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HOW | MADE IT “India needs dedicated public policy schools” BBY SONALI ACHARJEE. ae eee Steno phy, politics and economics from Oxford University: She piel Starting Out | parsued my undergraduate studies in Delhi. Attending college in Indian the carly 1990's shapod my view of public policy. It ‘wa around this time that the Mandal Commission happened and itgot me thinking, coming from a relatively privileged background mysel, about sates of quota, poverty an caste. ‘was al significantly influenced by thekind of potical struggles ‘women candidates faced atthe time which goeme to think about Issues of gender representation and equality, ALLife In Academia [started work in academia abit by chance because it was the easiest option avallable to me tthe time. Ihave been very lucky {find postion at Harvard where on one hand the teaching ss very wellsupported and structured and on the other hand alo recelve aloof encouragement formy research interests and projects, Oncof the reasons Tove this profession i becase itallows you the time to think critically while also contsbuting solutions to real-world problems. have spent my whole ie living in a numberof different places, but I've never faced any problems working abread and pursuing my research in india. Public Policy Key To Effective Governance ‘Tam currently interested in why certain politicians choose a particlarpolcy and why aboreauerat chooses to implement aspeefc pole i's subsequent impact on citizen well-being 10 ASPIRE ‘and society and how the changing dynamicsin acces affects ‘he verall economic system. There is alo alot of scope for ‘evidence-based researc and debates when it comes to testing Public policy design and implementation Tn dla, we there sa lot of Interesting work being done Inthe eld. we il ack dedicated public policy schools. There are not many options for students to pursue this area of study, orlnsttultions to host thelr projects. When Twas doing my PhD, data acoes was challenging and spent many hours hand copying data from books in Shastri Bhawan, Computerisation has certainly improved data acces for researchers and access to sources and data has become much easier today thanks to the Internet and mobile phones. What we now need to invest in pulicy schools where research and teaching on evidence-based policymaking can flourish, Advice I Give Students Hard work and perseverance always pays off in the end. Lalo boliove thatthe best subjct area for students sone that they are genuinely interest in or passionate about. This is tospend large amount of time doing research in that particular fel Fenway 2015