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The Ravishing Waterfall

We watched in awe as the beautiful blue water cascaded over the rocks and into the
river at the very bottom. Magnificent, unique, and spectacular stood the golden falls, also
known as Gulfoss'. A magnificent attraction in Iceland, it is home to impressive volcanoes,
lava fields and remarkable glacial valleys. The beautiful sapphire glacial water was as clear as
glass as it furiously dropped hundreds of feet down into the river at its base. Each drop of
water fell with its own clarity, and when each of them landed, a monstrous splash was
created. Mesmerizing, imposing, and striking, I will never be able to forget this scene!
This waterfall was not the type you would find in a grandiose home garden that flows
gracefully and looks beautiful. This was the kind where you could see torrents of water
being pushed powerfully over the rocks and down a cliff. The force the water was falling
with would be enough to smash your skeleton into miniscule pieces. The sound it made as it
hit the rocks was deafening. It was like a massive, solid wall that could block out all of the
sound in the world. We couldnt hear people talking even though they were standing right
next to us. The view from the top looked vicious and fierce, but from the bottom, the falls
looked stunning as the river snaked through a tunnel of rock. This force of nature was both
brutal and beautiful at the same time!
As we walked along a path that took us closer to the falls, the wind started to increase.
The closer we got to the edge where the falls went over, the more the mist started to fall on
us. Around us the trees were shivering. Precious and delicate water dripped from each leaf.
I felt like I was walking around in Antarctica. The day was already chilly, but now I was
freezing! It was pleasurable in the beginning when the sun was shining, but now, being wet
was making me uncomfortable. My hair blew in a million directions, with several strands
clinging to my face. The path was made of smooth rocks and all we had to keep our balance
was a thin rope railing. Within a few minutes, I was soaked through my jacket. I constantly
had to wipe the water from my face with my sleeve. Each time I stepped into a puddle on the
pathway, the water would jump up and greet me with a hello. I was as wet as I would have
been if I was standing outside during a monsoon rainstorm. My jacket was zipped to the top,
my fluffy pink gloves covered my hands, and my scarf wrapped around my neck, trying to
keep me dry and warm. No matter the circumstances or the weather, our spirits did not
dampen. We still continued to enjoy ourselves, absorbing the mesmerizing scene before us.

The cameras were constantly clicking to capture the extraordinary sight. To our surprise,
making our experience even better, a shimmering, colorful, and beautiful rainbow glistened in
the bright blue sky. The ravishing rainbow stunningly swept over the waterfall. All of the
colors of the rainbow were beautifully painted on the falls. It looked like a professional
picture I would have drawn in art class. The other tourists around us were also thrilled to see
the rainbow, as it did not appear very often.
As the saying goes, Time passes quickly when youre having fun. And today was
one of those days as I was having so much fun. As we moved toward the exit, I turned back
and took my last glances. I saw the rushing water flow over the rocks and the rainbow still
beautifully arching over the falls. I hoped and hoped that I could return very soon. In all
aspects, this had been a remarkable day!


For this assignment, we had to write a memoir about a memorable

moment experienced during the summer. A memoir is a detailed writing piece
that narrates personal moments. We were required to describe the experience
using similes, metaphors, and personification. Similes are when you compare
two unlike items using like or as. Metaphors are very similar, except one
cannot use like or as when comparing. Personification is when human
characteristics are given to non-living objects. These are examples of figurative
language that help to give life or more detail to the story you are trying to tell.
Overall, the main focus of this assignment was to put emphasis on your use of
figurative language, smiley face tricks, vivid verbs and overall great word choice.
While writing this piece, I think I have improved my skill in several different ways.
The area I feel I have most improved is in was using figurative language. Usually
I take a long time to come up with an acceptable, detailed simile, metaphor, or
personification. Creating examples of personification was previously very timeconsuming for me. However this time after all the practice I have done in class,
the ideas flowed much better and faster. For instance in my memoir some

examples of figurative language I used were the waterfall was as clear as

glass, trees were shivering, and when I stepped into a puddle on the
pathway, the water would jump up and greet me with a hello. In this memoir, I
was able to come up with much improved and detailed examples of simile,
metaphors, and personification. After finishing this piece, I feel I have made
considerable progress in my writing. My vocabulary has increased and using
figurative language in my compositions has become easier. I can use everything I
have learned in the future which may hopefully provide me an advantage over
others. After the completion of this assignment, I think I would like to do this
again. It is cool to zoom into a special moment from my life. While writing it
makes I feel like I am actually reliving that moment again! In all, this writing
assignment was a great success and I was happy to be able to document a very
exciting part of my summer.