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SilCoinCy A Research Project on Ancient Cypriot History, Archaeology & Numismatics by Evangeline Markou ‘Associate Researcher National Hellenic Research Foundation Institute of historical Research ‘Athens, Greece Aspects of history & archaeology of Cyprus the additional value ‘Several external xen collaboratrs have ben offical invited {Seontrbuteto tie secon ote website ha wil be dedlested tothe lesley casio ered numa ‘he postive responses of Younger a mot ‘holes ited ave exe ain 0 fo far 33 conbutone ‘Srgaiadin ine hematiesactone The major of he te eaeys wi Fes on archaeal sbjecs (Gi, Followed by subjects lated fo nursmates From the arcu and eascal period up to the ‘jzancine ere (13%, then y conbtins onthe {Gpriotengdons andthe king 3). Where the working space ‘The stoincys bassin the ste of Historical Research, Seton of Greek a Roman Analy of he ‘ational Helene Research Foundation (NHR In Greece The ‘esearch includes scenctipstothe mal om Cadet cllecons forthe in stu stchng of Corie cs (cyrus, reece, United ‘ingdom, Hance, Denmark Sweden, Germany, USA et). andthe @ soem akae Callecon for future su, of the Cypriot cons pubshed in acartmnen ‘iceation reports In prvate coleion catalogues snd incon $ Suess ‘ten are sun, 8 icon Who scientific & technical team ‘aor (C Martu)» Reseach Associate (6 Dauragios, vee pst rd adie merase af of tne NRF Tremounlana A Vostod {nd A: Coro), a wets designer (Kopanos a eatabuae Seige” (eSosopossy ansations and edting of tos tating Janay 205) So SilCoinCy the acronym and the idea “The SilCoincyacconym stands forthe research project “The Siver Coinage ofthe kings of Cyprus: Numismatics and Histor n the Archaic and Classical Periods (thto ath centuries 80). The proposed craws froma previous esearch, on the gold coinage of the kings of Cyprus thatthe principal Investigator E, Markou,concicted in her Pn thesi(E. Markou, Lords ro de Chypre.Numismatigue et Histoire d époque classique, MEAETHMATA 64, ‘Athens 2011). The slver coirages are Far more numerous than the gold, because they were issued by more kings, in more kingdoms, more systematically and Fora period of «two centuries, Therefore, assistance Would be necessary in two levels: technical, for the creation of 2 hhumismatic database and of website, but also selentfe since students ang collaborators could have the opportunity to learn the numismatic methodology and use the primary source of the Cypriot coinages on their research From SilCoinCy to Kyprios Character the evolution of an idea ‘he webste that wil host the projec’ outcomes i Kyprios Character 1" Witonyarcaecogy& Muniatsof Aner prs Te nae ak ai anor since esties to the parley ana uniqueness of the “sprit cure white theeharserer ss rfereeer a omit erminaogy the webaite we soon accesuble aw Tncloce introductory tats on te project, the Fst heat ess, ners an vers rited to Ane Cypevs awe the Inroductry parts ofthe rurismate database wth the Fist coin online The webste wil asa seorporae the ‘pete biographical dtabase of Cypriot misma that has been compl by Dr, Anne Destrooner Georgaces on the pris ‘Mamismate Projet Scordinated by Prat Kath Rater Wat wl be When the starting point ‘The Sicaincy stared In ety 2014 and has received 2 funding duration a stray 18 months. tht shore period of tine the cllecion and organisation of the numreic material wi be put forward, together with the cea oF = Tumsatc database flowing meeretlonalnumismale database fe Lomsavecian Sandards and ewer Mrenaly website that wil Rouse the ere Future Perspectives the afterlife of a research project