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scott bolzan the man of 46 years whose life was deleted ‘Scott Bolzan has fuliled the dreams of playing in the NFL becoming a professional pilot, and owning and operating a successful aviation company specializing in eS In 1984 Scott was drafted by the New England Patriots in the 9th round. Tu ete ioe RSET eer ee see Cee ee eek Es Memphis Showboats in the USFL. After enjoying a season of gaining Genistein een life lesson of being released. This allowed him to get back nto the NFL with the Cleveland Browns where he sustained a career ending injury in eee eam These obstacles strengthened the’Never Give Up'attitude that allowed him to create himselfin business, After football, successful careetsin financial planning and the insurance business allowed Scott the opportunity to seek his fortune a oh ea ANd Pec eetc CC Un erased the memories of his entire 46 years of life due to Pecme es eu Mee ane CON a Oh Ohcet Mts r anced cen ever eee etn er lel Directors for the Brain Injury Association of Arizona, Throughout this traumatic brain injury he has learned Role Rule Een cE eis ie ke sce Ma aN Uae eee Eee oem ETS “member of NFL Alumni and Brain Injury Association of Arizona” “left the audience spellbound” about scott's presentations Scott Bolzan unfolds a compelling, inspirational and courageous journey through his life. He shares his drive to overcome obstacles with his ingrained values and leamed discipline. With a “never give up'attitude Scott has persevered through the loss of his first daughter, drug addiction of his son, career defeats and challenges as an NFL Player, pilot and owner/entrepreneur ofa successful private aviation company and a devastating brain injury with profound memory loss, TR MELEM Eee Muciesorer Ns tn remaining fully engaged in the lives of his two children, successfully balancing career endeavors in light of adversity. ie eicne Ci sicceenmchilainetcot sia ‘outstanding strength to move forward through Prerlapaictene ene es SC Sere ace Ree eat focuses on the following: Byatt colo Sad ee ond Rasen Tanuties Parenti centers i i UCU CRs | Ege Pe PPL