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Lesson Plan Form

CSUDH Teacher Education Department

Candidate: Alex
Subject: English
Grade Level: 7
Teaching Date: 4/18/15
Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, including figurative,
connotative, and technical meanings
I. Description of Content & Content Type (Fact, Procedure, Concept, Principle ): Students will learn
8 new vocabulary words specific to Red Scarf Girl book so that they can thoroughly understand
events as experienced by the main character. Students will write words, word meanings and create
pictures to develop an understanding. Students will show their understanding of each word by
completing a worksheet.
II. Learning Outcome: Given newly acquired vocabulary, students will be able to define and use 8
vocabulary words on a worksheet with 100% accuracy.
III. Curriculum Connection (How lesson fits into larger unit sequence):
Previous lesson: None
Next lesson: Summarizing key events in Ch.1 & 2
IV. Instruction
Engagement (Do Now) Students will read a scenario on the board:
A factory worker works 12 hour days, 6 days a week in a steamy, hot factory with no A/C. He
sleeps 4 hours a night to have to wake up and work again. He gets paid $4/hr, barely enough to pay
rent & for food in his tiny apartment. After that hes broke.
A politician works 4 hour days, 4 days a week in a luxurious government building. He sleeps
10 hours a night. He gets paid $80/hr, has money to take private jets to Caribbean Islands and has lots
of extra money.
Question: Should this be acceptable in a society? Why or why not? Explain. (At least 4 sentences)
In their journals, students will answer the questions about the scenario in 4 sentences. After 5
minutes teacher will cold call 3-4 students to share out responses.
A. Instructional Sequence (Teaching Methodology):
Step #1: Note Taking
a. Teacher will write key word Communism on the board. Teacher will ask students what
they know about the meaning of Communism. Teacher will write a short, clear and concise
definition of Communism for students to copy down.
b. Students will think about what Communism is. Volunteers will share out. After teacher
writes definition on the board, students will copy definition in their journals.

Step #2: Making a foldable

a. Teacher will take a sheet of color paper and model how to fold it to create 8 boxes and a
title tab. Teacher will cut tabs on the front cover while modeling for students.
b. Students will take a sheet of color paper to their desks from the front table. Students will
follow the teachers example and create a foldable. Students will use scissors to cut following
teacher example.
Step #3: Writing Vocabulary
a. Teacher will provide vocabulary words (8) on the board. Once students write the list into
each box of their foldable, teacher will move onto definition slides on power point. Teacher
will give time for students to write the definition of each word.
b. Students will copy down vocabulary list on the outside of the foldable and then copy
definitions of each word on the left column inside the foldable in the correct order.

Step #4: Drawing Pictures

a. Teacher will instruct students to draw a picture for each word in the foldable. Teacher
will provide example pictures for each word in the power point.
b. Students will draw 1 picture for each word in the right column inside their foldable.
Step #5: Vocabulary Activity (Verbal)
a. Teacher will instruct students to close their foldable so that only the front cover is
displayed with vocabulary words. Teacher will show slides of images that represent each
vocabulary word. Teacher will urge all students to think of which word matches the image
without looking inside their foldable. Teacher will use cold calling to illicit responses.
b. Students called on will share out which vocabulary word corresponds with the image
displayed on the board. If students need to open their foldable to assist them they may.
B. Application Task: Vocabulary Activity (Worksheet) Students will have 5 minutes to
complete the 2-part vocabulary worksheet. In first section students will match each word to
its definition, then write in vocabulary words into correct sentences, showing proper usage in
section 2.
C. Materials & Resources: Power point, journals, worksheet, color paper, scissors, markers,
V. Assessment Strategies: Teacher will walk the room, use proximity, observe and ask questions.
Teacher will stop and ask, Is anyone confused at this time? 3-4 times throughout the lesson. The
vocabulary worksheet will be the most significant means of assessing student mastery of the goal.
VI. Accommodations for Individual Learners: Teacher will have ready made foldables available for
students who struggle to create their own. Teacher will have extra handouts with vocabulary words
and definitions for students who struggle in writing abilities. Those particular students will focus on
drawing pictures as means of showing understanding of word meaning.

Red Scarf Girl Vocabulary Worksheet

Part A Instructions: Draw a line to match each word to the correct definition.

Da Zi Bao

a propaganda poster



information that persuades people to do something



a member of the working class


Black or Rightist

member of Communist party who tried to change it



people opposed to the Communist party



member of the middle/upper class

Part B Instructions: Fill in the blank.


The ____________________ is a hard worker who doesnt earn much money.

Politicians use all types of _______________________ to convince people to
vote for them.
The _____________ and _______________ people keep trying to overthrow

The __________________ live in nice homes and wear expensive clothes.

The __________________s are posted around town to convince people to vote
for Ron Smith.

*Da Zi Bao * proletarian * propaganda * Black / Rightist * bourgeois *

Vocabulary Slides

Bourgeois a middle/upper class person


Reactionary people against revolution


Black or Rightist a person against


Revisionist member of Communist party

who attempts to change Communist ideas

Proletarian member of working/lower class

Propaganda information that

persuades/convinces people to do something

Da Zi Bao a propaganda poster