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ROCUREMENT DEPARTMENT, ISLAM: FOREIGN SECTION B / &) OIL & GAS DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LIMITED Tender No_PROE-FUCRIROD-nne ee SCHEDULE OF REQUIREMENT eae nA fecsensa Stes “eSpace Den meet 46 ‘TABLE OF CONT! 10 INTRODUCTION 20 CODES, STANDARD & FORAIS ra 30. ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN CRITERIA ro 40. Scortor Wonk : 6 5.0 SCOPE OF SUPPLY. oF 60 peste nequineaiiNis 1 to GUARANTEE 1 30 INSPECTION A TESTING i 50. PRINTING AND PREPARATION FOW SHOEI. it tno STAKES # ILO QA/QC & CERTIFICATION 20 IAD BELIVERY OF SEPARATORS & PRESSURE VESSELS 2 180 DOCUMENTATION REQUIREMENT FOR SUPPLIER. 3 ao NAMEPLATE Fd TE0_ REFERENCED BOCU MENTS Fd \ oe Cr ole "i Speen re pe pat pr ‘om JUL pd of 46 1.0 INTRODUCTION ‘This specification covers the minimum requirements forthe design, fabrication, inspection, testing, coating and supply of Skid Mounted Three Phase Oil & gas ‘Separator for testing at gas elds of Onde ( Qadirpur & Uch gas field), 14 Definitions “Company” means “Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL)" “Supplier” means Entity with whom the Company will execute a Contract for supply of equipmenvimateria as pe this document “Project” means “Gas Feld Testing’ ‘Separator & Pressure Vessels” means “Three Phase Separator 12 Esror or Omission The review and comments by Company on Supplier's or its manufacturer's drawings procedures or documents shall only indicate acceptance of general requirements and shall not relieve the Supplier of ts obligations to comply with the requirements ofthis specication and other referenced documents, All deviations to this specification, other referred document or attachments shall be brought to the knowledge of the Company / Engineering Consultant in the bi. All deviations made during the design, procurement, manufacturing, esting and inspection shall be with writen approval by the Company / Engineering Consultant prior to exccution of work. Such deviations shall be shown in the documentation prepared by the Supple