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Crucified and Risen

Memory Text: The Son of Man
must be delivered into the hands of
sinful men, and be crucified, and
the third day rise again (Luke 24:7,
The Church at Study 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Superintendent: Elder Cameron Munro

Praise & Worship........Adventurers
Hymn of Praise..Lead Them My God To Thee #653
Intercessory Prayer ...........Simone Shepherd & Kibwe
Pastoral Family, Salvation of Children, Childrens Ministry Team,
Upper Columbia Conference
Next Week

Salvation of family members, Homebound, Members, Washington

Childrens Story.......................Adventurer

Offering.......Ontario Advance....Dayna & Jaiden Munro

Scripture.............Luke 15:11-24..............Olawore Family
Special Music.............................................Adventurers

Sis Velma Morgan

An Ungrateful Son and a Loving Father
Hymn of Consecration..................Redeemed...............#337
Benediction.....Elder Teresa Ferreira

Sunset Today: 9:08 p.m. Next Friday: 9:08 p.m.

Please send all bulletin related information by WEDNESDAY
9:00 p.m. to




5. July 19th you are invited to join

scores of youth and church
families on a trip from Paris to
Brant Park with picnic potluck
afterwards. Please bring all food
in a cooler chest, your own water bottle, sunscreen and
modest swimming attire. Deadline to sign up is July 11th.
Cost: $15/person. This year we will also add rafting
experience. 4 rafts are rented with 8 people per raft.
Rafts are safer than canoe on the Grand River. Please
sign up in the foyer, or let Pastor Alex know your
interest. You can also email or call Debbie Boskovic : 519-485-1235

1. Inviting ALL to an hour of prayer, Bible

Study and testimonies on Wednesday
night at 7 pm. Come and be blessed
2. Pastor Alex Golovenko and
the family will be away at
the NAD Ministerial
meetings in Austin, and then at the General Conference
in San Antonio from June 25 until July 14.
3. Please mark the date for VBS: This year it will be
August 17-22: The theme is Camp Discovery.
Donations of any kind will be greatly appreciated. Please
contact Doris Van Leeuwen @519-452-7073.
4. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ CONGRATULATIONS ON COMMITTED GIVING $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Financial Report May 2015 Highlight$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Yearly Budget.........................$54,000
Expected to date
Budget collected .....................$18,460
Shortfall!!!................$ 4,386
The West Church Plant had received....$ 5,773
in offerings, however, as the new entity they
are developing their own financial platform
Having sent off a significant group of members
to plant a new center of worship we expect
those remaining to rise up for new
Available in the bank.................$49,132
Giving into the Conference Treasury...$79,811
Ontario Advance contributions.........$ 1,228
Sabbath School Mission................$ 1,291
Other Union & Division projects.......$ 1,448
The TITHE reflects a combined amount with the
West Church Plant, hence there should be no
shortage, however this year we have received
almost $10,000 less as compared with 2014,
when at the end of May $85,601 of tithe was
Please contribute faithfully as God blesses

6. The 6th annual Western District Youth

Camp will take place August 7-9,
2015 at the Lakewood Christian Camp,
4297 Lakeshore Road, PlymptonWyoming, Ontario (same place as the last year). The
registration cost per person is $50 and includes two
night camp stay and 5 meals. Please register before
August 1. Ask any youth leaders or pastor for
registration details.
7. Mark your calendars: October 1724 Evangelistic Proclamation Event.
Please make it a prayer priority.

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should

go; And when he is old he will not depart from it.

Birthday Wishes for June-July 4

Jun 1 Nathan Starczewski
Jun 3 Justin Wood
Jun 3 Faith Maphosa
Jun 3 Ritchi Pandaleke
Jun 3 Sophia Perez
Jun12 Mario Carcamo Jr
Jun 13 Gary Carreiro
Jun 13 Divinah Mbwayo

Jun 14 Earl Biggs

Jun 29 Gina Beckles
Jun 15 Janice Brindley
Jun 29 Kayla Reeve
Jun 16 Yolande Ndiweni
Jul 1 Andres Perez
Jun 16 Eileen
3 Sophia Perez Jul 3 Carolyn Dowdell
Jun 21 Mike Keim
Jul 4 Jenny Mickle
Jun 23 Joan Reid-Kindness Jul 4 Steve Anzora
Jun 24 Sonia Linton
Jun 25 Noah Carter

. As you read this blog on Sabbath morning we will be worshipping at the

Young Generation Church (YG) in Arlington, Texas, on our way to the
General Conference. July 2 the session will officially begin with the report of
President Ted Wilson on the past 5 years work and advance of the worldwide church. We have prayed for almost 100 days about the unity and the
influence of the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit is in us even our smiles
reflect the fruit of the spirit, joy, love, kindness
Please continue praying, and here are few more key requests:
Pray that the theme Arise, Shine, Jesus is Coming would take on a new
significance for all Seventh-day Adventist during this General Conference
Session, and that we would be compelled to get out and spread the gospel
far and wide while the door of probation is still open.
Pray for the July 4th Sabbath meetings, as the focus will be on Church in
Mission. Pray that God will guide and direct all of the speakers and
presenters, as well as the music that will be shared, to truly be a celebration
of honor to God.
Pray that God will give wisdom to the nominating committee in who
should be nominated for key positions in General Conference leadership
(from President, Secretary, Treasurer to Departmental Leaders) as well as
for leadership in the Divisions.
Pray for the discussion and votes that will be taken on technical changes
to the General Conference Constitution and Bylaws, that these changes will
be clear and just what is needed to help the organization run more
smoothly. Pray for Robert Lemon, that God directs him as he prepares to
give his Treasurer Report summarizing the past five years and where the
church stands today.
Pray that each of the delegates will experience their first love once
again, and be challenged to go deeper in their walk with Christ during the
Pray for the last minute details and planning that is going on right now
behind the scenes, that everything will fall into place for the glory and honor
of God.
Pray for the General Conference Steering Committee made up of leaders
who will be deciding how each days agenda falls into place during Session.
(The Agenda has already been made, but the Steering Committee
implements it each day.)
And also pray for our family as we fellowship with leaders in San Antonio,
and pray for our mom and dad, Nadia and Anatoli as they stay in London.
your servant, pastor Alex Golovenko