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Back To Normal!
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Emerald Director Charles Collier with grandsons Joseph and James


t only 22-months-old, tiny Joseph delighted his grandparents prescribe and slow to

A by coming to stay with them. Charles and Carolyn’s delight,

however, was soon tinged with concern as they realized Joseph
had severe upper respiratory system problems.
listen! Once again,
Charles felt frustrated
by the medical com-
munity; once again, he
Charles and Carolyn took their grandson to the doctor’s office, where turned to GNLD for
he was given a steroid drug and an inhaler. Although the doctor answers. Charles began
explained it was a normal reaction, it broke their hearts to see that lit- a program of Tre-en-
tle body shaking uncontrollably from the medication. It was then that en, Omega III
the Colliers spoke with their friends the Tolberts, who recommended Concentrate, and Aloe
GNLD products for the child. Vera Plus. While his
blood pressure Charles and Carolyn with their grandkids
Once he began taking Liqui-vite® (with Tre-en-en), Vita-Gard™, and decreased, his energy increased. His doctor was amazed to learn that
Aloe Vera Plus™, Joseph improved dramatically. Today, Charles and Charles had not filled any of his prescriptions—yet his blood pressure
Carolyn relish watching this active six-year-old play t-ball, kick the is back to normal!
soccer ball, and go swimming. While Joseph continues his daily dose
of GNLD products, he is completely free of medication! Both Charles and Joseph are enjoying good health these days, without
prescription medication. What a relief to Carolyn! This summer,
Charles’s health history includes high blood pressure and low energy. Charles and Joseph will be spending plenty of time together, playing
After his doctor of thirty years passed away, Charles needed to find a ball, swimming, you name it. Yes, everything is back to normal! ■
replacement—but it seemed all the doctors he saw were quick to