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Holyland Model of Jerusalem

Coordinates: 31.7732N 35.2023E

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The Holyland Model of Jerusalem is a 1:50 scalemodel of the city of Jerusalem in the late Second
Temple Period. The model was moved from its original
location at the Holyland Hotel in Bayit VeGan,
Jerusalem, to a new site at the Israel Museum in June

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Scale model of Jerusalem in the Second Temple

period, Israel Museum

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The model, measuring 2,000 square meters (21,520 square feet) was
commissioned in 1966 by Hans Kroch, the owner of the Holyland Hotel,
in memory of his son, Yaakov, an IDF soldier who was killed in the
Israeli War of Independence in 1948. The model was designed by
Israeli historian and geographer Michael Avi Yonah based on the
writings of Flavius Josephus and other historical sources. The model
includes a replica of the Herodian Temple. From 1974, Yoram Tsafrir
superintended the Holyland Model of Jerusalem.[2]

Herod's Temple model at Holyland

Hotel in 1998

In 2006, the model was relocated to the southern edge of the Billy Rose
Sculpture Garden at the Israel Museum. In preparation for the move, the
model was sawn into 1,000 pieces and later reassembled. The Holyland Hotel spent $3.5 million on the

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Replicas of the Jewish Temple

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