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ValuLine" ValuLine Antenna Specifications 13 GHz Frequency Band General Description Valuline’ Antennas provide a cost-effective solution for contemporary terrestrial rricrowave communications. They are avalable in standard unshielded (VP Series) high performance shielded (VHP Series), and dual polarized (VHPX Series) versions in all the popular fre- quency bands. The antennas have a watertight pres- surizable feed system or can be integrated drecty to radio systems. ValuLine antennas satisty the widely accepted EIA 195C and 222E standards for electrical, mechanical and structural characteristics and are backed by a three vear warranty. Both antenna and Fer aeons setae las contact he ton Cust Sup Cae radome are paintable to match local surroundings. Uses TOL PRE: na Toe SE 1.2m (ft) Diameter Antenna Utes go TOLL FRE: 0002055 ep: 012 70061 12.70 - 13.25 GHz Electrical Characteristics erence Antenna Type vp4a-130 | VHP4-130 | VHPX-130| VHP4A-130| VHPx4A-130| Baten a ne a0 a2 ao ania) Middle as ana a2 a4 412 Tw na a6 a3 a6 as 2. Beem (Depess) 1 3 1s 1s 13 Booman (8) 2 2 2 2 2 1B aso (8) 82 or o 6 6 ‘VSWR (RL. 8) raoueay | t20(@ar | rasceam | 120e0ar | 125 00) Compe win UK RA a. meres | met aus . Porormance Specicatons Paia.Fo32 | pata Fo32 FOC Calgory Parts 74,78, 8.08 e A A 8 A APE Nurrber 202 188 aot 4195 197 ‘Antenna Weight and Shipping Volume Wight by (be) foe aoe SimaninsLxW am ny TSTERTSTE*S'O sar sre eto sex 50x28) 7.18 (20.1) Avatable on Reauest 7120120.) Raabe on Feast AI20-134 Dimen: ns and Windloading Figures for VHP4 and VP4 Antennas Wight ze Wight 208 Dimensional Spec! (All dimensions in mm [inches}) Antenna Without toe wee 4g (1400) or7(2s) 1289 2826) s2an67) “ vo ations ‘tio (p06) we7 [Antenna with 12mm [V2"] Radiat 6 1940), wer 6a i309) ‘Adjustment Ranes Bevaton 220° Fe Aaimuh 21S" Fae Polaraston 360° ‘Aallabe Output Flange Tyee wars PDRI20 BRD oS 165165) 360° Coste maar mma] ff Loading applied to tower by antenna at survival windspeed of ‘200 Krnmn [125 mph} with Zomm [1"| radial ke. HPS yea Fymax 3062N [688 bf) 4171'N [837 (of Fymax 1517 N[-341 thf] -1139N [256 tf] M, max -981 Nem [-724 fell] 1242 Nem [916 fb} Strut Foroe max ’2170N [487 Ion 2752N (918 09 These values are the maximums for each particular parameter and do not occur simuitaneousiy. Bullet 915050 (798) © 1006 Andrew Corpration Orland Par IL 6046 USA Printed a GA.