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Disable your internet connection

Open the Keygen and not to close up to completing the register.

1. Copy hosts file in to Desktop. Shift + cmd + G type /etc/
2 and 3. Reset host file (Desktop). Delete hosts file (/etc/) and move hosts fil
e of the Desktop into /etc/.
4 and 5. Install Photoshop Lightroom. Close after the installation.
6. Launch Photoshop Lightroom (Sing In Later).
7. License This Software
8. Enter Serial Number.
9. Generate Serial number (Keygen) and paste into Photoshop Lightroom. Next.
10. Sing In Later. It will be closed, return to launch the application.
11. Sing In Later.
12. License This Software
13. Enter Serial Number (the same).
14. Accept.
15. Having trouble connecting to the internet?
16. Offline Activation.
17. Generate Request Code.
18. Copy and Paste Request Code into the Keygen, generate Activation Code and pa
ste into application.
19. Close.
20. Open hosts file. Shift + cmd + G type /etc/ and copy hosts file into Desktop
21 and 22. Add Adobe Blocker, will find the address inside the file install.txt
23. Delete hosts file (/etc/) and move hosts file of the Desktop into /etc/.
24. Reboot.