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Production diary

Today I, Kieran and Nathan decided to start the research process into binge
drinking; this is so we could have a wide range of information from different
sources. I looked on E-stream and watched Dying for a Drink. I also went
websites to find out the facts and statistics on binge drinking. Nathan researched
Ready steady Drink, which looks at the UK's culture of binge drinking.
Today we continued the research into binge drinking; I went online to get some
sources from News providers such as the courier and BBC news. This is so I can
have accurate information about how bad drinking is increasing in England. I
didnt just want some random websites, because most of them are not reliable in
any topics. Kieran went on the internet to get information in the form of graphs
so its more visual research instead of just writing everything. Goodness went on
E-stream and looked at a programme called party paramedics. This programme
was only helpful in showing the effects of binge drinking, for statistics it wasnt
helpful in that department.
Today, my group and I had to decide who is going to do what based on the
paperwork. For example, Nathan agreed to do the storyboard, I agreed to find
suitable locations to shoot our interview and Kieran will be doing the recce.

Today, we agreed that we would all do a separate work including the script which
is based on the same show. However, we are still going to use the same idea,
format for our show and we will be shooting as a group. After I finish the script, I
will do the location paper work.

We were all working and preparing for the rehearsal we were going to do later in
front the class. We all received feedback from peers and teacher on how to make
sure that my interview goes well. The next thing I will be working is the recce.

Today, I am working on the recce. Kieran is working on his version of the
interview plan and Nathan is working on his own version of the release form. I
will later be writing a list of the equipment, costume and props we are going to
use in our interview.


I am starting to do my own version of the equipment list. Kieran has finished

working on his script and Nathan his starting his storyboard. After I finish doing
this, I will be finishing the script.

I have finished doing the first version of the script. Now I have to do the second
part of it. I will later do the legal and ethical consideration. Nathan finished his
version of the script and he is now continuing on finishing his storyboard. Kieran
is currently working on the legal and ethical consideration.

I have now finished doing the costume, props and equipment list. I am currently
trying to finish the second version of the script.

I have now finished the storyboard and I am hoping to get everything finished by
todays lesson. The others are planning to do the same thing as well.

What I am going to be doing now is a planning of a news broadcast I am going to
create which will talk about the Sony hacking and the Paris attack with my group.
We are all preparing our cue cards

We agreed on doing different cue cards for our news show. Nathan will be doing
his cue card whereas Kieran and I will create our cue cards together because we
helped each other and shared ideas on it. What I will do next is to do a script for
the news show. What I will do next is a script annotation.

Now that I have finished the script annotation, I will start doing the interview
plan. Nathan will do his own version of the script. Kieran will do his version of the
health and safety risk assessment.

After finishing the interview plan, I will do the storyboards of a professional news
and the way I will want mine to be. After this I will do the equipment list, prop
and costume.

I have now finished the equipment list, prop and costume. Now I will be working
on doing the legal and ethical issues. I will later be working on the script for my
news show.
I have now finished the script as well has the rest of the planning. Kieran is doing
his own version of the script whereas Nathan his doing his version of the

I am going to start planning my relationship. I have going to start writing about
the costume and equipment that are going to be used in the interview. I am later
going to start the interview plan which involves health and safety. Nathan is
working on his version of the script and Kieran is working on his version of the
shooting script.

I am now starting the interview plan where I am going to write all the potential
hazards during our shoot and how we can prevent them. Later, I will create my
version of the script for relationship.

My group and I have started to interview some people and recording it at the
same time. Kieran interviewed a person and Nathan and I interviewed two
people at the same time.

I will now start the script on how our interview and how it is going to go from
start to finish. After I have finished doing this, I will then move to the script with

I have now finished doing the script for the relationship interview and I will now
start on the script with annotation. After I have finished that, I will do the
storyboard where I will put the type of shots I will use for the actual interview.


I will now start the storyboard where I will add the shots needed for the shoot.
After I will finish that, I will to a professional storyboard from a TV show which
has similar shots and angles to mine. Nathan is doing his version of the shooting
script and Kieran his doing his version of the storyboard.

Now that I have finished doing both storyboards, I will move on to do the legal
and ethical consideration.
Now that I finished the legal and ethical consideration, I will look at all my work
and see if there is anything I need to change or add.