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Industrialisation is a bane not a boon

The Industrial revolution was a curse because a

lot of people suffered because of the industrial
revolution. It was a curse because the people
who owned the factories gained a lot of money
and they didn't use it to do good. The industrial
revolution also was a blessing to the people who
but the items. This kind of sounds selfish, but for
example, we benefit from the items we but like
nike shoes when we know that the people behind
the machines are suffering to feed their parents

Pollution and drinking water problems are the

burning issues in Patancheru Assembly
Constituency, which is close to the capital city of
Hyderabad. There is no proper drinking water
supply in as many as 120 villages of the
About 50 villages are declared pollution-affected
and on the directions of the Supreme Court,
drinking water from Manjeera is being supplied to
them. But the water distribution is based on 2001

census and is providing insufficient to the meet

the demands of the population, which has grown
over years owing to industrial development in the
Ever since the dawn of time, the world has been a battleground
between god and satan. That is, until the industrial revolution.
That was when satan won.
I pledge alligance to the flag,
i dont know the rest because satan won. America is doomed.
The rapture is not upon us it happened already. It happened
when the first factories opened and satan won the supposed
eternal struggle against goodness.
God bless america and hail satan