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9 r MappinG MINNESOTA i © Minnesota Hi Name Date Class Period Through a series of treaties made during the 1800s, the Ojibwe and Dakota transferred almost all of their land in Minnesota to the U.S. government. Color in the key and map to show the time periods in which lands transferred from the Dakota and Ojibwe to the U.S. government. Then, answer the following questions. 1. During which of these five time periods did the most land go to the U.S. government? 2. Considering what you learned in the chapter, why did the largest transfers of land take place at that time? [3 Traditional Oibwe londs [Ey Trttional Dakota tangs Lands wansterted to United States by Ojibwe and Dakota |. 1800-1819 1820-1839 1840-1889 1860-1879 1280-1900 Chapter 6 + The Land Changes Hands