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EDU 555

Article Review
Critical Thinking across the
Curriculum : Process over
Prepared by : Nur Wahidah Bt Mohd Wardi
Prepared for : Mohamad Hisyam Bin Ismail

Author : Claudett Thompson
Source : International Journal of
Humanities and Social Science
Issue : Teachers lack of understanding
and do not know what the
purpose of critical thinking.
Content : Strategies that can be used by
educators to develop critical
thinking in curriculum.

There are 4 methods to cultivate critical

Reading and writing

Engagement with students
Using visuals
Assessing critical thinking towards the

Comments and Opinions

Article :
The most helpful strategy that teacher can use
to apply critical thinking is by using
Opinions :
Teacher must be well prepared in order to
develop the strategies in questioning
Enhance the students to ask the question
Format of question has changed to higher
order thinkings question (PT3).
it can help the students to brainstorm and
explain more what they understand

Article :
Student engagement where the teacher
should have interaction between their

Opinions :
Students are freely to give their opinion
that spontaneously can increase their
creativity in thinking skill.
School-Based Assessment, (PBS).
Teacher evaluate the student by using
students involvement in the classroom

Article :
Assessing the students

Opinions :
Focusing on assessing the student in the
classroom that used higher thinking order skill.
Ranking based on their ability in form of Bands 1
to 6.
Give the student the chance to think deeply
Teachers are able to identify the level of students
ability and deficiencies.
Produce the students who are not only excel in
examination but will able to adapt the real world
by applied what they had learnt

Teachers should be more creative during
teaching sessions
This approach will enhance and cultivate
the critical thinking of the students
The objectives of our ministry of education
will be achieved.
To produce a generation that can adapt to
the outside of the world and be able to
compete in growing challenging job.

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