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Adolf Hitler

ADOLF HITLER,, the very name sends fear among many of us,
people hate him, despise him, curse him, but still he was a leader. A leader
whose name will be etched in memoirs of history forever…

He was the only person who stood tall, even in the worst times for Germany
after the 1st world war. He had the aura, the charisma to motivate the
dead spirit of plundered and defeated people, who had no hope, of any
revival of the lost German glory.

He knew very well of where he washeading and made it clear to his

fellow countrymen too. A daring person with clear cut aims and his
work ethics to do things at any cost won him the title of FUHRER.

He knew of what had went wrong with Germany during the war,, his views
about leftists, jews, social democrats, liberals, capitalists,, began
attracting adherents. He presented a very simple solution to
people, that he would bring back the lost glory of the superior aryan race, to
which almost everyone responded spontaneously.
He was a true diplomat, outspoken, his speeches would
mesmerize the masses. He was a believer in building a strong and
loyal team. His very presence would command respect. Arrogance
is not good for a leader, but Hitler was an exception, he had authority
with arrogance, his very confidence was moving the german masses.

Thus he was a true leader,, we can debate he was evil, inhuman, insane
etc, etc… but after all , he was a true leader, a leader who had the power
to rock the whole world and send shiver down the spines of many.
The leader who had the magic to whiff vigour in the
lifeless soul………..