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Date: 16-06-13

A.Mohamed Nishar,
Camp@ M/s.Baldev alloys
M/s. Veesons Energy Systems Pvt.Ltd.
The Sr.Manager(E&I)
M/s.Veesons energy systems (P) Ltd.
Subject: requisition for Ador Supplier visit at Baldev project reg
Dear Sir,
With reference to the subject, we had taken the ESP Transformer OC&
SC test and found ok at 2 Field. But field No.3 did not build up the KV and mA at the
time of OC & SC test. So we have to change the controller from another panel and
we had taken the OC & SC test. We had found OC test OK, while doing SC test we
are set the 10mA in panel bet transformer feedback shows 45 mA. We had checked
the panel but we did not found any problem. Hence we are requesting you to send
Ador supplier on urgent basis and short out this issue. Panels details are given
Panel Make: Ador Powertron Ltd.
Controller Make: Precicon III
Controller 7872-03-11-2010
DC output volt: 110kv
DC output Current -300A

Thanking You,

With best regards,

A.Mohamed Nishar