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Visual and Performing Arts

As future elementary teacher, were expected to teach every subject including visual and
performing arts. The framework is arranged from Kindergarten to Fifth grade, and informs us
with exactly what is expected for the child to learn about the arts in every grade level. As
children grow, their visual and performing arts expands. As future teachers, were taught to teach
our students to first explore on their own and discover things on their own, and eventually they
are taught to recognize art and the significance of the arts.
The visual and performing arts classes that I have taken have prepared me to be a great
teacher in all levels of art. Ive taken, Art 100( Looking at Art), Art 301(Arts and Crafts for
Teachers), Music 1(Introducing Music), Music 340(Music for Children), and since Im an Art
option, Ive taken Art 190A(Sculpture 1), and am taking my last two option classes this semester,
Art 150(Ceramics 1) and Art 180A(Painting 1). The way these classes have prepared me, is by
teaching me values to teach my future students. For some reason, art is not appreciated as it
should, and all the knowledge Ive gained taking these classes is something I would love to pass
on to my future elementary students. Both, Visual and Performing Arts and my fieldwork have
exposed me on what to expect once Im a teacher. Ive been able to see how art isnt really used
in our classrooms anymore, and in my opinion, I feel many children can learn through different
kinds of art. Whether its through singing a song that gets them to learn their numbers or ABCs,
or whether its painting shapes on paper so they can learn to identify them. I feel our children are
not exposed to art the way I was when I was younger, and I am a huge art lover, so as a future
teacher, I would like for my future students to appreciate the beauty of art.
I feel Im extremely prepared in all areas of Visual and Performing Arts. When one has a
passion for a certain subject, things are a piece of cake. My classes really prepared and exposed
me to all kinds of art, from ancient civilization art to modern art. As Im getting older, Im still

learning about the arts and it is something extremely interesting to me. Although, I feel prepared
in this subject, one thing I can see myself having problems with is getting children involved. One
thing I ask myself is, How do you introduce the subject to your students? Not all children find
art interesting, although all children like different kinds of arts, and guess this is when Ill use all
my knowledge that Ive obtained from all the classes Ive taken.
Some of the artifacts that I plan to share in my portfolio are things Ive created in my art
classes. I have most of my projects for Art 301, Art 190A and some that Im still working on in
my Art 180A class, and Art 150 class. These art samples demonstrate the knowledge Ive learned
in these classes, because were taught to not paint or draw what we see. Were also taught to use
our imagination, and be able to connect events from the past to the present and make a piece of
art that represents this image. I would have loved to share my Music 340 song that I wrote and
danced to, but sadly I forgot the lyrics and dance moves. All I remember was that this song was
to teach children about the color red, and objects that are red that surround us.