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An Interview


By Malcolm ,

The Purpose
For this Interview it will include three interviewers bringing on teenagers as
guests to talk about how teenagers get involved in crime from a young and
reasons why they get into these situations. The interviewers will discuss the
reasons on how teenagers get into this lifestyle and how society should approach
this matter in order to keep teenagers in education. The purpose of this interview
will be to encourage teenagers to stay out of crime and be more into education
in order to live in a good manner. The interview will mostly target teenagers from
14 to 19 years old. One of the key aspects of this interview will be to show
teenagers that they can accomplish their dreams and ambitions if they put their
mind to it. The interview will include positives and negatives on why teenagers
are not acting appropriate for society. Furthermore during this interview we want
to find out why teenagers cant just work together and just motivate each other
so that they can just accomplish their ambitions.
Format and style of interview
I have chosen the news show format because I believe this format can get the
most out of people and this will enable the show to generate answers and get
good feedback. For example as this is a news show, we would be able to get a
wide amount of opinions and reasons on teenagers in crime. When you are on a
news show you know that people from all over the world are watching so this will
motivate you to get your point across in full detail as you would like to make the
most of your answers. If you come to a news show, you know that you are
coming to chat about a precise issue and knowing this it means the discussion
can only get deeper and deeper and this is what we want. Rather than going to
ask questions to somebody on the road a news show will be accurate answers
because the guests has agreed to come on and discuss. If this was on the street
the answers could be made up and just forced because they dont want to look
bad. A show like Maury has a lot of humour and this will bring amusement so the
topic might not get taken serious however an interview like Oprah or Larry king
will be very calm and open and this would be a good technique for teenagers. To
keep the interview direct we would make sure we stay on topic and actually try
to find the best solution to tackle the problem.
Question types
I would use a variety of questions. They would be open, Progress from point to
point, building bridges and short questions. By using techniques like building
bridges makes the conversation flow and generate more therefore it gives more
detailed information and gets the message across more. This type of questioning
styles is very effective and efficient and brings more points and reasons for the

A crime is an act that breaks a law that relates to how to behave in society. The
harm caused by the act is seen to be against society as a whole, not just a
specific person. There are numerous reasons why teenagers could be influenced
into committing crimes. For example it could be their inexperience and youth.
Being young and having a lack of knowledge can lead teenagers into unsafe and
often criminal circumstances and this could be like joining gangs or doing drugs.
A large amount of teenagers live in conditions where crime and violence are very
common and happen regularly. For example a child that grows up in a violent
place where shootings and domestic crimes are a daily thing, this will turn into a
natural thing for them and it will easily turn into their lifestyle.

Peer pressure also makes teenagers fall into the life of crime. Peer pressure is
very strong and it can lead to many things and this could be drug use, abuse,
gang involvement, low self-esteem, criminal activities, suicide or drinking. Peer
pressure is very predominant when you are a teenager and drug use is one of
the most common incidents. If a person from a young age sees their friend either
selling or taking drugs or drinking heavily, they may want to take part in that
behaviour as well, because it feels naturally good to them.
Shooting in welling
Source The daily mail newspaper
Man arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after police officer is shot while
confronting drink driving suspect.

Police were called after reports of a man drink driving in south east London

Suspect was stopped a short time later by two officers in the Welling area

Alleged he then pulled out a revolver and pointed it at the two PCs

Then discharged the weapon with one officer being shot in the hand

Has now been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and drink


A man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a police officer
was shot when he confronted a drink driving suspect. The suspect aged 51, is
said to have produced a revolver style handgun and pointed it at two policeman
before discharging it, shooting one of them in the hand in a street in south east
London. The male PC suffered a gunshot wound and was taken to hospital for
treatment but has since been discharged. The incident occurred last night at
9.10pm when police were called to reports of a car having crashed into a number
of cars and then a lamppost in Welling. The suspected driver of the car was then
seen to walk away from the scene and a short time later was stopped by two
officers from Bexley.

Primary research
I have asked friends of their opinions on crime and why teenagers get

I also made a questionnaire to hand out to people.

Please circle as necessary:

How old are you?

13- 15



Tick the appropriate box:

1) What do you think leads teenagers into crime from a young age?

2) What is the most common crime for teenagers?

3) How do you think the government should tackle the issue of
teenagers in crime?
4) What type of environments lead teenagers to crime?
How should the media tell youths about crime?


Questionnaire Analysis:
Total Amount of Females

Total Amount of Males


Question 1: What do you think leads teenagers into crime from a

young age?
All the people who answered the questionnaire agreed that the main
reason for going into crime, revolves around the environment they have
been brought up in.

Question 2: What is the most common crime for teenagers?

Gang Crime

Total who agreed


Question 3: How do you think the government should tackle the issue
of teenagers in crime?
For this question, 4 out of 7 people agreed that the best way to tackle this
problem would be to enforce the punishment more.

These were the main 3 questions that were analysed, we

thought these were the more influential questions for the
information that we will be broadcasting in our news
Secondary Research
Target Audience

Demographics Ages 16 34

BBC THREE targets individuals who are young in vision and mind-set. They
like entertainment that stands out.

BBC Three requests their shows to relate with 16-34 years old, therefore
tone is seen as something of importance. The execution of humour is vital for the

These shows must contain things that are worth talking about, television
that can be discussed with their friends, and moments that will be remembered.

Source BBC Website

Teen Gangs -
Another secondary research which I discovered was from a YouTube clip called
Teen gangs. The footage on the clip was presented through a documentary
style and format where Reggie Yates goes around London to see the lifestyle of
teenagers in crime and to know why they are living this way invited doctors to
talk through the risks and danger of binge drinking. The clips show teenagers
that have been through the crime life and are now trying to turn their life around.
The people tell us about their life and why they got involved in these ways and
also the mentality of young people. This clip helped because it told you how
people get involved and why teenagers do these things. It also lets you know
how you turn the crime life around
Time and date of interview
The interview will take place on Sunday at 7pm. This is a good time slot because
a lot teenagers will be at home
Location of interview
My target audience would like the production to take place in a professional
studio because a studio will be very calm and friendly and it will enable the
audience to feel very comfortable. The location we will use will be made to look
like a proper newsroom. It is very important that my guest feels comfortable as
the guests feeling can reflect on the audience. I have got a list of places of
where my location could be and another location could be the greenroom of my
college. The greenroom is a good place for film and television production. By
using the greenroom we could change the background to anything we like that
can please the audience and attract them. The green room is big and also has a
lot of space to move about so we can feel free.