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‘THE GAME OF DEADLY DRIVING BATTLECARS > ‘THE GAME OF DEADLY DRIVING BATTLEGARS ifaonat due ondbowty Sswcrg stern tre seeder nan fegtance mod ‘be broken by sre rar of» 3y Chevy or 7? Corte coming back ie us (Gitanerer ofa Sean mmreareir anc The sport became krown a atiaar, and slthough legal and highty dangerous, it ‘traced a atonal owing y Aas was rete ar th State face Rota tiabal Remon danperses Mere sy FRR toss Bearer ‘het tevcedlorpacna ijr at rage te a BeWicooniMarers "fede show rok Nines apes They tee msenintohennnnt SEERA RESET cnc EGE canst terete to olan PLay sueers. RMD SUEET ne venous tables on them foreay reference during aay: QBsECT ‘ont board by setoyngor meting he cher Batiacrs. 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Te te te] ‘A taed Onfom Shunt Ram ‘otras Nongoreroundedacmn). Yorssteroundesdonnl The Rammermay maven further tat To It possible, th target car can accelerate rom arc move ni ee Tur, DAMAGE FROM RAMS AND CRASHES comh/Ram, Pestmine the camagesunaect ome am Crash Bamage Table + arora tar ay yar tn Senhora nother sevice, the damages avon tare, Semmes OY [DisFor Txt —[-aa ee 98 [rsa Demaged'| Seton | sidacante | Sco Rear ehneimpactaatermnestheserolorcamage the Samage able ght Hone FIRING WEAPONS eae using eur: ESHA erm eniqramtnintnn ys DIRECTION OF FIRE ature may ong aye. ‘hiytrerenrest target sionganylinect fie may befreda, though somethina beyond fret hrguihes tecsRed acta umm oftamoges ” "aecussorwmennermne “The comers of ling andres cbtruc the neo ire runing aeroe th comer exams Srna natives ne it sight {Sblceoa oy te cornerctne Sandip ccia re orc ot Crop hie Bora PASSIVE WEAPONS (Oil, Smoke, Mines, Spikes) Pad ee lee r il Sites nd Minesremsinin ly for terest ne game. Soke maybereroved icngthe al pase ofech Come Round (Sse Cae Round EFFECT OF PASSIVE WEAPONS Srroe Ste wearoniyeanrauan Saxena arductdennon fntngtatret When Carving ina Smoke must flow te procedure tor Skiing using Spd Oe Snot of 3 oho speed iis reste Se erivng ome ims toionaproceduetor Shddng using Speed Dilterance ‘Gf Srorthet speed ie greater Bit hvng om Spee yuan me procooure for Skidng using eSpeea Der Ente 2 thaw speed tts groter pts sso mage ties. 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