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IET 330*301: Industrial Design

Dr. Ni Wang
Group 1: Infinitum
Group Member: Shannon Spence M1047386
Table of Contents


Problem Statement

Solution Approach

Project Schedule

Concept Design

Materials Selection

Manufacturing Process

Configuration Design

Parametric Design

Detail and Assembly Drawings

Design for X

Budget Analysis

Concluding Remarks



The rationale for this topic is to utilize the $1 Million grant awarded to the
applied engineering department to make the building a more pleasant learning
environment for the students. We wanted to bring this building up to date with
current technology and amenities that are available in many college universities.
The engineering design process that we followed was to define the problem,
conduct research, specify the requirements, brainstorming, and then, finally,
develop our solution.
Problem Statement
The first floor of the Lloyd Cassidy building needs to be redesigned, because
it is not up to date. This re-design will achieve a more pleasant learning
environment for students that is up to date with modern technology and
comparable to surrounding Universities.
Solution Approach
In order to solve the problem that we have been presented with, we decided
to form different groups depending upon major. We have enlisted the
Electronics/Computer majors to design the welcome sign for the building, and the
Design and Manufacturing majors to design the new amenities for the building, such
as computers, tables, etc. The Construction Management majors created the floor
plan for the building and determined the respective dimensions, while the
Engineering Management majors played the role of supervisors for the entire
project. Splitting into teams like this helps us to utilize our skills to complete
separate parts of the project, which increases efficiency while decreasing time.

Project Schedule

Concept Design for Welcome Sign

As a Computer and Electronics engineering major the concept design of the
sign and the concept design of the electronic student smart board is what I focused
on for most of the duration of this group assignment. We were not able to
successfully get it sketched in CADD or Solidworks but I do have a rough sketch on
graph paper of what it looks like.

Materials Selection
Three mechanical properties included in the construction of this floor plan
are compressive strength (concrete walls), hardness (tables), fatigue strength
(tables and concrete walls). The primary material used is concrete for the inner
walls and then painted white.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing processes that are used in making concrete blocks are
mixing, molding, curing, and cubing.

Mixing consists of stirring sand, gravel, cement, and water thoroughly.

The molding is when the mixture is poured and compressed into molds that
are shaped specifically for strength.

During curing the molded blocks are put in a curing kiln to dry. A kiln is a
thermally insulated chamber, or oven, in which a controlled temperature
regime is produced, according to the knowledge of the internet.

Configuration Design
For this renovation of Lloyd Cassitys First Floor, we demolished part of the
Machine Tool Lab to make more room for an appealing entrance. We have included
a nice seating area as well as televisions, computer cubicles, lockers, and a
conference room. The conference room features two televisions and a glazed
window to view the exterior of the building. There is more room for more furniture if
needed. We also relocated the trophy case to the other side of the computer
cubicles so the public sees our technology accomplishments as they relax in our
lobby. We have an electronic sign on the left as soon as you walk into the doors to
view our plans for the future. This electronic sign is touch screen and open to the

public. The Lloyd Cassity building sign will have LEDs that illuminate as it hangs
from the ceiling.
Design for X
The design for reliability and safety of this floor design consists of the sturdy
walls made out of strong concrete for good support and safe structure. The labs
will also be updated with the latest tools and machinery so that no machines will be
unsafe for use and nothing will be broken. The design of the structure will also
follow the latest safety codes and regulations from OSHA to make sure that it will be
as safe as possible. The labs will have proper safety equipment to operate, proper
safety exits will be provided, and the appropriate amount of fire extinguishers will
be provided.
Budget Analysis
The budget analysis shows the budget for the renovation. The grand total is
only $57,281.64 and we were given $1 million dollars for the renovation. Therefore,
this leaves us with tons of options in relation to buying equipment, computers, TVs,
etc or we could buy some equipment and save money for future renovations on

By utilizing the $1 million grant, we believe that our renovation design will
bring an innovative and new school look. We have included a nice seating area as
well as televisions, computer cubicles, lockers, and a conference room. With these
amenities, the students and faculty will be able to work more efficiently in the Lloyd
Cassity building. The design of the structure will also follow the latest safety codes
and regulations from OSHA to make sure that it will be as safe as possible. The
leftover $942,718.36 can be used for other technological advances throughout the
building or other buildings across campus.