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Adolescent Psychology

Module 1

Answer the ff. briefly

1.) Discuss the following privileged rights of the child:

a. Right to life
b. Right to a name & nationality
c. Right to protection from all forms of violation
d. Right to sexual exploitation
e. Right to education
f. Right to freedom of thought
2.) Give the descriptive title of the following enacted Laws of the
a. Republic Act 9344
b. Republic Act 7610
c. Republic Act 7658
d. Republic Act 8049
e. Republic Act 8353

Module 2

Write your Reaction to the situation of the Filipino Child.

Include among your other ideas the following:
a.) A short description about the situation
b.) How you feel about the situation
c.) What showed be done to ease you up this situation
d.) Your personal commitment regarding the issue


Explain the meaning of this biblical verse:

Train up a child the way he should go, so that when he grows he
shall not depart from it.

Module 3

1 4 Four different growth rate of body organs
5 7 Different hand skills
8 10 Patterns of head central region
11 12 Patterns of trunk central region
13 14 common skill in early child development
15 Bonus

Module 4

1 5 Type of Developmental disabilities
6 15 Symptoms of a child with ADD & ADHD


Explain the ff:

1.) In what way do a child perception differs from an adult
2.) What is the meaning of stimuli-response mechanism?