree ev - er grew, bum = ing lines book of our __ ives. Though the 8 Am? Gmaj7/8 He Long- er than— there've been stars. = up_in_— the hea vens,— Deeper than— (ive 2) for - est prim - e@ - val, ~ ing cracks. and the pag - es Start to yel- low, 8 O7/A i ve been in 1 am in love. with you. with you, with you. 13 F(addgy/c c Ep(add9)/Bo> B> Fadaay/c c Eb(add9)/B> Bb youll_______ send show-ers inthe _ springs. Fadda)/C Eb(add9)/Bb_ a a through the falls, and sum-mers with O7/FE Coda love _____ on. our wings. 14 Bb o7/A 6 Fladagy/c c Es(add9)/B> Bb F(adagy/c. ¢ E>(add9)/B> 8 it fe et “i id Fladd9y/c. c Ep(add9)/> Bb D7sus/G I/F Dm7/F I/F a rs fe & Amz, Gmaj7/8 c £ ff fe fe there've been fish 8 Am? Gmaj7/B high - er than— ona Fi Long - er than there’ve been stars ve been in love— with you— 116 JUST ONCE Slowly Music by BARRY MANN, m/C Cmaj7/E a im i Fmaj7 Fmaj7/GG Craaaay Fmaj7 if & & a ie Em7 Am ‘Dm7 G/F guess my best_ was-n't_ good. e-nough_‘causehere we are___ back. where we were. be- fore, ‘think _my_all_—_may have been. too much ‘cause Lord knows, we're_not_ get - ting an - —y- where, = a Em7 Amyages) AM Dm7 Gsus G Seems noth - ing ev - er chang it seems we're al - ways blow ‘Sopp 1981 ATY MUSIC and MANN & WEL SONGS, INC. All Rights Conroled and Administered by MCA MU seh RISING Division of MAING 175 Bradt, New York NY 10019 under ene rm ATV MUSIC ACA nasi ui 7 ‘Amadas) Am/G Dm7 Ciaauay/E back to be - ing stran won - difing it we ought_ to stay or ev - er we've. got at” times. with all we've got we. ac Fiadda) aS we fe F/G G FGoG& C can't we can't_we head on out. the door. have-n't got a_prayer._— # = zi —— keep do - in’ what we keep do - in Dm7 GF Em7 Ama) = AM EE iil ee last for ver = —y_long? S What are Yast forlong?—__— Where are we nev - er the good timesnev - er 18 in’ wrong? > ing wrong? Gm7/c a> way way. the mag. - the mag - could just__ we could t to ofeak tough — it FIG CTE to fin to fin GF ic last ic last. for more_ for_more— it, Fmaj7 Ge C/E Em7 Amesss) = Am & ie fa just one just one know we could— break right? right? — throught. 19 PF/G ‘Abjacoa) iat — fit 3 we could just___get_to—_ 1 wagt to Fm7 Bom7 Db/Eb ae i un = der= stand—____ = ways. comes_back___ to good - Abtadas) Ab Beads) Gim7 3 carjt we get_our-seves_in hand. cem7 Biadas)/D¥ Ejaaga) Biaadgy/Dt i fe i it one an-oth - er we're no good with-out_ each oth - er, 120 Cem7 Beasasy/D4 Em7 G/A EY > Take the best and make it bet-ter Find a way to stay to-geth - er A/D Am7/D O7/FE ° can't we find a way. to fin - ‘ly make it Gmaj7 D/Ft = Em7 AIG to make the mag - ic last for more than. ——— Fim7 Braves) Bm Em7 fe ie # EB through it a we couldjust- get to— eo Woh___ we can get to it —3— just Em/D Ii Dmaj7/Fé Gmajg Gmaj7/A G/A Bats) {i aes iia 12 KARMA CHAMELEON Words and Music by GEORGE 0’DOWD, JON MOSS, ‘MICHAEL CRAIG, ROY HAY and PHIL PICKETT Pe ¥ lov - ing Hear your wick Instrumental, lis - ten to your used to be so © 1983 O41 VIRGIN MUSIC LTD. and PENDULUM MUSIC LTD. il VIRGIN MUSE, INC. ASC ssoenenso awa nue Sie las apes er ea eae EP omc Sihahenettarae tanga aft 123 with - out — was an__ 124 you come and you string =a Cm? Gm you come— you string F B FIA fe To Coda 9 Hit ig Kar-ma kar-ma kar-ma kar-ma kar-ma cha-me - Gm7 Cm? you come. and 125 Lov- ing would be ea - sy Dm7 Gm7 fff a col - ours were like — rl cm BOF F # B tif | red gold and green. 