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Incoming Freshman

If you are a graduating high school student or a high school graduate whose academic
performance is above-average and has a good moral character, you are eligible to apply for
admission to the University.

Those who are qualified in the PUP College Entrance Test (PUPCET) based on the cut-off
score for the upcoming school year (only PUPCET taken for its intended school year is

Graduating high school students of the current year with a General

Average of at least 82% or higher in first three (3) years in high school.
-orHigh school graduates with General Weighted Average of 82% or higher in
the first three (3) years in high school and with a General Average of 82% in
the Fourth Year and and have not enrolled in any diploma/degree program
immediately after high school graduation

Those with good moral character

The following are exempted from taking the PUPCET:

A graduate of any PUP Laboratory High School (unless they opt to take the
PUPCET for entrance scholarship purposes)

What is an Entrance Scholar?

You can be a PUP Entrance Scholar if you are a graduating High School student with any of
the following qualifications: Valedictorian, Salutatorian, First Honorable Mention, Campus

Journalist, Supreme Student Council President, Achiever/Awardee of Distinctive Award,

Outstanding Artist or Outstanding Athlete. However, you must pass the PUP College
Entrance Test (PUPCET) based on the cut-off score for the upcoming academic year. Only
PUPCET taken for its intended academic year is valid.

Document Requirements
When applicant passed the PUPCET, he/she must submit an original copy and
photocopies of the following documents to the ARO:
For Graduating High School Student

High School Card/Form 138

Certified true copy of Birth Certificate duly authenticated by the National

Statistics Office (NSO)

Certification of Good Moral Character issued by the High School

Principal/or Guidance Counselor.

Chest X-Ray result with Film.

Medical Clearance issued by the PUP Medical Clinic.

2 in. x 2 in. picture with white background with applicant's name on the

For High School Graduates of past school years

In addition to the above admission requirements:

Certification from high school registrar with school dry seal and noted by
the Principal that no
copy of F137A has been sent to other college or university.

Notarized affidavit that applicant did not enroll in any

school/college/university within and
outside the country with "waiver" that if there is concealment of previous
PUP enrolment becomes null and void.