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Alessandra A.

EDUC 271
Case Study 1:
Melodie is a 6 year old 1st grader who would benefit from an
instructional technology to help her acquire literacy skills, with a built
in timer to help her develop longer periods of attention on an assigned
activity. Given that Melodie has AD/HD it is especially important to find
a technological tool that is of high interest for here, it is recommended
that the instructional technology be in the form of a game. Given that
her parents appear to be supportive of her academic endeavors, the
tool ought to be one that can be accessed at home with the guidance
of her parents. It is recommended that the school invest in Raz Kids,
Learning A-Z, to develop Melodies literacy skills. The software tool will
assess her literacy level and develop a program to increase her reading
skill. Its designed in the format of a game and the teacher and
parents can assign 10 to 20 minutes (with a timer for the given period
of time) of Raz Kids for homework or in class reading development.

Case Study 2:
Given that Danny is in 3rd grade and the teachers are tracking
his behavior in class, the parents and teachers should create an easy
to track online system for Danny's behavior. Something along the lines
of Google docs or excel would be a great way for the two of them to

communicate. The Farmers will then have a better way of visualizing

Danny's behavior and be able to set up a more effective reward
system. With this same tool the teacher and parents can also track
tasks completed in class and at home.

Case Study 3:
Kuldeep is an 11 year old boy in the 5th grade who has a
diagnosis of AD/HD inattentive type (ADD), and is below average in
reading and written expression and has an overall average cognitive
ability. Given that he can be attentive interact with the classroom
material being talked about in class, based on previous ADD profiles, if
things are high interest, he would be more likely to increase
participation in a given area. Given that he has strong computer skills
it may be prudent to set him up with something along the lines of
Storybird to help increase interest level and motivation surrounding
writing. Set parameters around time should be given when allowing
him to choose the art and he can formulate stories from there. The
goal at this point is to increase his writing stamina and task

Case Study 4:
Jasmine's goal is to turn in more homework assignments. It
appears that if this happens many of her grades in classes will go up or

teachers will at least be able to assess what she has learned. Given
that her parents are willing to provide support from home and Jasmine
has incentive to graduate and get better than passing grades she
would do well with an accountability system. The program "Finish"
could do this for her. The program needs her to write down her tasks
and prioritize them by due dates. She could have a meeting with each
of her teachers and write down the due dates in the app with a due
date for each. Reminders can then be sent to her teachers and
parents of her progress.