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Programme & Subject: M.Sc (Chemistry)

Semester: I
Title of Paper: Applied and Industrial Chemistry
Paper Code: PS01ECHE02
Question Bank

Unit -1 : Unit operation and unit processes / Chemical process kinetics:

Explain Reynolds Experiment in detail.
Dray the figure of Tray Dryer and explain its advantages and disadvantages.
Explain the mode of heat transfer with suitable examples.
Explain the characteristics of filter media

Unit -2 : Principal of chemical industrial process:

Explain the synthesis of chlorobenzene by unit process.
Write a note on batch nitration of benzene by unit process.
Explain the advantage of batch process compare to continuous process in brief.
Write a brief note on oxidizing agents.

Unit -3 : Manufacturing process (Glass, Cement, steel):

Explain the manufacturing of cement by wet process.
Give the characteristics and raw material of glass.
Write a brief note on some special glasses.

Unit -4 : Drug and Pharmaceuticals / Dairy products:

Define lead compound and explain agonist and antagonist type of drug.
Explain the role of homologation, chain branching and ring chain transformation in
designing newer drugs.
Write a short note on composition of ice cream and cheese.