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380 Graceland Dr.

Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54904

Home: (920) 966-0464

Cell: (920) 216-6467

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Master of Science in Nursing

Graduation Date:
May 2015

University San Luis Gonzaga de Ica Peru

Bachelor of Science in Nursing


University of Wisconsin Oshkosh College of Nursing
Clinical Instructor

Oshkosh, WI
Fall 2013-Present

Nursing 313: Clinical Adult Health I

Introduce students to the nursing role in acute care settings
Explain the application of the nursing process to the care of acute patients
Facilitate the students practice of nursing and critical thinking skills
Provide positive and continuous feedback that promotes students retention and academic
Explain the use of electronic charting and medicine administration record (e-MAR)
Promote scholarly discussion and knowledge exchange during clinical post-conferences
Assist 7 Junior I student nurses to meet their clinical objectives

Nursing 315: Clinical Adult Health II

Instruct students in the application of theoretical knowledge in the clinical setting
Monitor students nursing skills application and practice
Emphasize the use of therapeutical communication, quality of service and patients safety
Promote team working and leadership
Facilitate students active participation as members of health care team
Support research and application of evidence base practice in patients care
Develop interactive learning activities with each clinical student

Nursing 319: Adult Health II Laboratory

Demonstrate the correct performance and application of nursing skills
Provide students with evidence base practice supporting the instructed skills
Verify the students learning and safe practice of nursing skills
Provide students with podcast and in class lectures
Facilitate learning through the use of simulation and role playing case scenarios
Evaluate students progress and provide formative feedback
Create bilingual simulated patient scenario (Pneumonia/Seizures/Cardiopulmonary arrest)

Nursing 418: Clinical Family and Community Nursing. India (Fall 2013), Peru (Spring 2013)
Nicaragua (Fall 2014)
Prepare Senior I nursing students for transitional situations that included social
interaction, cultural differences and language barriers
Collaborate with students in the development of culturally appropriate health promotion
Assist community health students in experiencing diverse community health concerns
Promote the use of therapeutical communication with assistance of interpreters
Facilitate students application of health promotion projects: aggregate and teaching
Explain similarities and disparities in health care among both cultures (American and
Promote the use of local resources to enhance the community health and projects
Demonstrate and teach 7 nursing students the conduction of a physical assessment in


Aurora Health Center
Staff Nurse-Medical Surgical and Telemetry Unit

Oshkosh, WI
Sept 2012-Present

Provide patients assessment and determine care requirements

Develop patient-nurse relationship of trust and coordinate individualize plan of care

Administer medications and perform general physical therapy on patients

Draw blood, take vital signs, administer IVs, utilize electrical medical devices and
conduct testing
Perform invasive procedures following institutional policies and procedures guidelines
Monitor patients condition to ensure progress and adherence to plan of care or change in
Monitor electrocardiographic changes and identify cardiac rhythm abnormalities
Administer cardiac infusions and prepare patients for cardiac interventions
Monitor patients post-operative recovery and rehabilitation
Prepare patients for cardiac invasive and non-invasive procedures
Ensure patients and family needs are met during hospital stay and assess discharge needs
Educate patients and family about cares, procedures, medication and safety
Advocate for patients and family
Document patient care and status, while maintaining internal guidelines and external
Participate actively in the multidisciplinary health care team, attend staff meetings and
promote and support continuous education

Hospital Nacional Guillermo Almenara Irigoyen

Lima, Peru
Aug 1999-May 2006
Staff registered Nurse, General Surgery Intensive Care Unit, Orthopedics and Burn Unit,
Plastic Surgery, Pneumology, Liver Transplant and General Medicine
Provided patient care from admission process until discharge
Educated patients and family regarding health maintenance and early detections of
Prepared patients for oncological surgical procedures and surgical interventions
Monitored adult patients receiving ventilator support and procured post-surgical recovery
Administered parenteral medications, blood products and Total Parenteral Nutrition
Started IV lines, monitor patients respiratory ventilation, pulse oximetry and assist with
Set nasogastric and feeding tubes, Foley, Swan Ganz catheters, central and arterial lines
Provided continuous hemodynamic monitoring, cardiac monitoring and titrate drips
Assisted physicians during skin graft procedures
Provided management of wound care, surgical drainages and ostomy care

