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Lesson Plan: Perception- Lopez 1

Teacher: Araseli Lopez

Class: Education 204H
Topic: Perception
1. What is the topic of the

Perception Checking

Understand what perception is, how we perceive

things in our environment and how perception is

Perception is received thorough sensory

information, our experiences make up our
perceptions, but our perceptions affect us day to
day. Sometimes our perceptions cloud reality.

Understand that all individuals have different

perceptions and that affects their perspective on

Understand that their perceptions of their

environment can sometimes be positive,
negative and even cloud their thinking.

Start talking about my perception of the

classrooms that I am observing and their

Ask students to define perception in their own

words if they understand it.
(5 min)

Videos, pictures, story, share experience, ask


Have students look at pictures and tell me their

perceptions of the pictures by writing down in
flash cards.

2. What do I want students

to learn?
3. What do I want them to
understand and be able to
do at the end of class?

1. What will I do to
introduce the topic?
2. How will I check whether
students know anything
about the topic or have any
preconceived notions about

1. What will I do to explain
the topic?
2. What will I do to
illustrate the topic in a
different way?
3. How can I engage

Lesson Plan: Perception- Lopez 2

students in the topic?
4. What are some relevant
real-life examples,
analogies, or situations that
can help students
understand the topic?

Ask students if their perception of their

environment was not accurate. How did they
feel? Did it change the way they thought about
the same thing?
(15 min)

Have students write down three words on a

flash cards or describing their perception of a
picture. Then ask them why they think that their
perception is correct.

Have students share one word from their list of

their perception and have other students do the
same to see if their perceptions are the same.
This will allow a variety.

Check for Understanding

2. What will I have students
do to demonstrate that
they are following?
3. Going back to my list of
learning objectives, what
activity can I have students
do to check whether each
of those has been

(5 min)
Go over the material covered in class by
summarizing the main points of the lesson. You
can do this in a number of ways: you can state
the main points yourself (Today we talked
about), you can ask a student to help you
summarize them, or you can even ask all
students to write down on a piece of paper what
they think were the main points of the lesson.
(10 min)