2. Did-n't 126 Dm7 you're my lov - 7B CODA Kar-ma kar -ma_ kar - ma kar - ma EVA Gm7 m7 B/E you come Lov-ing would be ea sy if your col-ours were like Gm7 m7 Bo F 127 my ae i Repeat and Fade 128 LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER oe Words and Music by JON BON JOVI eine RICHIE SAMBORA and DESMOND CHILD Fm(addF#) Em, C/E D/E Em. a (Spoken:) Once upon a time, not so long ugo, Copright ©1986 Pol 129 EmaddFt) em Ha —~— on strike, He's "3 holding in what he docks, hock, L.Tom-my used to work on the 2. Tom-my'sgot his six-string in —— ri eae a, ——- —= eS SS ——— SS down on his luck, its tough, — oe its tough used to make it talk 3 Gi- na works the din - er all day Gi- nadreams of run-ning a = way:— 130 Em(addF) mt —— work-ing for her man. She brings home her pay, for when she cries in the night, Tom-my his - pers: ba - by, it's reader ¥ She says we've got to We've got tof hold docs-n't make a dif-Frenceif we make it or not. We've got each rf We'll give ita shot 3 ome a ef a we're half prayer. Take my hand, — we'll make it, 1 a prayer. = 7 we've got to — f ——s SSeS eeeeeee 133 ¢ D rm D ¢ mR moe read-y or not, You live for the fight when it's S33 s F - 7 Repeat and fate gy prayer Take my in’ on a prayer. MANIAC Music and Lyric by MICHAEL SEMBELLO. ‘and DENNIS MATKOSKY Moderately fast town git line Em6/9 Em(+7) Sat - ur - day night, look -ing for the_— fight of _her sans ie ty isa place most nev - er Copyright © 1983 by Famous Music Copan, ntsong 5. ic. and WB Music Cop. ‘Al igh Adminezered by ImersongeU.S-A~ Ine Insraial Capyriph Sckied AT Rpts Resrved Bm Em/B o/c tat time — world won _ place no one Cae #3 B C/E dan al- ways 8 Ps Lock -ing hy = thms” to all your life You work Em(+7) ss in = to tight, pass. you by. ger zone chance. if when the danc - er the hun - ger sees her at all ter -y. be stays 3— 135 G/c “2 they all say she's cra. ~ touch it, but cant hold — Em6/9 the beat of chang - ing for that mo -ment in it could she has danced in - to Ws a push, —shove_world te the dance._ the night. — = comes 136 B7+5 can cut___ you it the oft There's a cold "ki + struggling, _stretch- on the wire ___ be. tween nev-er stop = ping with her Em/B B Cmaj7 what gainst__ the Esus D Em? we land she's danc- 137 Cmaj7 Am/E Bm = Cmaj7 Esus o a if fs Em7 DE Cmajz like — she's. To Coda {> 138 B7sus Em ‘ DS. al Coda lyric) Esus Em7 es ni-ac_ on the floor__ Em7 = ing like -she's nev - er danced be = for DA DE and she's dano. A/E Bm/ERepeat ‘and Hy Fade 139 MORNING TRAIN (NINE TO FIVE) Words and Music b FLORRIE PALME Moderately Fast St @ 3 a wake up ev ‘rymom -ing I stum- ble out of bed. Acstretch-ing and ayawn ~ ing an > = p Bomair Ss Till Babe and me's togeth-er— ‘The mo-ment that he’swith me. Ev “Then tstarts 0 fly. "Cause the mo-ment thathe'swith me Time—_cantake aight — f srs ottars Imeratonal Copyright Secured AP Rights Reserved 140 om s Bamair Ant gus 2 Bimayr Ant & a 8 s aes ar te “ NOTHING’S GONNA STOP US NOW Words and Music by DIANE WARREN ‘and ALBERT HAMMOND Moderate Rock F Dm7 Bb B EE & ing in your eyes so glad I found you, par - a - dise, this world that found is too good _ gon - na lose you, what-ev - —er_—sit’~—takes___—s Twill stay _— —— to be true, here be - side you, —— here with — you. tothe good Copyrig © 1987 by Edin Sunet Publishing In. Reslongs and Ti Rights or Eston Sua Pubishing ine Atinstred by BM eternatonal Copyright Secured Al Rights Reseed Music Corp, songs ne Dm7 Bb & — so much to give you this love “you through the bad times, what-ev - er Let them say we're cra - zy, Let them say we're cra - zy, in myheart Es that I'm feel - ing for you._ it takes is what ’'m__ gon-na do. Dm7 I don’t care a-bout that. what _ do they know. Put your hand Put your arms my hand, a- round me, F & Let the world a - round us ba - by, ba - by, c et don’t don’t ev - er look back. ev - er let go. Dm7 148 Bb Eb Cc & eae —_ Ba-by we can make it if we're heart to heart. And = we can build_ F Dm7 Bb <= _# _s __ this dream to-geth-er, stand - ingstrongfor-ev-er, noth - ing’s gon-na stop us Cc F Dm7 El = fed world _ runs out of lov-ers we'll _ still have each oth-er, F * Fe 8 a = ing’s gon-na stop us, noth - _ing’s gon-na stop us. 1g" gon-na stop us. 149 F CF F Bb £ & all that I need_ is Gm7 c F FIC F Be e B B you're all - — All that I want_ to Bb Gm7 ct. by Ee = z ~ eo is hold you for-ev for - ev-er and ev # DS. al Coda can build — ing’s gon - na stop _ And we can build _ r 150 F Dm7 this dream to - geth - er, ing strong for - ev - er, - ing’s. gon - na stop us # if ~ runs out of lov - ers, & et Repeat ad lib. and Fade a —~LTaTaid 1 - ing’s gon - na stop us, noth ing’s gon - na stop us. And we can build._ r 151 ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK “CHESS” (rom < CHESS") ‘Words and Music by BENNY ANDERSSON, TIM RICE and BJORN ULVAEUS The American Te 7 ne % cD O- ri- en-tal set-ting and the ci-ty dont know what the ci-ty is get-ting, the co-re-bral fit-ness. gon-na be the wit-ness to the ul-ti-mate test of cp. Dm or) Dm crémede la creme of thechess world in a show with eve-ry-thing but — Yul Bryn-ner. This grips me more than woulda mud-dy old © riv-er or re-clin~ ing Bud-dah. Gmt ne con-trol-ling it — FLL watch-ing the game — And thank God I'm on- cp does-n't seem a min-ute since the Ti-ro-le-an spa had thechess*boys in it. con-tem-plating, I'd Time flies — the kind of mate I'm T don't see you guys rat-ing SS Copyright © 19843 Kah Limited Ai sob Und Sa May Pyar rt Ping In eal Comwight Secured All Rants Reserves = 152 Dm cp Dm All change — don’t you know that when you play at this lev-el there’sno or-di-na-ry ven-ue. let youwatch, I would in-vite you but the queens we use would not ex-cite you. = Ws tee? land or the Phil-lip pines — or Has - tings ~ So you'd bettergo back to your bars, your tem - ples, yourmas- Graz es choir » - or this place! parlours — One night in Bang-kok and the world’s Dm Gm ry a - bars are tem-ples but the pearls ai - - Piano top line also vocal top line. 153 to Coda rs 0 Pear) You'll find a god clois -ter = = ¥ * . fF eres luck -y then the god's as 1 can feel an an gel slid-ing up to The American jm Choir One town's ve - ry like an-oth-erwhen yourhead’sdown ov-er your pie ~ces, broth-er. It's a = = <# drag, it's a bore, it’s real-ly such a pi-ty to be look-ing at the board.not look-ing at the ei - ty 154 The American Whad-dy-a mean? You've seen one crowd - ed, pol-lu-ted, stink -ing town — girls warm and sweet some are set_up in the Som-er -set Maugham suite (warm, sweet) The American Get Thai'd! Youretalk-ing to a tour-ist whose ev-ery move’s — a-mong 1 get my kicks a - bove the waist-line, sun-shine! 155 Ger Bb ce, Dm * re One night in Bang-kok makes a hard not much between - - spair and One night in Bang-kok and the = oa 5 CE. Dm Gm, 3 ae 3as tum-ble, can't be too care - ful with your com-pa 1 can feel the dev il walk-ing next to = + 156 Flute solo on scale Coda Dm clois- ter, o . 