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PRODUCT LINE: It refers to the available product that firm offers for sales as Suzuki product

line include Mehran, Swift, Ravi, and Bolan.

PRODUCT MIX: Refers to several product lines which consist of groups of products that share
common characteristics, channels, customers or uses. An organization’s product mix includes all
the products it sells. For example, Honda might come out with several kinds of transportation that
consist of automobiles like cars, motorcycles and trucks. These automobiles are the product mix of
Honda. A company’s product mix has four important dimensions, namely width, length, depth and

• Width refers to the number of different product lines the company carries.
• Length refers to the total number of items that the company carries.
• Depth refers to the number of versions offered of each product in the line.
• Consistency refers to how closely relate the products lines are in end use.

Product Mix

Width Length Depth Consistency

Nokia Nokia Nokia Nokia

1100 N- Series 1100

Mobile set 1112
6600 1112
Mobile 7610 E-series 6600
3250 7610
Accessories 6630 Express 6630
6230 music
5230 Etc Etc

1 Nokia offer different product but primary one is their mobile set and secondary one is there mobile
accessories as hand free, chargers, casings, soft wares etc.

2 Nokia offer different model mobile to its customer it shows it length. The more product nokia offers to its
costumer it product line will increase as 1+1=2 similarly nokia model are added in its product line on regular

3 Nokia not only provide mobile but also provide different version/ flavours to its costumer as express music
is for those who like to listen songs on regular interval.
4 Nokia's few product resemble with one other so that costumer may not find difficult to use their hand set. As shown in 4th
box all the hand set resemble with one other in their work although their physical shape has been changed by
the firm.