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Organic Earth, Food, Life & Wellness

Growing, Using, Living and

Giving Herbal Health
Everyone at eSutras Organics lives by these guiding principles

Our Inspiration
Man has a physical body that connects him to his physical environment, a soul
where his mind, will, intellect and emotions reside and allow him to experience
life and a spiritual nature that connects him to his Creative Source. When one
develops as a total person (spiritually, mentally, physically), one is finally capable
of achieving and enjoying true health and a balanced, successful life. Just as the
body was able to construct itself on its own at the Beginning, it can reconstruct it-
self again. The same genetic blueprint and programming which made this possible
at the start continues to reside in every cell in the body.

We believe there is a universal healing energy - a life force - that exists in all of Mother
Nature. It vibrates at a very high frequency where most people cannot sense it. For
those who can, the energy can be brought into a human body, activating the body’s
own life force and healing energy. Herbs and botanicals are pivotal in helping us
connect with this tremendous energy.

Alternative medicine is a non-aggressive, non-intrusive way of using herbs, the power of

our minds and the energies of Nature to help healing in body, mind and spirit.

Since the human body is a self-healing system designed by Mother Nature, the holistic
approach to wellness does not attempt to treat or fight disease, but rather it seeks to
restore health by balancing the inner ecology of the body, allowing every individual’s
biochemistry, deficiencies, tendencies and lifestyle to guide this healing.

Typically, holistic or spiritual healing is used to shift subtle energy patterns that may be
obstructing the healthy functions of life, in the ordinary world of mind, heart and body.
Food, herbal and lifestyle changes are usually recommended to augment the effects
of the healing paradigm. Integrative Traditional Medicinal Herbs has been used to treat
the following common ailments: mild anxiety or depression, allergies, asthma, chronic
fatigue, chronic pain, colon cleansing, general wellness, IBS, migraines, menopause,
rheumatoid arthritis, weight management and stress.

eSutras Organics and parent company T.C. Bauer Co. are active participants in the glob-
al journey to share health and wellness. 10% of proceeds generated by the company are
given back to communities that support tradition, culture and animal preservation
agencies in the USA and abroad.

We invite you to join us in celebration of the journey of health and holistic wellness to bring
harmony, balance and calm for body, mind and spirit! Organic herbs, oils, teas, spices,
chocolate drinks and tofu available everyday at our warehouse outlet store
9:30 AM- 4 PM or 24 hours online at:

eSutras will always be

Cruelty free • Vegetarian • Manufactured by us in the USA • Small batch & profession-
ally produced • FDA, USDA Certified Organic • High quality • Low prices guaranteed

Wholesale & bulk sizes for ingredients, botanicals and finished products available.
Custom blending, private labeling, contract packaging available.

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