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The Hunger Games Field Day

All of the following field day activities were based off of quotes found in the book, The Hunger Games.
When introducing each event, please read the quotes and then the description of the game to the students.
This will set the stage for the activity and allow students to grasp the idea even if they have not read the book.
The included schedule was created to allow both 7th and 8th grade students to participate at the same time.

CORNUCOPIA (Scavenger Hunt)

Sixty seconds to take in the ring of tributes all equidistant from the Cornucopia, a giant golden horn
shaped like a cone with a curved tail, the mouth of which is at least twenty feet high, spilling over with the
things that will give us life here in the arena. (Collins 148)
Objective: To be the first team (district) to collect all of the materials listed.
Formation: 2 students (Tributes) from each District take turns trying to find one of the items listed.
Safety: Students are to maintain a safe speed in the hallways and classrooms.
Each team (district) is to meet at their designated spot in the Gym and pick a single tribute to enter the
Arena, the rest of the tributes are to pair up and forma a line.
At the sound a whistle the Single Tribute will race to the center of the arena and find their Districts
Materials and return it to the district leader (teacher).
At that point the leader will instruct the first pair of tributes to find an item on the list. Upon their return
the next set of tributes my go. The first District to have all items collected wins!
Equipment: 10 Folders Labeled for each Distinct (Team)

SOURCE OF LIFE (Fill The Bucket)

What I want most, right at this moment, is water I wont last long without it. For a few days, Ill be able
to function with unpleasant symptoms of dehydration, but after that Ill deteriorate into helplessness and
be dead in a week, tops. (Collins 153&154)
Objective: Be the first team to fill the bottle to the line.
Formation: Students will be in relay formation.
Safety: Do not throw the sponges be careful not to slip on the wet ground.
Students will be in a single file line behind their designated District.
On the signal the first person from each team will run up the bucket of water with their sponge, dunking
it in and then wring it out into the bottle (Place the bottles in buckets to save from a muddy disaster)
They then run back to their team handing off the sponge to the next person

The Hunger Games Field Day

First team to fill the water up to the line will win.

Please make sure to replace water before moving to the next activity.

Equipment: 2 Large sponges, 2-two liter bottles, 4 buckets, Masking tape


Taking the kids from our districts, forcing them to kill one another while we watch --- this is the Capitols
way of reminding us how we are totally at their mercy. How little chance we would stand of surviving
another rebellion. (Collins 18)
Objective: To have the middle of the rope pass into your Districts zone.
Formation: Have one classes tributes on one side of the rope, and the other classs tributes on the other.
Safety: Be smooth with the pulling Pull with your legs not your back Do not let go of the rope!
Have the students assemble along the rope.
On the signal have the students begin pulling the rope.
The team to get the center of the rope past their cone will win.
If time permits play another round.
Equipment: 1 tug of war rope and 3 cones.

GOT YOUR BACK (Relay Race)

It took a long time for us to even become friends to stop haggling over every trade and begin helping each
other out. (Collins 10)
Objective: To be the first District to finish the entire race.
Formation: 2 Opposing Districts in a relay style formation.
Safety: Make sure you and your partner are traveling at safe speeds. Do not pick up your partner.
The Tributes will stand back to back with their elbows locked.

The Hunger Games Field Day

On the signal they must walk around the hurdles, and back through the hurdles again staying attached
throughout the event.
The tributes that arrives to their district first is declared the winner.
Penalties- If you hit a jump rope or your arms come unlocked you and your partner must start over.

Equipment: 12 cones and 6 jump ropes, Masking tape


Larger than regular wasps, they have distinctive solid gold body and a sting that raises a lump the size of
a plum on contact. Most people cannot tolerate more than a few stings. Some die at once. If you live, the
hallucinations brought on by the venom have actually driven people to madness. These wasps will hunt
down anyone who disrupts their nest and attempt to kill them. (Collins 185&186)
Objective: Students will travel within the designated area avoiding the sting (tag) by the tracker jackers.
Formation: Students will take turns being Tributes and Tracker Jackers.
Safety: Do not throw the balls at anyone. Travel at a safe speeds.
One district begins as Tributes fighting for survival while the other team selects 5 people to be the
tracker jackers (taggers)
The students that are fighting for survival will fun around a designated area, while they are swarmed by
the Tracker Jackers.
Once tagged the students are out. If the students go out of bounds they are also out.
The last 5 students from the original team become the bees and the other district begins to play.
Equipment: 5soft foam balls, masking tape to designate a playing area.

