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To Whom It May Concern:

This letter serves as a recommendation for Mr. Thomas Blanchard as he seeks full-time
employment as an elementary school teacher. I had the pleasure of working with Tom during
Spring 2014 as his professor for CEDC 706: Reflective Practices in Elementary Social Studies
Curriculum Development and during Fall 2014- Spring 2015 as his field supervisor and seminar
instructor for CEDC 755: Student Teaching.
From the beginning of our work together, it was evident that Tom would be a major asset to the
program. He is a highly intelligent and hard working professional who has always been open to
feedback and receptive enough to continually grow and develop. In coursework, he has
consistently submitted work of the highest caliber, taking care that his papers and projects are
critical in thought, well conceived, and thoroughly edited. Over the years, Tom has become an
invaluable member of his graduate student cohort who relies on him for fair and constructive
feedback. He is dependable, kind, and respectful to all.
At the culmination of CEDC 706, students are required to select standards from the New York
Scope and Sequence in K-8 Social Studies and the Common Core Learning Standards for ELA
and Math, in order to complete a comprehensive unit plan which includes an
introduction/rationale, a discussion of content knowledge and the development and sequencing
of 3-5 creative and detailed lesson plans. The project requires students to incorporate relevant
theories on historical thinking and to use research-based text to support curriculum decisions,
such as scaffolding, assessment, and real life connections and application.
Tom developed a unit on the subject of India that not only incorporated geography and culture,
but focused on the impact of colonialism on the people, history, and current condition of the
country. In his rationale, Tom wrote, Students should be empowered to incorporate as many
new perspectives into their thinking. Teachers can encourage students to realize they are never
finished learning, but on a journey to reevaluate their thinking, values and biases. Throughout
this unit, he incorporated timelines, childrens literature, historical text, photography, graphic
organizers and more, at its completion resulting in a rich and dynamic unit of study.
His yearlong fieldwork placement was in a second grade classroom at PS 130, a public school
located in the predominantly Asian community of Chinatown. I have observed Tom teaching all
subjects including reading, writing, math, and social studies. He develops thorough lesson plans
before his curriculum enactments and incorporates feedback into his follow-up planning. Tom

has a very caring nature toward his students. He listens to them carefully and always responds
with constructive comments. I have observed Tom teach on multiple occasions throughout the
year, but most recently I witnessed Tom teaching a lesson on telling time. In this lesson, he
demonstrated great use of technology by presenting students with a series of interactive slides
that explored telling time through a variety of entry points. Students were asked to approach the
board and move around multiple-choice answers, draw hour and minute hands, write out the
many ways in which time can be verbally articulated. The students were highly engaged and I
attribute this to Toms creative curriculum design.
In sum, I highly recommend Tom for a teaching position at your school where he can spread his
passion and share his talents with others. It is my pleasure to support such a wonderful teaching
candidate. There is no doubt that he will exceed any expectation.
Thank you for this opportunity. If there are any additional inquiries, please do not hesitate to
contact me at

Debbie Sonu
Assistant Professor of Education
Department of Curriculum and Teaching
Hunter College, City University of New York
695 Park Avenue W1112
New York, NY 10065