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English 1010 * SYLLABUS

Fall Semester 2015

1010-104 MWF 8:00 - 8:50 AM - Jordan Campus

1010-015 MWF 9:00 - 9:50 AM - Jordan Campus
1010-105 MWF 10:00 - 10:50 AM - Jordan Campus
Office Phone:
e-mail Address:

HTC 239
HTC 239
HTC 239

Carol Sieverts
Jordan Campus HTC 115C

Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday-12:00-1:00 PM & Friday- 11:00- 12:00 AM

-or by appointment -HTC 115C
Text: Ede, Lisa. The Academic Writer: A Brief Guide. 3rd edition. 2014.


Course Description
This course examines concepts of rhetoric, research, and argumentation placing a strong emphasis on
the writing process, including invention, drafting, peer review, and revision. This course will
encourage you to participate in reading, writing, thinking and discussing which will allow you to
discover ideas, discover meaning and create written texts.
You will be asked to work in collaboration with other students, creating a community of learners. The
readers for your papers will be your classmates/peers as well as me, your teacher. From this group of
readers and other resources you will receive ideas, support and feed-back. Ideally, you will come to
understand writing as a process which is worthwhile rather than threatening.
Course Outcomes
The English Department lists the following as its desired outcomes for student writers, who at the
completion of English 1010 will be able to demonstrate through writing:
#1 Rhetorical Strategies, including adapting to differences in purpose, audience and genre
#2 Critical Thinking Processes, including summary, analysis, synthesis, and
#3 Composing Processes such as invention, drafting, revision, editing, peer feedback, and
#4 Conventions of Writing, especially the conventions of citing multiple texts and
incorporating them into ones own writing

English 1010 is a computer-assisted writing class. All work must be completed on a word processor.
With the opportunity for peer evaluation, spell check and computer revision it is anticipated that your
final drafts will be virtually error free. Take time for proof reading and revision!

All work must be submitted on or before the date specified. Failure to do so will result in a grade
reduction for each day your work is late. Any work not submitted by December 4, 2015 will
receive a failing grade; figured into the final grade as a zero. Plagiarized work will also receive a
failing grade.
No papers or rewrites will be accepted after December 4, 2015.

Late Work
Should you fail to finish any work by class time, on the day it is due, please attend class. The next
assignment will be introduced on that day and you will find yourself further behind. Late papers will
have a reduction in grade but they can be submitted at the following class meeting.
Keep all assignments, hand-outs, and writing assignments until the semester is over and you have
received a grade for the class. There can be no discussion of your grade without a complete Writing

General Education ePortfolio

Each student taking General Education courses at SLCC will maintain a General Education electronic
portfolio. Instructors in every Gen Ed course will ask you to put at least one assignment from the
course into your ePortfolio and accompany it with reflective writing. Remember, you build one
ePortfolio and use it in all your Gen Ed courses.
In addition, your ePortfolio will allow you to include your educational goals, describe your
extracurricular activities, and post your resume. When you finish your time at SLCC, your ePortfolio
will then be a multimedia showcase of your educational experience. For detailed information including
a Student ePortfolio Handbook, video tutorials on each ePortfolio platform, classes, locations and times
of free workshops and locations of in person help, visit the website:
After you have picked an ePortfolio platform, go to the corresponding help site to watch the tutorials and
look at the examples so you can get started on your own:
If you would like to start your ePortfolio in a computer lab with a person there to help you, sign up online
for one of the free workshops at the Taylorsville-Redwood, South, and Jordan libraries: You may also visit the ePortfolio Lab in the basement of the
Taylorsville-Redwood Library during business hours, and staff will help you without an appointment.
Finally, questions regarding the ePortfolio can be directed to
In English 1010 you will choose either the argumentative strong response or the annotated bibliography
for your signature assignment. Then submit your signature assignment and your reflective cover letter
to your ePortfolio.

Students commit plagiarism when they submit another authors work as their own. Plagiarism also
includes the failure to attribute unique phrases, passages, or ideas to their original source. Plagiarism is
a violation of the student code of conduct. Students who commit plagiarism will receive either an
automatic E for that assignment or an E for the course, depending upon the severity of the plagiarism.
Plagiarism is a violation of the SLCC Student Code (see Student Code of Conduct under the Support tab
at top Canvas menu).