7 -gel slid- ing up to e One night in Bang-kokmakes a hard 157 7 < hum-ble, not much between de -spair and ¢c - = > Dm ea F cle, Dm Se gare ‘One night in Bang-kok and the tough guys —— cin't be too care- a 3 =a z *— ful with your com - pa feel the dev (Dm) _ (Vibrato on 8:ths) Dmo a -il walk-ing next to 138 THE ONE THAT YOU LOV Words and Music by ial ELL Moderately M RUSSI if the night — 2.Don't say the morn. 3. Tell me we (Melody) Gm now the night has gone don’t say the morn-ing’s come tell me we can stay, does-m't seem that long; we hard-ly had two words Must we end this way, when so much here is hard ‘They are the words to say, the on- ly words I can Copyright © 1981 by Notongs an Career BAG Maric Publishing, ne 7 ernaeal ap Sceied AN gi Resend 159 Bm7b5 day, 1 know it is (1,3) Hold me in your arms for just an - oth - er (2) Love is ev-*ry- wheres c GmeyB> ATIC Dmvc Dm m he a this one will go slow; we have the right as this are too few; it's all up we have the right it's all up you the one that you love, - loves you in so man - y ways. 161 Gi one that you love, ‘ Un - der - stand, the one that you love, EE _— loves you in so oman = y ways. — AICE apart of yes = ter - don’t know what to Dm7 Bomaj7 don't know what to i _~ 2 that you love, — that You love, — a tempo {HH Repeat ad lib. and Fade ask - ing loves you RIGHT HERE WAITING Words and Music by RICHARD MARX Moderately G # i B Am Csus2 1, O-ceans a - part - 2. I took for grant - = Csus2/F Dm7(add4) Gsus G | Ey # lay: af ter (day eee aed | elow ly, go in - sane. all the times that I thought would last___—_some- how. _ opr © 1988 Coy Music SCA al Copyright Secred Al Rights Reserved 164 Csus2 Csus2iF @ — a 1 hear your ai on the tine, _ = 1 hear ‘the laugh = - ter, 1 taste the Dm7(add4) GB fi eS does - n't can't get 7 Am Fous2/D oat eR” If IT see you next Oh, can’t you see Am Fous2/D Fsus2iG a S — how can we — say you've got me go 7 fF 165 aS my heart breaks, a Fsus2/D T won-der CE Fadd2) sur - vive this ro - mance. -—— pT oT Fsus2/D CE Fradd2) But in the end if I'm — with you,—_ ‘I'll take the chance._ Gsus ! GB Cc G Am 167 F iG. ic G Am # & DS. al Coda oon ef Oh, can’t you see_ Wait-ing for your — io dl Am F Gus G ic 168 RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT Lively dance beat Words and Music by DIANE WARREN cD D Ea and all of the mad ness The mu-sic’s play - ings cD Step out in- to the street thescene is be-ing set. When it feels___ like Look out on the street now; cD GD has_got you go - in’ Eg where all___ of the ac - A’ night. for ro-mance, Copyright© 1986 by BM Songs ne Invernational Copyright Secured Al Rights Reseed cra-zy, a__ cel - e-bra-tion’s start-ing. GD nih + Gsus/D =” the world_is on your shoul-ders, the par - ty’s just be - gin- ning. & it’s_time to get out. Un - der the street lights cD GD ight there at your feet. Well, a night you won’t for-get. So 169 ACH GB Bm G SE & = (1) I know a placewhere we can dance thewhole night a - way un - der-neath e - lee (2.3.) come join the fun, this ain't no time to be — stay - ing home, ‘ooh, there’s too much go - ing ACH GIB Bm & Just come with me and we can shake your blues right a - way. on, To-night is gon-na be a night like you've nev - er known; Asus A D Em? ba] To Coda ot Ey @ You'll be do-ing fine once the mu - sic starts, We're gon-nahave a good time the whole night long, Bm Em7 Es Ey 5 night, dance un - til themorn - ing light. For-get a-bout the wor - ries on____your 170 A D | i Em7 DFt you can leave them all__ be - hind. Feelthe