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Ficklin 1

Aaron Ficklin
English 2
May 6, 2015
Research Question: Will regulating gun control make people safe or will it put them in more
Working Thesis Statement: The Second amendment, State laws, and warfare/protection are
all factors in determining whether gun should be regulated.
Refined Thesis Statement
Annotated Bibliography
This article is about the goals that will not happen if you regulate the peoples guns.
Government suggests that if you take all the guns off the streets, that there will be less
crimes and less violence. This argument has two problems: people who do bad things,
will find ways to do bad things with or without guns, and the good people who have
guns, no longer have the right to protect themselves as such. The 2nd amendment states
our freedom to carry guns at our own will, and the government has no right to take this
away from the American people. It is unrealistic to take away violence because its
always going to be here.
Ballaro, Beverly, and Laura Finley. "Counterpoint: Gun Control Saves Lives." Points Of View:
Gun Control (2015): 3. Points of View Reference Center. Web. 6 May 2015
The Second Amendment guarantees the American people the right to bear arms,
and the government has no right to take that away. Guns were designed to kill, but its
the person behind the gun that causes the death, not the gun itself. Statistics cant prove

Ficklin 1

if gun regulation will cause less violence because bad people will always do bad things.
Government is trying to regulate guns, but that would infringe our rights. Instead, they
should try to change gun culture.

Wilson, Brian. "Point: The Unrealistic Goals Of Gun Control." Points Of View: Gun Control
(2015): 5.

Points of View Reference Center. Web. 6 May 2015.

United states is the highest gun related violence countries, and government thinks
that if they regulate the guns, the violence will go away. With the death of presidents and
historical figures, government thinks they need to regulate guns so these tragedies are
rebuked. Statistics show that in America, there are 3 gun murders for every 100,000
people in America. It states that England, a gun regulated country, has less violence and
gun murders than any other country. Also, it asks the question whether regulation gun
control solves violence in countries, and the answer, was yes.
Bowman, Jeffrey, and Heather Newton. "Point: Controlling Gun Violence Is More Important

Than Controlling Guns." Points Of View: Gun Control (2015): 2. Points of View
Reference Center. Web. 8 May 2015
Government poses the question, would gun regulation stop violence? Statistics
alone cant prove if it will or not. Statistics show that United States do have high levels
of gun violence, but thats because we have the right to bear arms. Guns are not the
source of violent acts but its the people that cause the violence.