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Creative and Design, Digital IRIS

2. Tell us about your past experience in such a field (video, poster, t shirt
Send us max 2 Digital Creatives that you have made in your past for any
event or fest or for yourself
My foray into Graphic design started towards the end of my first year at IIT
Madras. I had applied for the a Graphic Design coordinator position at my
colleges technical fest. I had very minimum knowledge of Photoshop back
then and I got rejected. I spent the next six months learning Photoshop,
Illustrator, and After Effects, and landed the Graphic Desgin post at Saarang
2012, the cultural fest. The post required me to degsign posters, pamphlets,
t shirts, standees, banners, brochures, websites, and make video teasers. I
spent the next 6 months working for Saarang, and took up an Design
internship at a start up during my summer holidays. I spent 2months
learning about website design, and product design and branding during my
internship. During my 3rd year at college, I started the Design club of IIT
Madras along with a fellow designer to inculcate the spirit of Design and
develop designers in the institute. I was also working as a freelancer for the
company in which I did my intern in, and also as a Digital Ad designer for
another start up. During this time I also did a video editing and effect for 2
short films taken by my friends. I was also part of the Design team and the
videography team for Saarang 2013, the Design head for the Sports
Organizing Committee IIT Madras. I was elected as the Design Core for
Saarang 2014, and had to manage 65 coordinators, and 85 volunteers under
4 verticals of Graphic Design, Photography, Videography, and Ambience.
This has been my past experience in the field of Design.