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Pamela Kreyer Benefit y February 19th, 2010 * 5:30pm-9:30pm American Legion Club Post 620 5383 140th Street North + Hugo, MN 55038 Spaghetti Dinner, Live Music and More $10.00 Donation Pamela (Newgren) Kreyer’s life took a tragic turn on June Ist 2009, when she received devastating news that she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. With no time to waste, Pam began the fight of her life including multiple surgeries which involved lengthy hospital stays as well as numerous rounds of chemotherapy. Initially the chemotherapy was successful in reducing and practically removing all signs of the cancer, However, only a short time later Pam received news that the deadly cancer had returned and was stronger than ever. Ovarian Cancer has consumed Pam’s life for the past eight months, ‘Throughout each difficult day, she has continued to remain positive and strong in her faith. Unfortunately, sadness filled our hearts on February 9th when Pam received the news she had always feared; this is a battle that can’t be won, Pam continues to remain strong and is living each day enjoying her time with family and friends. During the hardship of fighting Pam’s cancer, Jerry, her husband, has been diagnosed with Wegencr’s Granulomatosis as well as diabetes. Due to this discase, Jerry is also receiving daily chemotherapy treatments which are also taking a toll on his body and spirit. On Friday, February 19th, 2010, from 5:30pm-9:30pm, the family and friends of Pamela and Jerry Kreyer are hosting a benefit at the American Legion Club Post 620, Hugo. We are asking that you please help our family! With your donations, the money raised would be used to help pay doctor bills, hospital stays, chemotherapy treatments and faneral arrangements, Cash donations can be made directly at any TCF bank to the Pamela Kreyer Benefit Fund (non-profit account). ‘Tickets can be purchased at the door ot call Nick Kreyer at 651-283-0474, We thank you in advance for you generosity. Family and Friends of Pamela Kreyer