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Jesus Moreno


Science Essay

Did you know physical science plays a major role in your life? Physical
science is all around you. Physical science is the branch of natural science that
studies non-living systems. Physical science involves such things like the
periodic table of elements. The periodic table of element consists of the
arrangement of elements by atomic number which symbolize the number of
protons. Physical science contains a lot of sub subjects that play a role in your
daily life. You use force when you get out of your bed. Force is a push or pull.
When you want to make ice cubes, you need to slow down molecular movement
to create a solid. Physical science is even applied when you are eating. You can
add acidic substances like lemon to get a sour taste.
Freezing water changes molecular speed which cause water to become
ice, a solid. States of matter changes for several of reasons. For example water
changes to a gas state when in contact to extreme heat or left out in the heat for
a good amount of time. This happens because of evaporation and the movement
of molecules. Molecules come into contact with heat which cause them to move
rapidly and start to evaporate. Stages of matter means different states in which
molecules are moving differently in each state. Solid being the state in which
molecules do not move as much but vibrate. An example of that is a paper.
Paper is always at a solid state. Liquids molecular movement is much faster
than a solid. Molecules move much freely and fast. Finally, when a substance is
at a gas state, molecules start moving faster and faster causing molecules to
disappear. States of matter plays a role in my life when I want to create ice. I
know that water is in a liquid state. So I want it to be a solid and slow down
molecular movement. So I place the water into the freezer and create ice cubes.

Freezing the molecules makes molecules slow down and make a solid. Another
example of states of mater in my life is I am enjoying an ice cream. I know that
it is in a solid state so I must eat my ice quickly because it is exposed to heat.
Molecules start to speed up and will turn my ice cream into a liquid form.
Did you know that you can calculate speed using the simple equation
distance divided time? This is called average speed or velocity. The only
difference between speed and velocity is that velocity contains direction. For
example if a car is going at 50 miles per hour, that is speed. But if it is going 50
miles per hour north, that is velocity. Speed and velocity can be calculated by
distance divided by time. This means you will travel this amount of distance in
this amount time. This plays a role in my life when I am traveling by car. I can
calculate how much time we are going to take and far we are going to travel.
Then determine how much we need to fill up using the average speed of other
trips. Another way I use this in my life in when I go to school. I always take one
bus which always travels straight North. So if I figure out the distance I traveled
on the bus and time it took, I can easily calculate velocity using the formula
distance divided by time.
The easiest way to remember force is that it I simply a push or pull. A
force is a push or pull upon an object resulting from the object's interaction with
another object. Whenever there is an interaction between two objects, there is a
force upon each of the objects. When the interaction stops, the two objects no
longer experience the force. Forces only exist as a result of an interaction. So an
object will stay at rest when no force is acted upon. Force is a quantity that is
measured using the standard metric unit known as the Newton. Force and
newtons is basically saying that when two or more forces apply at the same
object, those number of newtons must add up. This plays a role in my life when
I want to move a heavy table. I cannot move this table by myself because it is so
heavy. I need to apply lots of newtons to move this table. So I must ask someone
to assist me. He or she will apply newtons which will add up to mine, thus
moving the table. Force is part of my life when I wake up. I use lots of force
when I get out of bed because I am so tired so I use force to lift myself up.

Acids and bases are arranged on a pH scale. It has numbers from 0-14.
Numbers below seven are acidic and turn into red when applied on litmus paper.
Numbers higher than seven are basic and turn blue when applied on litmus
paper. Numbers that are neutral, seven, turn into purple when applied on litmus
paper. Acidic, basic, and neutral all have different characteristics. Acidic
solutions react with metals like zinc to give off hydrogen. Acids tastes sour and
foul. Basic solutions are bitter and have a slippery texture. This all plays a role
in my life when I do my laundry. I always use laundry detergent to do my
laundry. Laundry detergent is a basic solution because it has a slippery texture.
If I ever pour laundry detergent on litmus paper, it will turn blue because it is a
basic solution. Acids and bases also play a role in my life when I want
something sour and good in my soup. So I turn to the acidic substance lemon.
Lemons have a very sour flavor. These are characteristics of an acidic substance.
When I put lemon in m soup. It turns sour. If I was to put lemon on litmus paper,
it would turn red because it is acidic.
Did you know that substances on the periodic table of elements can be
organized from their characteristics? When looking at a substance, you know
that it conducts heat better than another object so you use that object to create an
electrical current. Substances are organized can be classified by their properties,
including their melting temperature, density, hardness, and thermal and
electrical conductivity. For example, coins are made of copper, zinc, and nickel
because theyre durable and hard. That is how substances are classified. This
applies in my life when I want to skate. Skateboard uses different materials
depending on it hardness. So if I want to skate with hard wheels, I would need
to use a stronger type of polyurethane material. This substance is durable and
hard. Another way is when I want to get a case for I phone. I prefer a harder
case that protects my phone. So I go with the cases with the plastic because the
characteristics of plastic is very durable and strong.
In conclusion, physical science is all around you. When you wake up, you
use force to get out of bed. When you want to freeze water, you will need to
slow down the molecular movement which causes the liquid to turn into solid.
Velocity is important when you want to tell someone that you are traveling 60
miles per hour north so he or she can be there at a destination on time. In your

life you might not see yourself using science, but when you put lemon on
anything, you are putting an acidic substance because lemon tastes sour.
Physical science is everywhere and you dont notice it until you think about the
different ways it is.