beat of the rhy - thm of the I= 4 oh, the rhy-thm of the night, D CD GAD cD GIA Instrumental solo wm AB A GA Fim DS. al Coda GIA A Bm Asus A Ey Solo ends (hind.) Feel the beat of the rhythm of the dance un - til themorn - 4 a Ctm Fem7 EGE B & si Repeat ad lib, and Fade light. For-get_ a-boutthe wor - ries on your mind, you can_ leave them all___ be - 17 SEA OF LOVE 7 7 Words and Music by GEORGE KHOURY Medium Slow Fifties Rock and PHILIP BAPTISTE that’s the day. to the 5 how much_ ong ©1957, 1959 ot kos sic nc and Wo Muse Company, ne All Rights Admin by da Bay Mase snterntonal opr secre AI Rlghs Reserved 173 with me. Guitar Tacet 174 ‘& 7 ‘Ab , m oe = Come with me love to the sea, just how love you.— = IL want to tell you, oh, — how much 175 SHOUT Words and Music by ROLAND ORZABAL and IAN STANLEY Not too fast Gm & Ebmaj7 with - out, Gmc come on. ©1985 eu VIRGIN MUSIC LTD. [AI Rights fr EMI VIRGIN MUSIC LID. Conoled and Administered inthe US. re Canada by EMI VIRGIN SONGS, INC. (BM) [AIRights Reserved nenational Capygh Secured Used by Persion Lin io - 2., 3. (See additional lyrics) Gm & should - n't have to Gmc Bb6 a a your soul. Gmc ge they real - ly, real - ly Bb6 Ee Those one track that took you for a Gmc Bb6 = Es] Kiss them good - bye. You should-n’t have to jump You should-n’t have to Additional Lyrics 2. They gave you life and in return you gave them hell As cold as ice, I hope we live to tell the tale Thope we live to tell the tale Chorus with repeat Instrumental Chorus with repeat And when you've taken down your guard If could change your mind I°d really like to Break your heart I'd really like to shake your heart Chorus (Repeat and Fade) 178 SHE DRIVES ME CRAZY Words and Music by DAVID STEELE ind ROLAND GIFT Moderate rock no chord Beto al> Eto G th i oe EE can’t stop can’t get A anf t> aefo © 1999 2 VIRGIN MUSIC LTD, A ego Ew VIRGIN MUSE TD, Conta an rind i Soe Caan by EM VIRGIN MUSIC INC (SCAM) i Rights Resend ematonsl Copyright secured Used by Pes 179 seL> beep Tell me what you've got Ev-’ry-thing "you say cause we're run - ning of time. _ Won't you ev - er But to me that's sur - prise. What I had for (DS, I won't makeit ait ‘This _wait- ing ’round’s kill -ing ‘Things go. wrong they No one likes to Bm A D G Bm A af tr a if Ht ft at Hi me help my - self. - 181 » 2 > > ls DS. al Coda CODA © a BETO Hil> iif if te Repeat and Fade She 182 SOME LIKE IT HOT ‘Words and Music by ROBERT PALMER, With a heavy medium beat ‘ANDY TAYLOR and JOHN TAYLOR Em7 & We want to multi are you gon-na doit? at your, 1 know you qual - i fy are you gon-na do it? She wants'to be your bride, So = Don't be so cir = cum - scribe, She wants to mul -ti - ply,, are you gon-na doit? Copyright © 1985 dungslow Music BV. and Tree Mase i Al Rigs or Bungalow Music BA Administered inthe Unted Ste ed Canada by Palys Pablishing ne invratonsi Copyright secured.” Al Rahs Renee enosdttt,aotvour sat I know you won't be sat 183 7 are you gon-na do— it? tun- til you do— it, D/C D7sus/C Dsus Em # Ee D push-ing you to de-cide.. Dsus Em hot burning ‘and. some sweat when_ the heat ison. 113 Some feel the heat and. de 2 Some like= ‘it’ hot, some like it hot Some like it hot, t tell how hot til you try. — Instrumental to DS. hot, so let's turn up the heat till The girl = is i ES like it hot, some like it hot AmT m7 Em fe Guitar Tacet like it hot, some like_it__hot_— 186 STRAIGHT UP Words and Music by ELLIOT WOLFF Moderate R & B Shue Dm Bb ty