TRIBUTE TRAINING (Obstacle Course)

The exceptions are the kids from the wealthier districts, the volunteers, the ones who have been fed and
trained throughout their lives for this moment. (Collins 94)
Objective: To be the first person to complete the obstacle course.
Formation: Students will be paired up with another student from the opposite district for a one-on-one
Safety: Maintain self-control as you go.

The Hunger Games Field Day

Have each District line up at their designated starting line.
On the signal both participants will begin the obstacle course as quickly as they can.
Allow the students time to go through the obstacle course before sending the next group.
The Tribute who completes the course the fastest is declared the winner!
Equipment (per course): 1 desk, 10 stacking cups, 1 jump rope, 3 foam balls, 1 large bucket, 1 batting tee, 6
hula hoops (or 1 Agility ladder) , 2 large cones, 2 small cones and 2 ropes, Masking tape
Obstacle 1 = Over and Under (2 large cones, 2 small cones and 2 ropes)
Obstacle 2 = Agility Ladder
Obstacle 3 = Dizzy Bat (must place forehead on bat and spin around x2)
Obstacle 4= Foam Balls(must make one basket or 3 attempts)
Obstacle 5= Jump-Rope (must jump x5 successfully)
Obstacle 6= Cup stack and Unstuck (must stack cups into a pyramid (base of 4 then 3 then 2 then 1), then
unstuck them (into a straight line) as fast as they can) Student must then run back to their starting point!

NIGHTLOCK (Relay Race)

My fathers voice came back to me. Not these, Katniss. Never these berries. Theyre nightlock. You will be
dead before they reach your stomach. (Collins 318)
Objective: Collect as much food as you can for your teams stash, and place as many nightlock berries into
the other teams stash. The team with the most food and least amount of nightlock berries at the end of the
designated time will win.
Formation: Opposing districts will be competing against each other in a relay style race.
Safety: Do not throw any objects Be careful not to run into/bump heads No guarding of food
Each district lines up at the strarting line- where Buckets are placed to house the food source.
The food (colored balls) will be at the end of the arena in a bucket mixed with the Nightlock Berries and
duds. Students are allowed to pull out one ball per-turn and are stuck with that choice.
o If a student pulls a Red, Yellow or Orange ball, that is Food.
The red ball is worth 1 point, the yellow is worth 2 and the orange is worth 3
o If the student pulls a blue ball, that is a berry and it is -2 points.
o Any other color ball is a dud and worth no points.
The winner is the team who has the most food points in their bucket at the end of the allotted time.
Equipment: 4 buckets, 60 colored balls/objects, Masking tape

The Hunger Games Field Day

PEETA ROLL (Relay Race)
Hes still two feet from the water, lying there, teeth gritted, tears cutting trails in the dirt on his face,
Look, Peeta, Im going to roll you into the stream. Its very shallow there, okay?. (Collins 253)
Objective: Be the first district to have everyone complete the event.
Formation: 2 tributes from each District will face off in a tem style relay event.
Safety: Try to maintain control of the rolling tire as much as possible.
The first pair of tributes will roll the tire down and back handing it off to the next pair of tributes.
Repeat this process until all students complete it.
The first District to have all tributes complete the event wins!
Penalties: If your tire goes out of your lane or falls- that team must start over
Equipment: 2 tires, 2 cones, Masking tape

LEAN ON ME (Three-Legged Race)

His face drains of color the moment he puts weight on his leg. Come on. You can do this. But he cant, not
for long anyway. We make it about fifty yards downstream, with him propped up by my shoulder, and I
can tell hes going to black out. (Collins 259)
Objective: To be the district that Tributes complete the race the fastest.
Formation: 2 tributes from each district tie their legs together and run a race as a team.
Safety: Try to maintain the speed of your travels. Do not pick up your partner.
Each set of partners will tie their adjacent legs together and walk to the starting line.
On the signal to begin, the first pair will move as quickly as possible around the cone and back.
The team that arrives to their district first is declared the winner.
Equipment: 4 old ties, 2 cones, Masking tape


His features register disbelief and something more intense that I can't quite place. Desire? Desperation?
Surely both, for he sweeps the doctors aside, leaps to his feet and moves towards me. (Collins 247)

The Hunger Games Field Day

Objective: To be the tribute who can jump the farthest.
Formation: Opposing districts will be competing against each other in a one-on-one style event.
Safety: Students do not have a running start they are to take 3 steps and jump.
Each district lines up at their designated starting line- they have 3 steps till they get to the jump line.
The student that measures the farther distance is declared the winner!
Equipment: 4 yard sticks, Masking tape