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Beaconhouse School System

Summer Vacation Home work2015


1- Summer vacation has begun!

Class VII & VIII:
Poetry is the art of depicting our inner self which is followed by a sweet rhythm.
Listen to a piece of music and read poems by William Blake and Robert Frost etc
Compose poems, write stories/autobiographies on any topic that touches your heart. Do use at least a few of the
poetic devices in your poems. Compile your anthology /stories and bring it to school after the break and also
share it on the given weblink. The best compositions will not only be awarded but will also get published in the
Anthology printed by school.

Read, Watch and Make!

Develop the habit of reading newspapers, magazines and books during the summer break. Watch documentaries and
get hold of the movies worth learning from.
Make a documentary on any social issue and post it on the given weblink. The best three documentaries will be
awarded after Summer Break.

Five people you Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom and write a book review of 150 words. Follow the format
and use rich vocabulary for better presentation.

Class VII
Research Work
The Mughal Empire was a Persianate empire extending over large parts of the Indian
subcontinent . A major Mughal contribution to the Indian subcontinent was their
unique architecture. Many monuments were built by the Muslim emperors.
Research about the Mughal Emperors, their contributions in improving their
Empire and uniting
different cultures of Subcontinent.>.E.encyclopedia
After collecting information on Mughal Empire, make two online educational
games on and save it.

Imagine you are an Emperor and had to build a Fort. Mention the area /city where you would build
your fort .Relate your answer to the topographical /Geographical land forms.
Class VIII
Suppose that you are an archeologist and you visited Egypt. You explored the Egyptian civilization
by observing pyramids, museums, mummies and the ornaments. Share your experience about
Egyptian civilization by designing a model on
Talk about the weather and the geographical landforms observed in Egypt and how the Egyptians
have adapted to them.
Compare Egypts various climatic zones with that of Pakistans and record them in the form of a bar
graph taking atleast two variables. Use the following weblinks for your help and more information.


Class VII
Many activities we carry out in our daily life use energy and contribute to the emission of green
house effect. Use an online carbon footprint to calculate your own familys carbon footprint and find
ways to reduce your carbon footprint.
Choose any two variables :
1. plastic bags used at home
2. planting different plants,
3. conserving energy: using electricity/gas)
4. Using CFCs (deodorants ,insecticides and sprays).
Then draw a bar graph of these variables for the last five years. Analyze the trend of these
variables in your home and how can you improve it.
Related site (
Find out the length and position of an objects shadow placed in the sun during the day.(morning,
noon and evening)Record it and share it on the mentioned link.
Class VIII

Carry out research on alchemist and the philosophers stone. and present your work by making a
power point presentation.
Research about Myopia. What are the reasons behind this disease, how can it be prevented and how
can we correct it.
Use shadows of different objects to create a story. Make a video of that story and share it with your
friends on the mentioned link.

Math Class VII

Integers: Addition and subtraction of Integers

Division and multiplication of

Chapter 2 Ex 2a-d Text
book D1

Fractions: Addition and Subtraction of

Fractions with same and different
Algebra: Addition and subtraction of like and
unlike terms. Multiplication and Division of
like and unlike terms.
Area and Perimeter Worksheets 7A+7B
Workbook A Volume and Surface area

Chapter 3 Ex3a-d Text book D1

Angles on straight line angle around a point

from workbook A sheet1B

Triangle interior and exterior angles in a

www.BBC,com Grade


Find the Value of x

Worksheet 13, 14, 15 Workbooks B
from resource pack sheet #7Ex

Class VIII
From Mathematics 6th Edition
Revision Ex I No.1 (pg110) Q1, Q3, Q7

Revision Ex I No.2(pg111) Q2, Q8

Revision Ex I No3 (pg112) Q3,Q5,Q10

Revision Ex I No4 (pg113) Q2, Q9

Revision Ex I No5 (pg113) Q1a

Revision Ex II No1(pg217)Q1,Q2, Q3,


Revision Ex II No1(pg218)

Revision Ex II No2(pg219)

Revision Ex II

Revision Ex II No4(pg220) Q3,Q4,Q6b

Review Question 10 (pg245) Q1-Q13
Review Question 14( pg353)

Review Question !5(pg377)