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This article is about the reasons that make the theory of evolution

incompatible with the truth.

Thats why David Dewitt who is grown up as an evolutionist
explains why he rejects evolution. first because when he
combined the idea that god is the creator on Sunday and
evolution in all the other days of the week ,as many Christians do
, he find that evolution was simply the process that God used to
create but this theory is wrong . second , because evolution
requires millions of years of death for natural selection to work its
magic for amebas to involve into colleges students , but the bible
was clear that death come as a result of Adams sin . therefore ,
death come after man rather than as a means to make man .
third , if death and evolution are what god used to create , death
will not be the lat enemy , also it is not the wages of sin and if it
is the case whose very purpose in coming to break the power of
death and pay the penalty for their sin ? finally this place was
created for man to have a place to live and the end of man and
universe doesnt mean that the purpose of creation is for a place
for man to live . thats why for all these reasons , the theory of
evolution is incompatible with the truth .