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VONT DRISHA A Student’s Obligation: The Legacy of the Piaseczno Rebbe ~ Erin Leib Smokler Sources - Drisna INstrrure ror Jewise Epucatton 37 West 65th Street, Sth Floor * New York, NY 10023 212.595.0307 ewarw. Disha org, na BN vNIY DDNANN WAN wap TM? Ove ‘tne AaNNnd favs pI nen) PNY? nosED SONA |NATH NN /A NAYS yan wap 17331 maw mawna Ja a7 Dy aa niin? 401 WPaR AIK 7 mes NRW ne ybona apa -PAYPM WYN jMDIN :AVMTPA MANA MoE penbbsr Reva yn wendp ownrP renbest BOT yen yan oamman_ pws °b3 ip pang ma en aT cmb nenbhr samen xem by anay sie an mann nya 70 RFD NONEY mee swRE MME nO A TNE phe pbx “Tnx nav> oA wns ayy 9% be mye rma man nay apr phn pm phe oman (nea ba wena wn ba apne wen KR boa mopa why neona ‘1 nympd pina ake xb aye cam aM Paka wm whey aM pM aR IK 7aK mae my qa Tay2 Py ApH uh Roy aw ah Then we pMoh oman om Jen wma pr Thad 1 Ox feme rmay awe) mm PR PT TW wR PTT ne ‘pra npn pn vanprem ame ohn biwee mon mye bom rng i 7} wim apypbe Monk oa, 12 fowe pat wo. 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They believed also in Moses and in his prophecy in general, as we have sai above. ‘teould beaskee: How Moses could have hada propheticrevelation, whet toreceive prophecy a person must be in state of simcha (Joy)? Aside from the fac that Pharaoh was trying tokilhim, Moses was anguished over the pain ofthe Jewis! ‘people. Moseshad such empathy with the pain ofthe Jews thathe later said to God “Please forgive ther sin, not, blot me out from this book that Youhave writ (Exodus 32:32) This isthe very reason why God appeared to Moses for th firs ‘time from within the burning thorn bush, Rashi (Exodus 3:2) explains the choic ‘of the thorn bush by quoting the verse (Psalms 91:15) "Lam with him in his pain, So longas Gos hes only “Strength and rejoicingin His abode” (I Chronicle 16:27) then prophets too can prophesy only when they also are b'sincha (joyous) But when Godis, asit were, together with the Jewsin their pain and trouble, thes prophecy may also come to the prophet, who is likewise in pain over the plight o the Jews, Inthe Talmud (Pegigah $b) we learn: “Itis written (Jeremiah 13:17), 'M: soul weeps in mstarim (concealment).'Isthere then any weeping on the face of th Holy Blessed One? Behold R. Papa said, ‘There is no grief on the faee of the Hol Blessed One, asitis written, “Beauty and splendor before Him; strength andre Jeicing in His abode.” (I Chronicles 16:27) There sno contradiction, One vers: refers tothe mer chambers, while the other refers to the outer chambers.” Thut ‘we earn that whilein the outer chambers of heaven there is always “strength ane *¢joicing® before God, within the inner chambers God weeps in His distress, asi were, over the pain ofthe Jews. So, itis possible thatat atime of hester panier (concealment of the Divinw ~ Face), whichis tosay, when God hides Himself within the inner chambers, a Jev : ‘may also enterandbe alone with God there, each Jow athis own level. There withit the nner chambers, Torah and worship is revealed to each person who enters. We have already spoken about how the Oral Torah was revealed primarily in exile, i < bron soo the holy Zohar was only revealed to R, Simeon. Yookal and hi Ferg biae when they weelnngn ace, eng the Roman government, "There are times when a person wonders about himself, thinking, “lan broken, lam ready to burst into tears atany moment, and in fact Ibreak down i ‘ears from time to time, How can [possibly learn Torah? What can Ido to find th ‘Strength not just to learn Torah, but to discover new Torah and achasidu (piety)? ‘Then there are times when a person beats his heart, saying, “Is itnotsiosply m Sspercilious heart allowing me to beso stubborn, to learn Torah in the midst of my _ Pal adn the midst of the pain ofthe Jews, whose sullering sso great” And thet I Torah rom the Yeor of Fury 1939-1042 he answers himself, “But !am to broken, 1 ‘aught with priefand dejection.”He islost inside his introspective, self analytical infisin, Butas we have said above, ts the Holy Rlseed One who iserying within {he inner chambers, and whoever press himself cane ale to weep there together with God, and also to learn Torah with Hin, have cried so much, my whole lf is study and to worship, [tis omly the first or second time himself up, because ofthe pain. Ifhe is bol Intangible, Even the sensation of bel the immensity of the faith he has, in what i beyond compreher "epestedlytaughtin sacred literature, isthe belie thet here which cannot be grasped, rationally, stall, So, when. person finds the strength to acceas his mo , dependant lntgrateswithall Jews. Thsisbecausefithattheloog akesa person beyond individuality; beyond, Drftate worship; avay from the experience of "your God,” wherein every individual experiences Gost himself, to the level of “our Goch” which is muck higher than any individual experience or knowing. At this level the experience isthe collective one. In the ‘Sh’ma, the main expression and