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Thompson Deufel

TESOL Practicum
Dr. Peter and Dr. Cho
Observation Log 2
TEFL Observation Reflection
Gregs methodology for classroom management very much reflects his style of teaching,
as the students learning, attitude, and identity are always prioritized in his lessons. Instead of
strictly reducing students learning to the grammatical rules that are likely to appear on their
university entrance exams, he prefers to focus on how the students perceive the English language
and its use on an international scale. By doing so, his enthusiasm and energy is clearly evident
during each lesson he teaches because it is undoubtedly apparent that he is thoroughly and
genuinely excited about the content of his classes. This passion for a more diverse learning
experience for the student and the emphasis Greg places on positivity builds confidence in the
students, causing them to be more willing to interact and engage in English language lessons and
activities. The effectiveness of Gregs teaching is strengthened by his awareness and
consideration of the cultures of South Korea, Kwangju, and the Kyunghwa Girls high school
An understanding of the vast differences that exist between the diverse cultures of the
world is a mandatory component of any EFL classroom. Teachers must have the ability to
recognize these variations in culture and modify their lessons and instructions to reflect the
sociocultural expectations that are upheld for a students learning experience. By observing the
practiced techniques of his teaching and the indisputable care he has for his students, I can
clearly see the purpose behind Gregs actions as he strives to be ever mindful of the noticeable
cultural differences between Kwangju and American classrooms.
Throughout the academic year students are required to take a practice version of the
Suneung, the primary assessment used for university entrance exams in South Korea. During
these times the majority of students are highly stressed, devoting every minute allowed during
the weeks leading up to the test to study. Even though he has never had the opportunity to
experience the real or practice Suneung, Greg is considerate of the immense pressure that is
placed on students by both their teachers and parents. To demonstrate his understanding of the
students stress, Greg revises the planned lessons for the week of the practice test so that students
do not feel any additional anxiety when attending his class. A more relaxed and comfortable
classroom environment is established, helping students take a break from their other
academically demanding classes. While Greg does have the lesson somewhat focused on the
restoration of the attitudes of his students, he keeps a linguistic objective as the foundation of his
class to maintain an educational purpose for what he is teaching. The lessons include references
to Korean pop-culture and media that is well known among the students, reinforcing the idea for
students to have fun and be engaged during class. I am confident that Greg holds the ability to
have an acute awareness of what the students are going through and what the academic
challenges look like from their perspective. Because of this, the students regard both his lessons
and Greg himself in a much higher respect throughout the entire year.