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Zippo (lighter). Main body Te main body ofthe zippo is made of brass AAthin stip of brass is passed in to a stamping ma- Chine which stamps out the main body of the zippo ite. the top and bottom. Then these stampped parts are ited on toa trim- ming machine which trims off the extra stampped ‘material and gets itto the actual siz. ‘Then the top and the bottom parts are puton toa ‘common machine and a hinge is fitted on to the ledge of the two parts and spot welded to the top and the bottom par. Later the main body is fited on to a tray which is then put through mutiple buffing processes. The last step includes the surface treatment ofthe ‘main body example painting, etching, et Inner component ‘The inner components made of stainless steel Itis fist punched out ofa stainless stee! sheet and then bend accordingly to form the component. after bending it into the desired shape the two ends are ‘spot welded. ‘This component houses a fn, cotton, spring, wheel ‘and a wick. Allof these a manualy added. spot welling marks. The inside of the main body explains the ‘metalforass) used to manufacture a zippo as its ‘golden for the inside. brass screw, ‘brass stopper to keep flint in place