Rural Health Clinic Santa Margarita

Ica, Peru

Head Resident Nurse

May 1998-May 1999

Provided education on health prevention and promotion to adult, children and elderly
Assisted physicians during treatment and examination
Developed and manage nursing care plans
Helped individuals and groups to identify strategies needed to achieve appropriate health
Planned and executed specific teaching sessions according to established health programs
Participated in the design, organization, execution and evaluation of health programs
Reviewed and analyzed patients charts and pertinent documentation.
Conducted triage and distribution of walk in patients according to health care needs
Maintained control and record of medications prescribed from the clinics pharmacy
Developed weekly statistic informs regarding patients attentions in all the clinic offices
Participated in workshops and staff meetings to coordinate and establish attention goals
Planned, organized and executed preventive and promotional health campaigns
Developed list of surgical and sterile material indispensable for minor surgical procedures
Initiated and coordinated the referral process according to patients health needs.

Hospital N.III Felix Torrealva Gutierrez

Ica, Peru
Jan 1996-Jun 1996
Nursing Internship
Observed, assessed, and recorded symptoms, reactions and patients progress
Administered medications and assisted in convalescence and rehabilitation
Instructed patients and families in proper health care
Developed patients plan of care and educational material
Masters clinical paper
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Spring 2015
Graf, M. (2014).New faculty orientation and adaptation to the academic community. A
systematic review of literature.

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
April 2015
22nd Annual Student Research and Creative Activities Event, Oshkosh Wisconsin
Best Practices in New Nursing Faculty Orientation Programs (Poster presentation)

Aurora Health Care

Oshkosh, 2013-Present
ACLS/Telemetry certified.
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. College of Nursing
Fall 2010-Fall 2011
Courses: Therapeutic Nutrition, Caring and Foundation of Nursing, Health Assessment, Aging,
Assessment and Foundation skills, Adult Health I, Pharmacology I, Pathophysiology I, EBP.
Clarity Care
Oshkosh, 2009
Certified Nursing Assistance
University San Luis Gonzaga de Ica
Ica-Peru 2006
Nursing Management Certification with emphasis in auditing
University San Luis Gonzaga de Ica
Ica-Peru 2005
Geriatric Certification
University of the North
Trujillo-Peru 2005
Epidemiology applied to Nursing
University Cayetano Heredia
Lima-Peru 1999-2000
Operation Room Circulating Nurse Certification
Professional Organizations/Memberships
Transcultural Nursing Society


Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International,

Colegio de Enfermeras Del Peru-Consejo Regional III

Bilingual (fluent in English and Spanish)

Public Speaker: Advocap educational grant

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. College of Nursing
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Spring 2011-Spring 2012
Informed faculty and students about Peruvian health care and population
health status.
Explained Peruvian culture and traditions.

Provided information about resources available and safety tips.

Park View Health Center

Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Certifies Nursing Assistant
Nov 2009-Sept 2012
Provided direct care for patients during activities of daily living
Assisted patient with mobility rehabilitation and range of motion exercises

Assisted patients with hygiene, skin care, nutritional and elimination

Provided company and emotional support for patient and family

Erlanger Hospital
Chattanooga, TN
Nurse Technician
April 2007-Sept 2007
Patient admission and assessment

Administered oral and parenteral medications, conducted glucose testing

and insulin therapy
Assessed patients conditions and provided necessary care and electronic
Provided patient education and discharge instructions

Partnership for Family, Children and Adults

Chattanooga, TN
Volunteer translator
March 2007-Sept 2007
Assisted social workers and case managers to communicate with Hispanic
clients/patients with language barriers on personal, medical or crises