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Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in Teaching Short Story

(Second Year High School- Afro-Asian Literature)

Prepared by:
Leonard David Espiritu
Philippine Normal University
I. Objectives
At the end of the 45-minute Literature class, the students are expected to:
A. Point out meaning of words through context clues;
B. Describe the characters through double-entry character grid;
C. Point out the setting of the story by drawing; and,
D. Show the plot development through story grammar.
II. Subject Matter
The Soul of the Great Bell by Lafcadio Hearn. Communication Arts and Skills Through
Afro-Asian Literature
III. Instructional Materials
Double-entry Character grid, Cartolina, Drawing Materials, Story Grammar Worksheet
IV. Procedure
A. Motivation
Ask the students the following question: What are the things you are willing to do for
your parents? Start the sharing with the student from the very first seat in the front row down
to the last student at the back row.
B. Vocabulary
Post the sentences containing the word they are going to give meaning. Call volunteer
students to read the sentences on the board and give the meaning of the italicized word. Call
other students to use the words in their own sentences.
1. White gold is an alloy; it is composed of two metals united by being melted together.
2. The coming of people from different places is ceaseless. Migration to cities will never
come to end.
3. My cousin is such an alchemist because he is the one that can transform something
common into something precious.
4. We wish to visit a foundry because we think that is a great place to visit where the
casting of metals is carried on.
5. No one should ever come near the furnace; my grandpa said it is an enclosed structure
in which heat is produced.
C. Discussion
The class will be having an activity. Divide them into 3 groups. Assign them to their
designated places to work on their assigned task.

Group 1
Assign them to fill out the double-entry character grid.

Major Characters of the Story

What the author says about


How would you describe the

character from his/her


Who are the major characters of the story?

What order was given to Kouan-Yu?
How many attempts did Kouan-Yu has to cast the bell?
How did Ko-Ngai save her father?
How would you describe Ko-Ngai?

Group 2
Give the group the task to work on the setting of the story.

6. Where and when did the story happen?

7. How do you that the story happened in China?
Group 3
Ask the last group to work on the story grammar to show the plot development of the story.

Title ______________________________________________
Main Characters

Conflict or Problem
8. What is the problem in the story?
9. How was the problem solved?
10. What is the theme of the story?
D. Task
Role Play. Ask the students what they would do if they are in Ko-Ngais shoes. Ask
them to make a short presentation of their answers and ask them the reasons thereafter.
V. Assignment
Read the story The Happy Mirror: A Japanese Folktale