itt if e a dream; T don’t know ing wait-ing for i stand-i A-let me say if A «let me tell you how 2 that you then ba-by, P'm get - ting when I think your 1 1988 Bl VIRGIN MUSIC, INC and ELLIOT WOLEE MUSIC ‘nt Camole ond mms by Ma VIRGIN MING ASCAP Il Righs Reserved Imernonal Copyright Secured. Uae by Penson 187 Gm A Dm 2 Dm oe i T’ve been fooled before; would-n’t like to. get mylove caught in the slam - min’ door. Sa it SS SSS SSS FF SS SS _ How a-bout some in - for-ma_ - tion, please? __ we l uy ea pill a om . Dm B 4 SSS = Straight up, now tell _ me, do you real-ly wan-na love me for-ev - er, oh, oh, 188 or am I caught. in hit Straight up, now tell__ me, is it gon-na be and me to-geth - er, oh, oh, or are you just To next strain Repeat ad lib. and Fade Youare so hard to 199 You play hide and seek —_with your true i ten-tions. Ifyou’reon-ly play-in’ games, I'll just have i no chord b-b-b-bye, b-b-b-b-bye. Do, do youlove- me, do youlove me, F as Do, do you love. me, do youlove me, ahey,ba-by? ‘Actell me ba-by! ™ TELL HER ABOUT IT Words and Music by BILLY JOEL Bright Rock Bb Ab Eb/F & a Bbc Ab & & ze don’t want fo see you let a good thing slip a EbIF @ BC & Youknow I don’t like watch-ing an - y-bod-y make the same_ © 1983 3001 sonas ininred by Eh BLACKWOOD MUSIC INC ral Copel sect Used by Pemson ‘Age Reseed 191 Ab Eb/F Dm7 =z fa ae mis- takes. I made. ___ She’s a real__ nice —girl__and she’s Db cm7 On17 Ebm abe B & & a al - ways there for you, — but a nice girl would-n’t tell Cm7 O77 EbIF G HE @ you what_ you should do. % BbC ab rs) ae lis - ten boy, I'm sure that youthink you got it all un - der _con- trol. Lis - ten boy, it’s not__ au - ‘to-mat-ic- ‘ly a cer - tain guar - an - tee, Lis - ten boy It’s good in - for-ma-tion from a man who's made mis - takes_ 192 Eb/F Bb i & — You don’t want some- bod -y tell - ing you the way to To in - sure your - selfyou've got___ to pro-vide com-mu - ni Just a word “or two that she gets from you___ could be the Ab Eb/F Dm7 = 5 ee stay in some - one’s soul.__ You're a big boy nnow__and you'll ca-tion con - stant - ly. When you love some - one_ you're dif-Prence that it | makes. She’s a trust - ing soul. _—_She’s Db . Cm7 B RR nev - er let her g0, but that's I - ways in - se - cure, there’s put her trust in you But a Ebm Bb/D m7 Bb & 2 es just the kind_ of thing she ought to know. on - ly one_ good way to re - as- sure. girl like that_won’t tell you what you should do Gm7 = 193 Am tell let her ev - her know ‘ry - thing how much you you Dm Ey Dmic Give When her ev she ca Gm7ic F B that wish for were you're you real there. tell her ev - "ry your cra be-fore you 194 Dm Dmic Ee a To Coda @ Gm7 Gmc Cc Bb cl ea Ea Es much_ she Ab EDF Bb Ab Eb/F Gm7 Gm7ic CIB Ab *Cause now and then_ she'll get {0 wor EbIG Ab Fm7 196 rE cy D.S. al Coda Gm7 Gm7/C = Bb Gm7 CODA Ry Ee & z= much _ she fe" Ee now. Just Bb Gm Ab Eb ee" i ee the girl don’t want to wait_ You know the girl don’t want to _wait.. od. her a - bout___ it, tell her a - bout___ it. You got to tell " gE ff i" tell her now and you —won’t go. wrong.You got to tell e ‘ # : _—Repeat and Fade be - fore it gets too id ™ TIME AND TIDE Words and Music by BASIA TRZETRZELEWSKA. and DANNY WHITE Moderately G no chord 3 nf Amq/D G Dm7 fast cy heart. Love nev - er knows. hard for me to stop my — I know this is spe - ney-er felt like this be - It’s MI MO — FT Em7 # 2 e time is right, I don’t want to hurt Let life take its courses the worth wait - ing for. when cial, we ——— —_ 1 1987 VIRGIN SONGS, NC AIL Right Reseed “iteratonl Copyrigh Secured Used by Permission 199 an y- can’t help lov that’s the a for us We've got Its gon-na be 200 Hang on, will wait for ways stay as good Times and tide, noth - ing and fh i For bet-ter, for worse this time_. 