Accommodation for Disabilities - ADA Statement

Students with medical, psychological, learning or other disabilities desiring accommodations or services
under ADA must contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC). The DRC determines eligibility for and
authorizes the provision of these accommodations and services for the college. Please contact the DRC
at the Student Center, Suite 244, Redwood Campus, 4600 So. Redwood Rd, 84123. Phone: (801) 9574659, TTY: 957-4646, Fax: 957- 4947 or by email:

Title IX Information
20 U.S.C.A. Section 1681 (a): TITLE IX
No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be

denied benefit of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity
receiving federal funds.
Examples of violations (but not limited to):
Sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and sexually motivated physical conduct
Overt or subtle pressure for sexual activity
Sexually offensive verbalization including remarks, teasing, slurs, and innuendo
Repeated inappropriate jokes or comments about sex or gender specific traits
Conduct that is demeaning or derisive and occurs substantially because of ones gender
Sexual assault
Sexual Violence
Gender based disparate treatment
Violations can occur in any college environment, such as (but not limited to):
Field Trips
Student Clubs
On Campus Events
If you have questions or concerns regarding your rights or responsibilities, or if you would like to
file a Title IX complaint please contact:
StudentsDr. Marlin Clark, Dean of Students, 801-957-4776, STC 276 A (Redwood)
Employees or Community membersKen Stonebrook, Title IX & Discrimination Manager, 801-957-5027, AAB 211G (Redwood)
Online Reporting Form
Salt Lake Community College has a strong prohibition against RETALIATION! The
college does not tolerate acts of retaliation against anyone for engaging in filing a complaint or
participating in an investigation.
From the Student Code of Conduct
The College is committed to equitable, civil, and concerned treatment for all individuals regardless of
age, gender, race, color, national origin, disabling conditions, religion, sexual orientation or veteran
I will ask that we follow these policies in our interactions with each other, our discussions, and our
The experience of participating in class--in lending your voice and ideas to our learning community and
in experiencing the writing and perceptions of others--is irreplaceable.
All assignments will be explained during class. Your participation in defining class work is necessary
to successful work. Peer response groups are an important element of a writing class; therefore, you
must be prepared for peer group participation with your drafts in class on the day specified.
Attendance for instructor conference and peer review is required.
If you believe that you will be unable to attend class on a regular basis, I would recommend that you
consider dropping this class. According to SLCC policy, you may not withdraw from any class after
October 30, 2015.
The English Department believes that attendance and active participation in class contribute to success.
Therefore, department policy stipulates that at least ten-percent of your final grade will be based on your
involvement in class. More than ten-percent of unexcused absences will result in a reduction of one full
letter grade. To earn at least a C in this course, you must complete all major assignments on time.
If there are extenuating circumstances that keep you from turning in an assignment on time, please

discuss it with me before the assignment is due.


Technological Assistance
Writing Center
SLCCs student Writing Center offers an advising program where you have the opportunity to discuss
your work with a peer tutor or faculty writing advisor. The intent of the Student Writing Center advisor
is to help you think about your writing process by sharing their impressions of your materials, offering
revision strategies, discussing different ways to approach an assignment, as well as to provide another
reader and voice for you. The Student Writing Center is not simply a place to go to get a paper "fixed" or
"corrected." Be prepared with questions for your advisor. Ask yourself what you want to work on,
whether it's understanding an assignment, having an advisor give you his/her impressions of a passage
you've written, or to talk about "what you want to say."
Advisors are available to help you with any writing assignment for any class you take. You can sign up
for an appointment in the Student Writing Center in AD 218 at the Redwood Campus, N316 at the
South City Campus, or HTC 102 at the Jordan Campus. You can also call 957-4893 to sign up for an
appointment at Redwood. You may also send a draft to an advisor through email. Be sure to include
questions and concerns you may have and a copy of the writing assignment provided by your instructor.
Go to the Student Writing Center website and click on online advising. (
The Student Writing Center also offers real time online writing advising using Wimba. Go to to find the schedule for writing tutors and to make an appointment.


