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Group Resume

Glen, Lyndsay, Michelle J., Lexi, and Kholood

To enjoy life: to support yourself doing something you love
What is winning on jeopardy?
To travel the world
To break down walls and change perspectives
To find new solutions to old problems
To read the Encyclopedia Britannica
To be Groucho Marx
To fold a fitted sheet perfectly
American Sign Language
Bad Hebrew, Bad Czech, Bad Japanese and Intermediate Spanish
Bad French, Bad German, Bad Russian and Intermediate Spanish
Rock climbing
Country line dancing
Choral singing
Special Skills
Makes a mean lemon bar
Is a trivia maven
Cooks a really good creamy tomato shrimp pasta
Able to navigate both the Dewey Decimal System and Library of Congress
Has deep and intimate knowledge of landscaping
Snow shovelling extraordinaire
Play violin


Group Resume
Eliza Jackson, Neva Jones, Brittany Salemme, William Garcia, Rachel Burris
United States Navy Aviation Administrationman
K - 12 Curriculum Writer
Founding Elementary School Teacher
Intervention Elementary Teacher
Founding 4th Grade Teacher
Sales/Analytics Financial Equity Analyst
Designed 4th grade math curriculum (aligned to NY standards)
Wrote and implemented 2nd and 4th grade ELA curriculum
Wrote curriculum in the subjects of reading, math, science, and social
studies that aligned with national, state, and NYC standards
Facilitated academic team meetings by creating detailed presentations,
agenda, and action plans
Facilitated academic team meetings by creating detailed presentations,
agenda, and action plans
Developed, implemented, and maintained the learning and development
framework to support business growth and initiatives
Managed a psychology lab in the field of metacognition.
Analyzed the effects of making guesses on learning and memory.
Designed 5th grade bilingual curriculums in English Language Arts and Social
Studies: Balanced Literacy Instruction and socio-emotional Intelligence


Data analysis
Literary analysis
Analytical and creative writing
Hip-Hop Based Education (HHBE)


Bachelor of Arts in Humanities

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Bachelor of Arts in Eastern
Masters of Liberal Studies
Masters of Arts in Humanities-History
Texas Educator Certificate Bilingual EC-6

Community Service
Operation Tomadachi, Japan. March August 2011
o United States Armed Forces assistance operation to support Japan in
disaster relief following the 2011 Thoku earthquake and tsunami.

Teroa Elementary School, Ayase-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. August

2009 August 2013
o Teaching English as a second language. Volunteered weekly to the
local elementary school to teach English as a second language to first
and second graders.

Sexual Assault Program Response Advocate and Facilitator. 1998 August

o Sexual assault advocate for the victim providing emotional support to
the victim during interviews, medical procedures and legal
proceedings. Lead Facilitator for all newly trained advocates. Subject
matter expert called on to conduct required sexual assault training to
over 5000 naval service members.

American Sign Language Interpreter, Patuxent River MD. March 2002

January 2005
o American Sign Language Interpreter. Facilitated communications
between deaf and hearing employees to appropriately translate signed
or oral messages in matters regarding repair and rework of various
aircraft support equipment in the Support Equipment Planned
Maintenance System Department.

United States Navy Career Day Speaker. December 1994 September 2014
o As a representative of the United States Navy, volunteered to speak at
grade levels K-12 to promote a career in the Navy. As a presentation
opener, would often times begin by using American Sign Language to
sign a song and promote various careers or transitions that may lead
to a naval career.


Group Resume - Team _

Kameron, Lucie, Jason, Tiana, and Aklima
Education :
Duke University: History & African American Studies with a minor in Political science
Harvard University: History with specialty in African Studies
CUNY Hunter: Political Science, English Language Arts, and Religion
SUNY Plattsburgh - Expeditionary Studies
Princeton University: Public Policy & Arabic
Morehouse College: African American Studies (Concentration in Sociology)
TC, Columbia University: Teaching of Social Studies & TESOL K-12
Professional activities:
Americorps: College Now of Greater Cleveland
Americorps: Lakeland Community College
Professional Mountain Guide
Climbing Walls Builder
Harlem Childrens Zone
Amnesty International
Childrens Aid Society
HOSTOS community college
Student Teaching
Urban Education
African Diaspora
Hiking and camping
Palestinian dance
Social Justice/Human rights

History of the United States
Studying abroad
Community organizing
Sorority AKA
Urban Planning


Building a fire
Google Docs
le Spreadsheet
Making pancakes
Building climbing walls
Playing the drums, mandolin
Languages: Bangla, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, beginner BosnianSoc

Group Resume
Alex, Erica, Anders, Jenna, Claudia
Syracuse University: Inclusive Elementary Special Education Major
Tufts University: Psychology Major and Theater Minor
Haverford College: Sociology Major
Boston College: Economics and Math Minor
FIU: Applied Linguistics and Literature Major

Second Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do
Communicate in Four Languages
o English
o French
o Spanish
o Sign Language

Student Teaching
Coaching Experience
Research Assistant
Law Firm Recruiting and Executive Insurance Packages
Traveled to
o Athens
o Turkey
o Austria
o London
o Croatia
o Tokyo
o China
o Amsterdam
o Dublin
o Prague
SAT Tutor
Sign Language TA

Group Resume
Alex A., Shirley, Jane, Kirstie, Michelle
Knowledge of:
Elementary Education
English as a Second Language
Completed two years of Teach for America in Kansas City, Missouri
International teacher certification
New York State Teacher Certification
Tutoring experience
Advertising experience
Sales experience
Child care experience
Experience in the food industry
Customer service/office management experience
Other Skills
French, Cantonese, Korean spoken

CPR/First Aid certified
Hobbies and Interests
Staying active
Cooking and baking