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(a beat done before the roof La fastened in place. aint the Teor underbody, and yoo Qi black: Balance Of sd for Pennsy), . streamlined col Blind end (with door and brake wheel) goes on Baggage end of car. [Sides atbenind Tip on ends @ Pe bepie wheel to ne Trim doors to size and Goo to sides. Goo strips of (cerent box) cardboard ‘of side above and below window rhe Fit the floor tothe completed side i floor first for the doors, then for" steps (nee detall "B'}., Cement atepe to floor. © £09, 8d pn ONE end to the fogs, then Goo ‘Both sides in place and finally the second end. ‘Turn the car over and complete the underbody. Centeraill must be cut from stripwood. ‘All needed dimensions may be taken directly from the full-sized HO plans on the reverse © Tes 00k i alzency roushe shaped Finiah this with medium and fine fn the plane (over) SgupeR DETAILS". ‘Fit the root to the ear body, but do NOT cement in place ‘Gntu after paintings Be sure ouse » good modelcement. 1 you aren"t sure how your cement vill Stork on wood and metal, PLEASE use Walthere Goo. We ngs’ Goo will 80's fine jobon these materinis and the quick- setting contact action (fellow dire: fons on the tube) will be a big help to You. Don't take a chance with « fine rode by Using an inferior cement. ‘Typical end (this one is a Poliman) showing Hnished (Sounded) root snd miscel details: sdrip strip over oor (Cat rom cn *Diapbragins are cemented plate on the outside, facing the next car. (Use Goo) *See SUPER DETAILS, below. Sees egg See a Fazorblade. (See ove, Liponend fits wide Wotch and bevel underside of floor. ‘DON'T LOUSE IT UP Follow there suggestions 1. Res 2. Use a good cement, fone made todo the job. the instructions Tank straps cut from sticky tape pour ‘Grossbreces and Sentarsill ports TAS" stripwood Wm K WALTHERS, ING Milwaukee 2, Wire COMBINE GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS | 59-0218 WATER TANK 3/32 flat underframe parts cut from 1/16" stripwood 7805 63-0801 6-6 rFuLLeManNn (6 Sect, 6 Db1 Bedroom) 7. Many of the 88 built -mes begin with POPLAR hinge details made from postcard Steantfraps = nails (or C657 diecast traps) (or C945 Box Covers) a 7 Lwaere Tq tit | © = if © | « =a} || o ti