201 D7 2 ¢ 9 3 FT Em7 & when the time is right. We don’t want to. hurt—_ an - y - bod - Er iB DS. al Coda ——— don’t want to make. them — cry. 202 copa Bm7 E7 ® Ea ~ ways stay as good as iat Am7 Bm7 a cD It's a mat-ter of time, on-ly a mat-ter of it’s a mat-ter of G Dm7 cl Fy = a @ noth-ing and no one can stop us 203 Em7 A D7 For bet-ter, for worse this time_ it’s gon-na last. Gon-na last_ for-ev - er. ‘We've got ba-by, — there’sno rush, It’s gon-na be TAKE MY BREATH AWAY (LOVE THEME) (From The Paramount Picture “TOP GUN”) Words and Music by GIORGIO MORODER and TOM WHITLOCK Ab cCmiG Moderately slow mR i of — eS Fm cmG Ab B i «ee Watch-ing ev -’ry mo - tion in Watching, I keep wait - ing, sti Watch-ing ev -’ry mo - tion in cmiG Fm my fool - ish lov — m™m- tic - i - pat - ing love, —— this fool - ish lov, er’s, games re CmiG Ab fe" = on this end - less nev - er hes - i - haunt - ed = by the SRR 4 Fares Mes Corton ad Rade se ‘ Gremationl Copyright Secured AN gis Reserve cmic i gE lov - ers know the fa - ted love - milly be - come where there’s a cmiG some secret place in - side; —— some se-cret place to _ hide —— ‘some se-cret place in - side; CmiG Ab ze ®" you turn and you turn my way and turn to me and - tion as___ a - round in slow mo in slow mo - slow mo - tion as __ tion as wateh - ing wateh - ing watch - ing in you “Take my breath a - way.” cme rr iE" To Coda g FEE & “Take my breath a - Ab CmiG Db 207 Bb Eb/G Db & Ee Ee a ‘Through the hour - glass I saw you. In time,____ you slipped__ a Bb ® When the mir - ror crashed, I Eb/G Db Ab B & =" <_? and turned to hear__ you ag “If on-ly for to - 208, Ab cmG mR =” Take my breath a - way.” = ——— Fm cme emi — g i” =" “Take my breath a - Eb Ab = Rm copa Db & My love, take my breath a cmG Db Eb i & i’ Repeat and Fade my breath a - TOY SOLDIERS ™ Words and Music by MICHAEL JAY and MARTIKA Slowly EB B C#m7/G4 Adm7bS — Amaj7_—B = 8 a = & Step by step, heart to heart, left, right, left, we all fall down. like toy sol - CHm7 Gim7 Cim BB oe Em’ & Es & & @ \_? It was-n’t_my in-ten-tion to mis-lead you, it nev-er should have been this It’s get-ting hard to wake up in the morn-ing, my head is spin-ning con - stant - Copyright ©1988 by Ensign Muse Corporation, Famous Music Corporation and Tika Tunes ThernonalCopyghSecied” Al igs Reed 210 C#m B CHm7 Gim7 Cim B me & i ER & ia 7 5 7 DS It’s true, I did ex-tend the in - vi-ta-tion, Iney-erknew how long you'd _stay. How couldI be so blind to this ad-dic-tion? If Idon’tstop,_ the next one is gon-na be me. B cm B Cim B Fim Gim a 5 a a it’s your heart ___ that takes,_ takes the it re- plac - es all, all the—, B a an E, B CHm7 Atm7b5 = 8 8 ‘Won't you come out and play with me? Step by step, heart to heart, left, right, left, we all fall down_ Amaj7 B c{m BID$ E B B & Ee cd Cy was ~ like toy sol - — diers.— Bit by bit, torn a-part,__ we Cém aR nev-er win but the bat - tle wa - geson_ F 2 |Amaj7 B Ctm BIDE @ EB EY ~ =< wa-geson _ for toy sol - diers.