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Enrique Flores
English 113B
Professor Batty
04 May 2015
English 113B Reflection
In this past spring semester here at California State University Northridge, I have learned
how to properly brainstorm and start a well written paper, thanks to the best professor (Ms.
Batty). Also, I learned how to critically read and understand the main point of a book; she even
taught me how to critically think about what I just read, and how to processes it. Even though she
did teach me a lot; I feel like I still have room to improve, but I think we all have room to
improve. Next, one of my strengths is how to compose a great title and how to clearly explain
and argue a well written thesis statement. On the other hand, one of my weaknesses is finding a
credible source, citing it in the paper, and making a works cited page. I hope to continue to
improve on how to perfectly execute a well-constructed paper. In the future I hope to continue
writing research paper properly and well written.
In the beginning of the semester we had to construct a paper from scratch. The prompt
was to find someone whom is believed to be seen as a good person and explain how the media
has misrepresented this individual as monstrous. I choose to write about the American Sniper
Chris Kyle. Before we started the paper, we had to make a proposal which tells our audience
what we will argue in our essay. Then, we had to create an annotated bibliography which is
composed out all the sources that will be in our essay and some information that tells how we
will use this source in the essay. Next, we had to create an outline which is a skeleton essay.
Finally, we composed our draft, revised final, and edited final.

One of our text books was They Say I Say, which is a great English book. The book along
with Professor Batty helped me critically read and understand arguments and thesis statements.
Also I learned what the They say of a paper is, which is what other people said as evidence.
The book also, gives us good transition words and phrases that tell what a person is saying, like
an argument or if he/she is agreeing or disagreeing.
Thought-out the whole semester I learned how to compose a good title and thesis. The
title must be informative and also creative. The thesis statement must clearly argue what a person
is going to be arguing about and explain why. On the other hand, I need to practice how to search
the CSUN online databases and making sure the source is credible. Also I need to practice how
to create a better work cited pages.
In the future, I hope to still write well executed papers. I hope to go off and write a well
written research paper for people to read. In conclusion, this semester has taught me a lot and I
will take it all with me and improve more.