Your grade will be a determined by both product and process evaluation. You must pass this class with a C
(not a C-) or better to be eligible for English 2010.
To achieve an A in the class you must:

prepare fully for every class-have all reading done, writing assignments turned in at the
appropriate time and be generally prepared to help the class or your group engage with the
material for the day.

exhibit A level reading and produce A level writing in your journal, exploratory
writings and formal writing assignments. Evaluation will be based on a point system.

be on time-- avoiding tardiness and attend daily class sessions participating actively in
class--listening to what others are saying and responding respectfully to others ideas.
To achieve a B, you will generally need to meet the criteria for an A, but with some inconsistencies. These
inconsistencies could happen in any area, such as not being prepared for every class (not having reading
done, not handing in assignments on time), writing projects that dont meet all the assignments criteria or
attendance and tardiness problems.
To achieve a C, those inconsistencies would need to become more of a norm rather than an exception. Any
of the inconsistencies listed above that become the typical way that you interact in class would result in a C
I assume no one is striving for a D or an E since neither grade is acceptable on your transcript. Obviously
total inconsistency in meeting the criteria of the class will result in these grades.

Grading Point System

Your grade will be based on a point system. Points are assessed on the following schedule and
tabulated at the semester's end to determine a letter grade.
50 Attendance and Participation
50 Class Presentation


150 Portfolio #1 Reflective Analysis Narration


350 Portfolio #2 Issue Exploration Project


600 Total Points


After calculating the total number of points, grades will be determined on the basis of 600-570=A,
569-545=A-, 544-525=B+, 524-510=B, 509-485=B-, 484-465=C+, 464-450=C, 449-425=C-, 424405=D+, 404-390=D, 389-365=D-, Below 364 is failing.

Each student will be required to make an oral presentation before the class. Presentations may
range from 15 to 20 minutes for groups. Presentations will allow students to share one of their
researched papers with the class. The presentation should be imaginative and engaging to the
audience. Presentations are encouraged to be multi-media using PowerPoint, Prezi, videos or
graphs and charts etc.
These presentations will take place the final week of class.
Attendance is required as an audience member as well as a presenter.
Presentation is an important part of any portfolio. Any binder maybe used to submit your
portfolio, however you are encouraged to think outside the box. Take time for peer response,
revision, editing and proof reading before submitting your work for final evaluation.
Written classroom assignments develop from activities during specific classes. These assignments
are essential to your grade, but because they are part of the collaborative or individual classroom
process they cannot be made up to absence. These assignments will be kept in your portfolio and
may be called for without notice.
Please keep your portfolio in order and clearly numbered.
Portfolio #1- Reflective Analysis Narrative

For this first portfolio, you are to write a 3 to 4 page reflective

The topic for this paper asks you to reflect on your attitudes and
experiences regarding your education and how you see yourself as a
Specifically reflect on either the specific experience that determined
your attitudes regarding the value or lack of value regarding education
or the experience that defined how you see yourself as a learner,
The paper should be written in MLA citation style, cited where
necessary, effectively revised and thoroughly proofread.
Be sure your paper clearly shows the significance of this event by
reflecting on your experiences with concrete specific detail and
Portfolio #1 will be due: Wednesday, September 23rd and is
worth 150 points.

Portfolio #2- Issue Exploration Project

Each assignment will have a specific due date.

This project is collaborative. Select a group with similar interests
All pieces of the project are to be in MLA citation style.
Each member of the group must show evidence of having worked on the
project at all stages of development.
These pieces may include elements of visual rhetoric.
For pieces you dont actually write-- you will be expected to be prepared
to offer peer response.
Research Proposal

Annotated Bibliography
Rhetorical Analysis

Strong Response Position

Group Participation Evaluation
Peer Response
Reflective Cover Letter
Personal Cover Letter
Process work
Portfolio #2 will be due: Wednesday, December 2nd and is worth 350 points.

Daily reading assignments and specific writing procedures will be outlined on the weekly
assignment sheets.
This syllabus may require minor changes due to the needs and desires of the class.