— Gtm7 C#m B Ee F F ne E Fem B ACH BIDE We ney - er win. E Fim Gtm7 Cim B B C#m B Fim Gim A f i EE a> it re- plac - es all, Won't you come out and play Ctm7 Ee Agm7bS Amaj7 aE Fe left, right, left, we all E B Cm Hi i" Bit by bit, Step by step, heart to 213 B & heart,_ like toy sol - Agm7b5 Ei torn a-part,_ we nev-er win but the bat - tle wa - geson_ F for toy sol - 2 C#m BiD# || Amaj7 for toy sol WE'RE IN THIS LOVE TOGETHER ‘Words and Music by ROGER MURRAH and KEITH STEGALL rsa n i‘ Moderately (# ¢ played as ¢ «)) Bomaj7 By(add9)/D cm9 Ey/F BOF S/F Bb/F Hy it iy HH Bomaj9 Bo(add9/D Cmil EF atm It’s like a dia - mondring, — it's a pre - cious It’s like a rain- y night and can - By By(add9)/D {© 1880 Et BLACKWOOD MUSIC INC pd MAGIC CASTLE MUSIC INC ‘Ail ght Cones rd Adminsterea by FRA BLACKWOOD MUSE INC TIRIGNS Reserved Inerntonl Copyigh Seeced sed by Peso 215 cmil EWE Bor BY BHF Boral Bo(add9)/D Is like a We got the = | cml BF to so. right, fa -vor- ite song_— that we love whole thing work - ing out = Bb(add9) B(add9)/D cme? EDF ee at i it ev -’ry time___________ we hear the mu - and it's just the way we planned ~_ —" Bomajo Gm7 216 cm? BF Bhmaj7 Gm? # i a it We got the kind that lasts for- ev - Cmit B/F BF EF Bomaj9 Gm7 Cm7 BF this love to geth_ = Go/Ab BF ber - ries on i it sweet - er all _ 27 EF o Bomaj7 ‘Bb(add9)/D = el ag —— BOF ESF BS/F — Bomaj? Bo(add9)/D_ m9 EF = & a a Hi [ = — 2 —— ~—-BS/F ES/F Bb/F | 2 Dm7 —C(add9/E Ab/Bb FG HHS EE EH er ig Don’t you know 218 majo Am7 Dmil FIG He eat ae e kind that lasts for- ev = er. CG RG majo Am7 _s Dm? ‘maj 7 *s FIG Cmaj7 Am? We got a kind — that Dm? Caddo AbBb FIG TE ee {ff Repeat and Fade Don’t you know, gy YOU'RE THE INSPIRATION Words and Music by PETER CETERA Stow Rock and DAVID FOSTER G ic G a fre With pedal Caddo) D Bb ‘You know our love was meant to be_ (See additional lyrics) Dm7 ~Gm7 Gm7F BE fi the kind of love that lasts _ for - Eb EYED Bb ‘And I want you here with ov Copyright © 1984 by BMC Songs, In, a Hhsnatonl Cop cred" MI Regt Reseed 220 Dm7 Gm7 a from FIA i" You __ should know __ rt it ft Gm & CE F & DFe a al - ways on __ ii s# a of my mind, in’ my heart, in You're themean - ing my life, you're Ap Gm7F & to - night Ab(add2) ie eve - ry-where I G ACH pat my soul, — DIA A the in - spi - ra - 2 ® @ : & You bring feel - ing tomy life, you're the in - spi - ra F cr BbIF BbmF & & & & Wan-na have you near me, wan-na have younear me say - 1 FC BbIC Cc F(no3rdyEb —F(no3rd) Bg & Ea no one needs you more.than I fF FOF iC BbIC co g BE & w eg i a no one needs you more than 22 Bb/C ACH DFE DA need (no one needs you more_than I.___) DiFI G DA A F CF & & i) = ‘Wan-na have you near me, BbIF BbmF FIC BbiC ft om i & g Bo aN wan-na have you hear no one needs you more than I__ c. AICH E Gt A EB B _fe # e You're the mean - ing of my life, you're the in-spi-ra - tion, af 223 E Cm A EGE Fimo iB Eg ae” & & @ Youbring feel - ing to you're the in - spi - ra - tion, When you EB ca Ft Ec = Tove some - bod - ys when you till the end — E cHm7 A oe FAm7 B Repest ad ee a fa end rade some-bod - y3 no one needs you more than I. When you al - ways on my mind. Additional Lyrics 2, And I know (yes, I know) ‘We're so in love when we're together. Now I know (now I know) That I need you here with me From tonight until the end of time. You should know everywhere I go; ‘Always on my mind, you're in my heart, in my soul. (To Chorus:) Over 40 songs includi Eero Rl Almost Paradise eC Call Me Dine arena ea eR kee TY ee eter eee a MVM ati) The Heat Is On eel tel) TAR RS tr no eMart ete GD AU UROL 9 ean Ta) Seeley Ste renael) alata BM c lel) U.S. $14.95 mn