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1 Problem: Matt

there is inadequate space for communities to discuss and engage in social needs in a
welcoming and approachable setting
inadequate support for entrepreneurs in smaller communities and urban areas
our new space called the Gathering Place brings together the right resources and connections
for community development by way of sustainable, social entrepreneurship
Prevalence - social issue is very widespread in the U.S. as corporations and technology
dominate the economy and culture. We see fixing the problem in towns and cities across the
Urgency - the urgency is not as dire as social problems that result in violence, death and
disease, but our problem should not be placed on the back burner. The future will be here
quickly and planning is need NOW to increase sustainable social businesses growth
2 Solution: Emily
Vision + Impact
-offer financial, training and advisory services to entrepreneurs.
Provide Communities with a socially-driven small business geared towards sustainability,
profitability and community growth.
The product is a small business start-up technique that is transferable from city to city.
Unique for each community, the gathering place will be driven by the individual social
entrepreneurs founded in each city.
3 Customer Segments (Focus on reciprocality): Emily
-Early Adopters
Socially Minded Entrepreneurs Looking for start-up help.
-Venue Users (NGOs)
-private event users
-Day to day users (consumers)
4 Channels: Josh
will grow as Gathering Place moves to scale
GOOGLE ad. words
based on location
-word of mouth advertising
-social media

5 Radicalness: Matt
Why are we different?

Small business isnt radical, business will always be around. However, allowing for passionate
minds to have the resources to build a space can engage the community differently.
Membership fees provide support to startups and current business while also providing options
to customers to receive discounted benefits at The Gathering Place establishments. There can
be different levels and discounts associated.
Financial support, business resources, IT support, etc are varied services received.
The Gathering Place serves as an incubator
Calculated Risk - there is risk as some small businesses will fail, but the Gathering Place will
always go on. New small businesses will always be able to take the next spot.
Why? versus How?
6 Key Metrics: Josh and Logan
develop a rapport with investors, establish network of Angels.
develop guidelines for social business model that is transferable.
Contingencies based on each location
1.)problem/solution fit 2)Product market fit 3)Scale
interest funds start-up scale Turn-key
-Critical success factors
-External/Non Profit support
-Knowledgeable/Motivated staff
-Financial capabilities
-Understanding of community needs
-Proper planning
7 Cost: Logan
-value driven
-Focus on value creation
-contingent based on space/daily business
-Fixed costs: rent, utilities, wages, advertising
-Variable costs: material costs
-risks associated
-Market Risk
-Management Risk
-Financial Risk

Revenue Stream: Logan

a successful business that is foundationally sound will make the money needed to run itself.
customers pay for venue
customers pay for products
CAFEs/ Small restaurants
Pottery Painting

8 The Gathering Place Examples

1. Josh: Pottery
2. Emily: Restaurant: uniting an ethnic community towards a common passion, uniting outsiders
with understanding and appreciation for a new culture
3. Matt: Music Venue: for local acts, local food and beer bar
4. Logan: Brewery
9 Social Value: Josh
-Why is this necessary?
-Create social and economic opportunity that maintains cultural authenticity while fostering new